Podcasts are becoming more popular. We want to help you find one that your kids can enjoy. They cover a wide range of topics and are a perfect way to get away from screens for an hour or two each day. Podcasts are easy to listen to while doing chores around the house or in the car on the way home from school. You can also listen to them anywhere, which is fantastic for families that travel a lot or families that do not want their children to spend all of their time staring at screens.

    There are many different kinds of podcasts, but we wanted to pick the ones that are thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time. We understand that kids are curious, so we looked for podcasts that answer some of life’s essential questions. We found educational podcasts for the older children and more story-based ones for younger children to enjoy.

    There is an overwhelming number of podcasts out there, so we have taken the time to research the ten best podcasts made explicitly for kids. Every podcast on this list is free and can easily be found and downloaded in most app stores. We want to make your listening is easy and enjoyable for your whole family.

    1. Brains On!

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    Brains On is the perfect podcast for the whole family to listen to together. Each episode answers a different kid submitted questions about the world using science and history. Kids will be inspired to turn their brains on as they listen to a brand-new episode each week. There are over 100 episodes to listen to, so you and your family will be able to find episodes that pertain to everyone’s favorite topics. The hosts use terminology that is more for older children, but of course, you are never too young to start expanding your vocabulary.

    • Brains On definitely encourages your children to learn about new scientific topics.
    • This podcast is perfect for curious little ones because each episode breaks down another question about life.
    • This podcast will be enjoyable for older kids, and parents might even like it too.
    • There are a lot of old episodes to listen back to while your little ones wait for a new episode to come out.
    • There are new episodes posted every week, so your family won’t have to wait long for a new episode.
    • This podcast is more for older children, so it’s not something that the whole family will enjoy.

    2. What If World


    What if world is a story-based podcast that is perfect for children that think outside of the box. Each episode of this podcast answers different hypothetical questions that have been submitted by kids. They have responded to silly questions like, “what if monsters were real?” and “what if sharks had legs.” The host can turn each question into a fun story that will keep your kids entertained and engaged the whole time. This is an excellent podcast for the entire family to listen to together.


    • You and your little ones will be able to email or call in to submit questions that might be answered on a new episode of the podcast.
    • This is a silly podcast that the family could listen to together before bed or even in the car.
    • Your children will be able to hear positive stories that encourage them to ask questions that they might think are silly.


    • This podcast is posted every other week, so your kids will have to wait to hear the next story.

    3. Stuff You Should Know

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    Stuff You Should Know is posted three days a week, so your kids will be able to add this into their routine throughout the week. They cover everything from science and history to urban legends and pop culture, so there is a little something for everyone. This podcast will appeal to older children, but the material is presented in a way that the whole family will be able to understand. This podcast has been around since 2008, and it has continuously maintained its place on the iTunes most popular podcast list and for an excellent reason.


    • This podcast is posted three times each week, which is more frequently than others on this list.
    • It covers such a wide range of topics that your kids will never get tired of listening to each new episode.
    • They manage to cover some serious issues that you can use to open up conversations with your children.


    • This podcast is best suited for older children.

    4. Wow in The World

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    Wow in The World is a fun podcast for the whole family to listen to together. Each episode has a unique theme that will be explained, and somehow, they even manage to add a little humor along the way. Wow in the world is the first kid-friendly podcast hosted by NPR, so you know that the material covered each week is coming from a reliable source. You and your family will have something fun to look forward to as a new episode is posted each week.


    • There are hundreds of old episodes to listen back to while your family waits for a new one to be posted.
    • The hosts manage to make each episode funny and also informative at the same time. This will allow kids to have fun while they learn at the same time.
    • Episodes are typically quite short, so your kids will be able to listen without losing interest.
    • The target audience is ages 5-12, so most of the family will enjoy listening to this podcast together.


    • We can’t think of any. This is a fantastic podcast for everyone in the family to enjoy together.

    5. But Why


    But Why is the perfect podcast for curious kids that are always asking life’s difficult questions. Each episode will tackle a different problem that was sent in by children of all ages. During the podcast, your child will hear from various experts to make sure that they give the best possible answer that is easy for children to understand.


    • Your children will be able to hear from actual experts in different fields to make sure that they hear the best possible answers to their questions.
    • This podcast answers questions from fans, so there is a chance to have your children get involved by submitting a question.
    • This podcast is very entertaining, and It’s not very long, so your children won’t feel like they are sitting through a class.


    • This podcast is posted bi-weekly, so you will have to wait for a new episode to come out.

    6. Story Time

    Story Time 0

    Story Time is the perfect podcast for children to listen to before they go to bed. Each episode is very short, and it covers a story to help wind them down from a long day. The narrator’s voice is very calming and easy to listen to, which makes it perfect for bedtime. It is recommended for children two and up. Some of the more popular episodes include “The Dragon Under the Stairs” and “Watch out for the Bears.” This podcast is a part of Kids Listen, which is an organization that makes content that is approved for little ears.


    • This is the perfect podcast to put on as your children are falling asleep at naptime or bedtime.
    • The stories are very soothing and help wind children down, so they will be able to sleep through the night peacefully.
    • You never have to worry about the stories that appear in each episode of this podcast because they have all been approved specifically for young children.


    • This isn’t something that older children would enjoy listening to.

    7. Dream Big

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    Dream Big is all about helping your children find their passion in life. A young girl hosts it with her mom, and each week they interview world-class professionals that have so many exciting stories to tell. They will share how they ended up finding their passion and how they ended up working their dream job. You will also be able to print out a conversation sheet to help your family remember what they learned during the episode.


    • This podcast will help your kids explore different professions, which could help them find their passion.
    • Your kids will hear real stories and experiences from big names in various industries and learn how they found their dream job.
    • Dream Big is perfect for the whole family to listen to together.
    • You will be able to find this podcast on any platform, which makes it very accessible.


    • We can’t find anything. This is a positive podcast that could help your kids find their dream job.

    8. Curious Kid Podcast


    The Curious Kid Podcast is perfect for kids that love to ask questions and learn about new topics. An adorable father-daughter duo hosts this podcast, and they take on a new theme each week. They present facts, and you can’t beat their comical commentary. They have previously talked about leaves changing colors in the fall, earthquakes, presidents, and everything in between. This is an excellent podcast for the whole family to listen to together because everyone will be able to learn something new.


    • This podcast is full of fun, laughter, and curiosity.
    • This podcast is guaranteed to teach your children new things about interesting topics.
    • New episodes come out every Sunday, but they always post bonus content during the week.
    • The father and daughter dynamic can offer a unique perspective. You can see the topics through the eyes of a child with tons of facts to explain why or how things happen.


    • It’s tough to come up with one because this podcast is excellent.

    9. Smash, Boom, Best

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    Smash, Boom, Best is a podcast where kids debate different topics in front of a kid judge. They have settled some age-old debates like “cats or dogs” or “unicorns or dragons.” The topic is usually silly, and your kids will have fun laughing along and picking which side of the debate they agree with more. You and your family can even play along and come up with your arguments to support the team they agree with more.


    • This podcast will introduce your children to politely debating ideas that they believe in.
    • They will be entertained by the silly arguments and facts that are presented.
    • This is something that the whole family will be able to enjoy and participate in together.


    • It’s not as educational as some of the others on this list.
    • The format of the podcast might not appeal to everyone.

    10. Story Pirates

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    Story Pirates is a fun podcast that adventurous little ones will love. These stories have been submitted by young writers and were written specifically for young children to enjoy. Your children will be able to follow along with pirates on their epic swashbuckling journey to find treasure. The catch is they aren’t looking for traditional pirate gold. They are looking for good stories to share. This podcast gained its popularity in 2008 when it was mentioned on national tv. The main goal of this podcast is to recognize how vital self-expression is and how writing is a good outlet for using your creativity.


    • Kids will be able to listen to entertaining stories told by lovable pirates.
    • New episodes of the podcast come out every single week.
    • There are tons of bonus content and books that go along with this content.


    • This podcast is newer, so there aren’t as many old episodes to playback.
    • Older kids might not enjoy these stories.