Music education, introduced during a child’s early development, has been shown to be beneficial in several key developmental areas. Plato believed that patterns in music (and all the arts) were the key to learning.

Kid Drum Kits

From a more practical perspective, studying to learn an instrument is a great way to help kids focus their attention and energy towards something fun – towards a skill they can learn to improve upon or to even master.

Learning to play an instrument also teaches youngsters about the concept of commitments and the importance of keeping one’s commitment.

Each musical instrument has a unique ability to refine and/or reinforce specific motor and cognitive skills, with percussion instruments strengthening science and mathematics skills.

There are many benefits to learning drums. Drumming patterns help youngsters learn to count (when very young) and eventually, through growth, reinforces more complex mathematical concepts like fractions via half- or quarter tones, etc. Playing the drums can even be a great exercise.

Whether you are looking for the best beginner drum set for 10 year old’s or an electronic drum set for 5 year old’s, you will find a great beginner drum set to fit your needs on our list, either for a boy or a young lady. But if you are new to the world of drums, how do you know what to look for when buying a drum set?

Choosing a Drum Kit

The best starter drum kit for kids will likely be scaled-down versions of an adult-sized drum set. These best beginner drum kits when choosing a drum kit, are a great starting point for any budding musician and will probably last some time before your drummer will outgrow the set. The best drum kits for beginners allow a child’s creativity to spring forth.

Another option for those in the market for the best drum kits for beginners is to consider the many electronic drum options available. Electric, (or electronic) drums, which are silent unless you are wearing headphones, are a great alternative when noise reduction is an important part of the purchasing decision.

Check out our “Things to Consider” Section!

Kid Drum Kits

1. Mendini by Cecilio 13 inch 3-Piece

Mendini Junior Drum Kits

Kids/Junior Drum Set with Throne, Cymbal, Pedal & Drumsticks, Metallic Green

Cecilio’s Mendini junior drumming kit is the perfect drum starter kit when buying a drum kit for the aspiring drummer with dreams of starring in a rock n’ roll band.

The Mendini starter drum kit is constructed of hardwood drum shells and includes three drums – a bass drum (13″ by 8″), a mounted snare drum (10″ by 4″), and a mounted tom drum (8″ by 6″). Additionally, it includes an 8″ cymbal (attached to a cymbal arm), drum pedal, drumsticks, a padded drum throne, a pedal for the based drum, and easy to follow instructions for the drum set’s set-up.

These smaller sized drums make up one of the best drum kits for beginners as it allows aspiring drummers to practice on drums and equipment that best suits their current kid-size. The drums and the cymbal are safely mounted off of the bass drum, which minimizes the space required to play/store the Cecilio Junior Drum Set.

Price Tag – $89.99
Manufacturer’s Recommended Age Group – 3 to 6 years old
Shipping Fees – Free Delivery with Prime and Free Returns for unused, unopened items
Shipping Weight – 21.4 lbs

The Cecilio’s Mendini junior drumming kit is available in several colors on! Let your little drummer make some beautiful music with this set!

2. First Act Discovery & seat, blue stars Drum Set

First Act Kid Drum Kits

First Act’s Discovery best drum kit for kids is the perfect sized drum kit for youngsters who show great interest in music and creativity. First Act’s drum kits for beginners include three authentic, tunable drums – a snare drum, a tom drum, and a floor-standing based drum that are tunable using the drum key included.

Additionally, this best starter drum kit for kids includes a ride/crash cymbal, drumsticks, a drum (tuning) key, the base-drum pedal, and an adjustable (and collapsible) padded drummer’s seat.

The easy-to-follow instruction guide that has been developed by an experienced professional musical educator uses color and shape, through a visually-based learning guidance system to help even non-readers learn to play quickly. The First Act Discovery drum set music book color guide is a great addition!

First Act drum set assembly is minimal as it is delivered mostly pre-assembled but requires an adult to complete the full assembly. If you are looking for a great drum set for a 7 year old or above, this is it!

Price Tag – $98.48
Manufacturer’s Recommended Age Group – 6+ years old
Shipping Fees – Free One Day Delivery with Prime and Free Returns for unused, unopened items
Item Weight – 5.75 lbs.

First Act’s patented push mount technology makes assembly easy, so your little rocker is ready to play in only a few minutes.

3. Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Kit

Kid Electronic Drum Kits

The Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Kit has the ability to reproduce the incredible sounds of a full quality drum set – and, at the same time, teach aspiring musicians how to play the drums using the preprogrammed drum training sequence modes that come with the electronic device.

Pyle Pro is a versatile seven drum pad electronic drumming set that will grow with even the youngest of the budding musicians. These electronic best drum kits for kids can easily connect to computers for uploading recordings, headphones, or external amplifiers. The headphone jack is a perfect tool when noise may become a problem for the often-rambunctious beginner drummers.

The Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Kit can be operated using six – C batteries (not included), so it can go with the aspiring musician to music lessons or band practice. Included in the best drum kits for kids are the tabletop drum device, two-foot pedals, drumsticks, and a power adapter for the wall.

Are you looking for an electronic drum set for 8 year old’s? Or, maybe one for yourself? This is versatile for all ages interested in pursuing a musical instrument, such as drums.

Price Tag – $159.99
Manufacturer’s Recommended Age Group – N/A
Shipping Fees – Free One Day Delivery with Prime and Free Returns for unused, unopened items
Item Weight – 7.5 lbs

Are you ready to foster your child’s musical ability? This beginner drum set is great if you are limited in space.

4. Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 5-Piece

Mendini Kid Drum Kit

Complete Kids/Junior Drum Set with Adjustable Throne, Cymbal, Pedal & Drumsticks

Cecilio’s Mendini junior five-piece junior drum set is an all-in-one complete drum set and one of the best beginner drum kits for kids as it offers a full five matching drums – a snare drum (10” by 6”), a bass drum (16” by 11”), a floor drum (12” by 10”), and a pair of tom-tom drums (8” by 6”; 10” by 5”), plus a hi-hat cymbal (with included floor stand) and a crash cymbal that attaches to the bass drum.

The Mendini junior drum set, designed for entry-level musicians, provides a beginning drummer the perfect sized instruments to learn the basics of drumming and percussion. These best drum kits for kids are available in blue, red, green, black, silver, and white.

Additionally, the complete drum set by Cecilio also includes an adjustable, padded drum throne, a bass drum pedal, a pair of wooden drumsticks, and simple instructions assembly is required.

Price Tag – $189.99
Manufacturer’s Recommended Age Group – child – 2.5 feet to 5 feet
Shipping Fees – Free Delivery with Prime and Free Returns for unused, unopened items
Item Weight – 42 lbs

Let them drum till their hearts are content with this great set of drums from Cecilio. Check it out!

5. Music Alley Kids 3 Piece Beginners Drum Kit, Blue

Music Alley Kid Drum Kits

The Music Alley drum set is one of the best beginner drum kits as it is designed for musicians as young as 4 to 7 years old. These kid-sized (scaled to size) drums include a base, floor drum, two tom-tom drums (mounted on the bass drum), a bass pedal, a padded drum throne, and a pair of wood drumsticks.

The Music Alley beginner drum set includes a floor bass drum (14”), with two attached drums – a snare drum (8”) and a standard tom drum (8”), a 10” cymbal, a drum key, a padded, adjustable drum throne, a bass drum pedal mechanism and a pair of lightweight wooden drumsticks.

This scaled-down version of a full-sized drum set is the perfect place for aspiring musicians to begin to learn their craft.

Price Tag – $84.99
Manufacturer’s Recommended Age Group – 4 to 7 years old
Shipping Fees – Free Delivery and Free Returns for unused, unopened items
Item Weight – 16.09 lbs.

This set also comes in black and red! For the little beginner, this is the perfect set, suitable for those starting young!

Things to Consider

Why is learning to play a musical instrument important to my child’s development? Is learning the drums a good choice?

Besides the beautiful sound that music makes, there are many reasons your child will benefit from learning a musical instrument. Studies show that it improves:

  • Science and math skills,
  • Memory skills, 
  • Spatial abilities, 
  • Motor skills,
  • Socialization skills,
  • Verbal and literacy skills.

Is playing the drums a good choice? It is if that’s what your child enjoys doing and they display a genuine interest in it. No need to waste money on piano lessons when they are only interested in drumming… they won’t stick with it, causing frustration for you and your child!

How many components should a beginner drum set have?

For beginners, a simple four or five piece set is sufficient until they begin to outgrow it and their skills have increased. 

What is the difference in a standard size drum set and a junior size beginner’s drum set?

As the title indicates, junior size drum sets are scaled down versions of the standard size, as they are the size to best fit your child’s frame and height. 

Bass drums can typically range from 16” to 28” in diameter. The junior bass drum is typically around 16” in diameter, while a standard size is about 22”. Junior sets are normally good for a 3 – 12 year old, depending on their height and weight, but best for children under 5’ tall.

If you purchase one that is too tall for them, they will have trouble reaching the pedal and cymbals; therefore, losing interest and/or developing poor form.  

Is learning to play the drums hard for a child?

As with any musical instrument, a time to learn and practice is necessary. Basic drum beats can be learned in as little as a half hour; however, if they want a true understanding of the craft, they will need to study for about two years.

To be a professional drummer, they will need at least seven years or more of experience, depending on their dedication and how often your child practices.

What pieces should a beginner’s drum set include?

Most drum sets, whether standard or junior, include a bass drum, a snare drum, and high-hat. In addition, tom-toms and additional cymbals may be included. 

You should also be sure a throne is included in your set. A regular chair or office chair will be too high! Don’t forget the drumsticks… Some sets include them, and some don’t! If your youngster is serious about drumming, avoid toy drums that do not produce a quality sound. 

Which is better: an electronic drum set or an acoustic drum set?

If noise is a concern, choosing an electronic drum set for your kiddo may be the best option, especially for your neighbors; however, the striking surface is totally different.

If your child starts out on either the electronic or acoustic version, switching over to the opposite kind may be awkward till they get the hang of it. As they are both very different, it boils down to the personal preference.  

When should my child begin drumming lessons?

Learning any type of instrument requires concentration, dedication, and practice. Typically, at age six to seven, your youngster should have the mental capacity to focus on a drumming lesson of at least one hour… if they are truly interested. Before the age of six, shorter lessons are advisable. 

What’s the difference in a complete drum set and a shell pack?

When you begin your research for the perfect set of drums, you will notice most pictures appear to include the hardware to set them up, as well as cymbals. They may also picture additional drums. The buyer should be aware that “shell packs” only include a variety of drums and will not include the hardware to set them up.

Shell packs are great for advanced drummers who would like to construct their own set and configure them as they see fit. For the beginner drummer, a “complete set” is recommended, which includes everything a young drummer needs to get started.

What would be more frustrating than a child not being able to set up their drums due to missing hardware and other important components, right?

How much should a junior drum set cost for my beginner?

Prices on our list range from $80 to $200. Without a doubt, you can spend as much as you want for a good drum set; however, you can also get the most for your money with the inexpensive sets without sacrificing quality.

If this is a new hobby for your child, it’s best to be somewhat conservative in your spending until you determine if they are truly interested and going to stick with it… then you can make some upgrades.

What’s the best drum set for a beginner, such as for a 3 year- old, 7-year-old, or a 12-year-old?

Junior beginner sets are typically for ages 3 to 12 years old and every age in between. Look for these qualities in a junior drum set: 

  • Includes the basic equipment needed, as well as assembly instructions,
  • Includes the correct height stool, and other extras, such as drumsticks and cymbals, 
  • Includes the hardware to set it up, 
  • Is age-appropriate, particularly to the child’s height and weight,
  • Is made of quality materials; not a toy, 
  • Is budget-friendly.

The Cecilio’s Mendini junior five-piece junior drum set is a great choice for an acoustic beginner drum set. Check out the Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Kit for an excellent electronic beginner set. 

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