Bounce, Climb and Play!

Best Outdoor Playsets for Kids

Do your kids love to play outside? Get them off the couch and outdoors on one of these fantastic outdoor playsets, designed for energetic kids who love to swing, slide, or use their imagination while playing on the upper deck. Is it a princess’ castle or a dragon’s lair? Let them decide!

Best Bounce Houses For Kids

Kids love to bounce! So, what are you waiting for? Add this to your backyard fun, or… if you have a large recreation room… keep this inflated for hours of entertainment. No more admission costs for going to the local bouncy house business in your town… Just buy your own! It’s great exercise and fun for all ages!

Best Geometric Domes for Kids

Do you remember these when you were a kid? Typically, they were only found on large public playgrounds. Now, you can have one for your own backyard… for your kids to play on that is! These geometric domes are available in several sizes, as well as various price ranges and weight capacities. Take a look!

Best Trampolines For Kids of All Ages

Trampolines are nothing new… but, WOW, they sure can be a great way to entertain kids AND ADULTS alike! Whether you are looking for a trampoline for a small backyard or large enough for several to jump on at one time, we’ve got you covered. And the best part… most come with mesh enclosures to ensure your child’s safety!

Best Home Slackline/Obstacle Courses for Kids

This is the latest and greatest trend in outdoor play. With the popularity of the ninja-type obstacle courses that you can see on TV, these home slack lines provide obstacles that your child can do… without the danger! They are an excellent source for physical activity and particularly promote balance control and other important developmental and cognitive skills.

Best Outdoor Playhouses for Kids

Pretend play is just the best for our little ones. When you can provide a base item, (such as a playhouse), for your child, their imagination can soar. Whether its a fort or a castle, you can be assured your child will enjoy a playhouse. If you have enough room in a rec room or child’s bedroom, they are great for indoor play as well!

Unique and Affordable Play Tents for Kids

Play tents are another type of playhouse that is nice for smaller places. In addition, they can easily be transported to Grandma’s, to a friend’s house, or just from the den to the kitchen… if you need them close by while you are cooking dinner. Also, they come in such cute designs now, such as a train, ice cream truck, or gingerbread house, and more!

Best Outdoor Movie Projectors for Families

Recently, going to a public indoor movie theater has been out of the question for most. If your child loves movies, why not invest in an outdoor movie projector for the whole family. Whether you are hanging out at the pool, playing outdoor games, or just cozying up to the fire pit, watching a movie is a great way to spend family night! Don’t forget the popcorn or ice cream sundaes!

Water Activities

Best Inflatable Water Slides for Kids

OK… Let’s get real here… I’m not letting my two-year-old zoom down a 100 foot drop water slide at warp speed, are you? Of course not! At times, commercial waterparks are not set up for the little guy… but they still deserve some fun, right? If you need a slide that is suitable for children, you can get one that inflates conveniently in your own backyard. As you bask in the kiddie pool below, you can keep your eye on them!

Best Water Tables for Kids

Do your children love to play in the water as much as mine? These water tables are perfect for water play when you don’t have a pool to jump into. They are fun, colorful, and foster imaginative play. In addition, many of them have compartments for sandbox play. While playing with others, water tables can promote social skills and sharing.

Best Above Ground Pools for Kids

In-ground pools aren’t for everybody. They are often pricey to install and also permanent. Above-ground pools are ideal for the budget-minded and when the swim season is over, just put them up for the winter. In addition, when your child outgrows it, just pass it on! Above-ground pools come in a wide array of sizes and price points. Take a look at our picks!


Best Bikes For Kids

Riding a bike is fun for the whole family and great exercise. If you are looking for the best bicycle for your child, take a look at our selections. Do they need training wheels? Are they ready for their first “big kid” bike? As they come in all colors and sizes, you will need to assess your child’s needs to determine which size bike they need. Biking at the park or in the backyard, it’s a great activity to encourage balance and hand/eye/foot coordination!

Best Balance Bikes for Kids

Balance bikes are a fairly new concept that you may not be familiar with; however, if your child is a beginner rider, balance bikes help them learn how to “balance” before getting their first real bike. They are suitable for ages 18 months or so and stay low to the ground, so if they tip over… they don’t have far to fall! With no pedals, children learn how to push with their feet to go!

Best Bicycle Helmets for Kids

“Don’t get on that bike without your helmet!” That’s what my mom used to say. Although not always a popular or comfortable part of the biking experience, it is a necessity. Today, biking helmets are an “understood” part of the activity, and as such… they come in the coolest styles and colors; one to fit everyone’s taste and style. Mom was right… Please don’t let your child get on a bike without a helmet! AND… make sure it is properly sized and approved.

Best Go-Karts For Kids

How about some Go-Kart fun? These provide the best fun for the kiddos, right? However… safety first! Take a look at our selections for the best go-karts for kids to find one that is age and size appropriate for your child. Driving a go-kart promotes good hand/eye/foot coordination and teaches responsibility.

Best Scooters for Kids

Scooters are just, well… fun! Kids love them and they are great exercise. If your child wants an easy mode of transportation, yet two wheels with a motor on it is just more than you can bear, a scooter is a great option. They come in all price ranges, depending on the quality!

Best Skateboard Ramps for Kids

Skateboards have made a comeback… and, naturally, ramps specially designed for skateboarding are at the top of most kid’s wish lists that enjoy the sport. Take a look at our top choices, most of which can be configured in different ways, such as a single ramp or 4-way ramp. Sound like fun?

Best Rollerblades / Inline Skates for Kids

I used to love to skate, didn’t you? However, most of my rolling was done on four wheels. Today, kids enjoy rollerblading or inline skating. If you are ready to get the kids off their phones and out enjoying nature, check out our list of the best inline skates for kiddos. And parents, why should the kids have all the fun? Join in… get you a pair, too!

Best Ride-On Toys for Kids

Whether it’s a fire truck, train, or motorcycle… if a child can hop on and ride – they will love it! On our list, you can find a few that are battery-powered, and a few that run on kid power or gravity. Buy several for loads of fun and for a little friendly competition. Ready, Set, Go!

Outdoor Winter Activities!

50 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids in the Wintertime

Wintertime brings on the blues for many, but kids still enjoy playing outside. This list highlights fun activities for outdoor exercise in the wintertime. This list is particularly helpful if you live in areas of the country that receive above-average snowfall every winter. Did someone say, “Let’s build a snowman?” – Count me in!

Best Snow Sleds for Kids

One of the best activities for wintertime… if you have snowfall, of course… is to go sledding. Who doesn’t love that? Sledding is a great activity for the whole family, AND hiking back up the hill is great exercise, right? Check these out today and be prepared for the next snow event in your community!

Best Skis for Kids

Finding the right set of skis for the kiddos can be a challenge. Here, we have chosen several sets that offer various size options, colors, and designs so you can find skis that are good for your child. So, hit the slopes and have some family fun and fellowship!

Best Snowboards for Kids

Speaking of hitting the slopes, is your child into snowboarding? In the past, this has been primarily a sport for the “big kids,” but now children are learning how to snowboard as well. Just like finding the correct snow skis for your child, locating the right size of snowboard is also critical to their success. Check them out!

Sports Equipment

Best Baseball Bats For Kids

Batter up! Baseball is a fun and exciting sport for kids. To get the best results, you should provide them with the correct equipment to maximize their performance. Baseball bats come in different sizes, weights, and are made from various materials. Check out our list for some of the best!

Best Fitness Trackers For Kids

Fitness trackers have become very popular for adults as they love to track their steps, heart rate, and pulse. Although adults rely on this important information, often kids just want to check their numbers for fun. A child’s fitness tracker should be easy to use, easy to read, and easy to put on. And, perhaps most importantly (to a kid, at least) is the color and style! Can a fitness tracker also be a fashion statement? Perhaps!