Great Gift Ideas for…

1 Year Old Girls

Your little princess is beginning to walk and loves to explore. Simple activities to promote motor skills are important for her. Check out these cute gift ideas!

2 Year Old Girls

At this age, your little girl is becoming quite vocal, with many opinions. Unfortunately, they don’t always like to share either; however, some of the toys on this list promote “playing with others” allowing two to play together.

3 Year Old Girls

Does your princess enjoy imitating you? If so, there are some great gift ideas on this list to help them develop their imagination and thinking skills.

4 Year Old Girls

If you are looking for a great gift for a four-year-old little girl, you’re in luck! These cute toys promote pretend time, as well as their artistic abilities.

5 Year Old Girls

Whether they like bright sparkly things or enjoy sports, there’s something on this list for every five-year-old little girl! Take a look!

6 Year Old Girls

Creating and building things is a great way to encourage your girl’s imagination and motor skills. These gifts will encourage just that! The whole family can learn and play together!

7 Year Old Girls

At age seven, some girls still enjoy dolls and some had rather be out knocking a ball around. Whatever their interest is, parents should support them, right? Check out these awesome gifts!

8 Year Old Girls

Have you been invited to an eight-year-old’s birthday party and don’t have a clue what little girls of that age enjoy? We have a few suggestions! Check them out!

9 Year Old Girls

Creative art activities are a great gift idea for a nine-year-old girl! And… We have some wonderful ideas on this list so check out these awesome activities for your little gal!

10 Year Old Girls

So, your little girl is in the double-digits now! At ten years old, their interests change drastically, perhaps focusing on friends and the latest trends in hair and jewelry accessories. Check out this list!

11 Year Old Girls

At this age, eleven-year-olds often enjoy creative activities as a Tween! If you are looking for a cool gift, take a look at these items!

12 Year Old Girls

This is a great gift list for the twelve-year-old girl in your world! These awesome items will put a smile on any young lady’s face!

13 Year Old Girls

She’s a teenager!!! No more toys… Only cool gifts for your teenage girl! From fashion to jewelry and everything in between… Take a look at our top picks!

14 Year Old Girls

Fourteen-year-olds often need assurance and encouragement. They want to look their best and like pretty things! We have a few suggestions for you!

15 Year Old Girls

Are you looking for an interesting gift idea for a gal pal? This gift list features exciting and cute ideas that all fifteen-year-olds (and some adults!) would enjoy!

16 Year Old Girls

Turning sixteen is special! It’s a significant birthday in your little girl’s life. She’s a young adult, learning to drive, learning how to navigate her studies and social life while looking forward to what the future has to offer. Get her a gift she can use!

17 Year Old Girls

These cool gifts for your seventeen-year-old will sure to please. If you need some ideas, check them out!