JULY – AUGUST 2021: “Summer is FINALLY here!”

America’s Birthday! And, ALL 3 of my kids’ birthdays… what’s a mom to do? Plan a birthday party, or two, or three, of course!

May 2021: “What Can I Do Now?”

I have bored children. You have bored children. We have bored children. But, ALAS! I have ideas! And, let’s not forget to thank our mothers for all they’ve done for us while we observe Mother’s Day in May!

April 2021: Yes, I Have a Fever… SPRING FEVER!

These cold snaps are putting a damper on my SPRING! Patience, Britt… patience.

March 2021: Pets Aplenty!

We are an animal loving family and sometimes it feels like I’m raising a houseful of kids! Not sure which is harder, the furry ones or the talking ones!

February 2021: Let it Snow!… Let it Snow!… Let it Snow!… Or, Not!

No. No snow. Nope. Nada. Don’t want it. That’s all. Well, that’s not EXACTLY all… I always have something to say.

January 2021: Is It Over Yet? Reflections on the Crazy Year of 2020

There’s so much to say about the year 2020.