Every parent cherishes their child’s artwork, each piece a tangible memory of their creativity and growth. Yet, as the art piles up, it can become overwhelming to manage. Throwing them away feels heart-wrenching, but the clutter is undeniable. Here are 20 creative solutions to preserve and display your kids’ art while keeping your home organized and stylish.

    1. Create a Rotating Gallery Wall

    Designate a specific wall in your home as a gallery for your children’s artwork. Use frames, clipboards, or a wire with clips to display their latest creations. Regularly rotate the pieces to keep the display fresh and give every piece its moment in the spotlight.

    2. Compile a Photo Book

    Take high-quality photos or scan the artwork and compile them into a photo book. Services like Shutterfly or Mixbook allow you to design custom books that can be kept on your coffee table or bookshelf, providing a compact and durable way to store these precious memories.

    3. Transform Art into Home Decor

    Incorporate your kids’ art into your home decor. Use their drawings to create custom wallpaper, frame them to create a unique gallery wall, or decoupage their art onto furniture pieces. This not only preserves their work but also makes it a permanent part of your home’s aesthetic.

    4. Make Custom Gifts

    Use their artwork to create personalized gifts such as mugs, t-shirts, pillows, or tote bags. Online services like Zazzle or Society6 make it easy to upload images and design custom items. These make wonderful gifts for grandparents and other family members.

    5. Create a Yearly Art Collage

    At the end of each year, select pieces of your child’s artwork and create a large collage. Frame it to create a vibrant and personal piece of art that represents a year’s worth of creativity. This also helps to condense the volume of artwork into one meaningful display.

    6. Make Greeting Cards

    Turn your child’s art into greeting cards. Scan or photograph the artwork, resize it, and print it onto cardstock. These personalized cards are perfect for holidays, birthdays, and “thank you” notes, adding a unique and heartfelt touch to your messages.

    7. Design a Calendar

    Create a custom calendar featuring their artwork. Choose 12 of their best pieces, one for each month. Many online printing services offer easy-to-use templates for designing calendars. This is a practical way to enjoy their art year-round.

    8. Create Art Books

    Laminate the artwork and bind them into a book. You can categorize the art by year, theme, or type. This keeps the artwork protected and makes it easy to flip through and enjoy.

    9. Turn Art into Fabric Patterns

    Upload your child’s drawings to websites like Spoonflower to create custom fabric. Use the fabric to make clothing, bedding, or other textile projects. This turns their art into functional and unique items.

    10. Make a Memory Box

    Create a memory box to store your child’s artwork along with other memorabilia like school photos, awards, and special notes. This keeps everything in one place and makes it easy to look back on their growth and achievements.

    11. Create Digital Slideshows

    Scan or photograph the artwork and create digital slideshows. These can be played during family gatherings or special occasions, allowing you to share and celebrate their creativity with loved ones.

    12. Design a Custom Puzzle

    Turn their artwork into custom puzzles using online services. This adds an interactive element to their art, making it fun and engaging for the whole family.

    13. Make Art Magnets

    Create magnets from your child’s artwork. Scan and shrink the images, then adhere them to magnet sheets and cut them out. These are great for displaying on the refrigerator and add a personal touch to your kitchen.

    14. Create a Quilt

    Use their drawings to design quilt squares. Print the artwork onto fabric squares and sew them into a quilt. This transforms their art into a cozy and sentimental keepsake.

    15. Develop a Wall Mural

    Select a particularly striking piece of art and have it enlarged into a wall mural. This can be a bold statement piece in a playroom or bedroom and celebrates their creativity in a grand way.

    16. Turn Art into Jewelry

    Shrink down their artwork and use it to create custom jewelry like pendants, charms, or bracelets. This is a lovely way to keep their art close and create wearable memories.

    17. Make Personalized Stationery

    Use their drawings to create personalized stationery sets. Print the artwork onto notepaper and envelopes for a unique and personal touch. These make great gifts and encourage letter writing.

    18. Create a Scrapbook

    Compile their artwork into a scrapbook, adding captions, dates, and any special notes or stories. This adds context to their art and creates a comprehensive record of their creative journey.

    19. Design a Lampshade

    Turn their drawings into a custom lampshade. Use transfer paper to apply the art to a plain lampshade, creating a unique and functional piece of decor that lights up their creativity.

    20. Make a Photo Blanket

    Upload their artwork to a service that creates custom photo blankets. This turns their art into a cozy throw that can be used and displayed in the living room or their bedroom.


    There are countless ways to preserve and celebrate your child’s artwork without succumbing to clutter. By turning their creations into functional and decorative items, you honor their creativity while maintaining an organized home. Each piece of art becomes a cherished memory, woven into the fabric of your family’s life.

    These ideas should help you make the most of your kids’ artwork, transforming them from clutter into treasured keepsakes and functional items.