Laptops, Cell Phones and More!

Best Children’s Laptops

Many ideas should be considered when choosing a laptop for a child, such as age-appropriateness and durability. See our top selections!

Best Tablets for Kids

Tablets are the perfect size for those little hands. They are often simple to use and easy to hold. Check out the best tablets for your kiddos!

Best Cell Phones for Kids

Of course, you want to stay connected with your children; therefore, a simple-to-use cell phone is a great idea! Check these out!

Best Phones for Kids of All Ages

Kids of all ages enjoy being connected to their friends and family. As parents, we need to stay connected to them, too. See our top choices for cell phones suitable for any age.

Gaming Systems

Best Retro Video Game Systems for Kids

Parents… Do you remember these games? Share these awesome and classic game systems with your kids. It’s a great activity to do as a family! Introduce them to your childhood memories!

Best Indoor Arcade Games

What do you do on rainy days? Play arcade games! There’s nothing better to occupy the kids than an awesome video game. These will provide hours of fun and look great in your playroom, too!


Best Apps and Monitoring Sites for Concerned Parents

We do our best to protect our kids, but we can’t watch every move they make. Where possible, apps and monitoring sites are a great tool for concerned parents! Take a look at these!

Best Educational Apps for Kids

Computer or screen time needs to be monitored obviously; however, educational apps can be quite beneficial. Here are a few suggestions!

Best Apps for Kids

The best apps for children foster imagination, creativity, and coordination. Check these out for cool and unique games for kids.

Best Apps for Toddlers

A toddler’s attention span is not very long, as we all know. So, if you can find an app that helps develop hand/eye coordination, while also displaying educational value, then you’ve got a winner!

Best iPhone Apps for Kids

If you have an iPhone, you will want to check out these awesome apps designed to keep kids busy!