Toddlers Bedtime Regiments

“I want my child to sleep peacefully and soundly!” 

This is one of the goals of every parent. It’s the reason why they scour the universe for the best sleeping regimens for their kids!

Tucking children to bed is usually a stressful task for most parents, especially when they do not know how to control their energy levels or emotions after a long day full of energy due to many interactive activities, play, and experiences.

Nevertheless, when children are tucked and curled into bed, their brains function more on developmental activities such as memory consolidation or the process of placing experiences in order and learning what is essential from what is not.    

Most parents think that children are free from stress, anxiety, and worries. That’s because they think that playing is not a stressful activity. 

But here’s the truth. Compared to adults, toddlers have not yet developed their mental and physical abilities to aid themselves in winding down after a day filled with tension, enough for them to fall into a peaceful and deep sleep.

This appears to be a drawback since poor sleep quality among children leads to immune function decline, school and learning performance impairment, emotion and mood control problems, and behavioral control issues.

Specialists have talked about the numerous advantages of meditations and bedtime stories for your child.

Aside from aiding them in relaxing and de-stressing, allowing this to be a nightly pre-bedtime routine allows their brain to make a new association— one that links bedtime with a more positive, calming, and easier transition to sleep.

Importance of Sleep for Toddlers

Toddlers Bedtime Regiments fact

According to Dr. Sumit Bhargava, the director of Stanford Children’s Health Sleep Center, sleep is important for everyone, especially for children growing and developing physically and mentally. Sleep has an impact on regulatory hormones. 

For instance, in children, the most intensive period of growth hormone release is typically after the start of deep sleep. Most toddlers need anywhere between 12 and 14 hours of sleep a day. As for preschoolers, they need between 11 and 13 hours. 

Children two years of age need about 11 to 14 hours of sleep over 24 hours. This may be divided between nighttime sleeping and a couple of naps during the daytime. A few weeks of experimenting is all it takes to determine what suits your toddler best. 

Sleep allows your children to grow stronger and healthier during their pre-school years (ages three to six years old). Most children during this age need between 10 to 13 hours of sleep over 24 hours and normally one daytime nap. Older children might not need enough naps.

Common Sleep Problems among Toddlers 

Once they reach the end of the second year, naps are normally reduced to once a day, and it only lasts up to three hours. Most toddlers tend to move from the crib to the bed between the ages of two and three. 

Toddlers frequently refuse to go to bed. They do not want to be isolated from the guardian or parent or miss out on any of the activities that they should be doing. 

Most typical sleep problems at this age include difficulty returning to sleep, awakening in the middle of the night, and bedtime resistance. Nightmares and nighttime fears are also considered common problems.  

Napping continues to decline, although most preschoolers can still gain benefits from it. The easiest is to set a specific period in the child’s bedroom for napping or relaxing.

Even if your child cannot sleep, try to schedule some “quiet time” in the early afternoon for your child to rest. An hour a day is regarded as a reasonable amount of time.

Sleep disturbances are normal during the pre-school years. These concerns may include difficulty falling asleep and waking up often at night. 

Sleep terrors, sleepwalking, nightmares, and nighttime fears are also typical during pre-school years.

Helping your Toddlers Sleep Well

Help your toddler get adequate sleep by establishing an effective bedtime routine! Here are some tried-and-true suggestions: 

  • Help your children stick to scheduled bedtime and wake-up times daily. Avoid shortchanging nap time and ensure that it does not happen too late in the day or that it is so short; either of these will lead to inadequate sleep.
  • You also need to maintain a constant bedtime routine. Use dim table lamps and switch off overhead lights about 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime to lessen light exposure. 
  • Most preschoolers might have a disturbed night or nightmare, and they tend to seek their parents for comfort when this happens. But once they calm down and you need to return to bed as well, you need to surround your kid with comfortable items like his or her favorite soft blanket or stuffed animal or another object that will enable your child to fall asleep again on his or her own, without you having to leave the bed and seeking your help.
  • You need to tuck your toddler into bed in a sleepy but almost awake phase, then quietly leave the room. This will aid your child from falling asleep on his or her own and aid your child in going back to sleep independently if he or she suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night.
  • You need to limit drinks, especially caffeine, and heavy meals, at least two hours before bedtime. Light snacks before bedtime for your kids are fine but clear your pantry of beverages and soda with caffeine! Check food labels when buying them!
  • The bedroom environment must be cool, dark, comfortable, and quiet. An area light or nightlight on its lowest dimmer setting would work well. 
  • You can also play relaxing and soft music or use a sound machine. Remember that your kid’s bed is for sleeping only, so it should not be used as a platform for watching television or playing.
  • Watching television is not allowed. Any form of screen time (smartphones, iPad, etc.) should not be included in your kid’s bedroom atmosphere. This is because such gadgets can overstimulate your toddler, and this will make it more difficult for him or her to fall into a deep sleep.
  • You need to have enjoyable and relaxing activities for your child 30 minutes before their bedtime. These may include reading bedtime stories or taking a warm bath to aid them in winding down. It is crucial to establish clear limitations regarding how several books or songs can help your toddler fall asleep. Your toddler can select which pajamas he or she wants to wear or which stuffed animal they would want to take to their bed. A form of security objects, such as a soft blanket or a stuffed animal soothes your kid at bedtime and throughout the night.

An effective way to put your toddlers into a deep sleep is using bedtime regimens or items that help establish a consistent sleep and wake-up routine and help your toddlers sleep peacefully and continuously throughout the night. 

The use of bedtime regimens allows children to enjoy the sleep-wake routine. Such bedtime regimens also set expectations, help train kid’s behavior, and allow your children to follow the routine until they learn to fall asleep independently. 

Toddlers Bedtime Regiments fact

Some of the recommended bedtime regimens can be seen below:

1. Simple Joys by Carter’s 3-Pack Loose Fit Fleece Footless Pajama

Toddlers Bedtime Regiments Simple Joys Pajamas

The Simple Joys by Carter’s Three-Pack Loose Fit Fleece Footless Pajamas are made from 100% imported and machine-wash polyester material.

These pajamas are flame-resistant, making them safe for children. It also has an ankle-to-chin zipper with a snap-over tab and long sleeves with ribbed cuffs. Three sets of these footless pajamas feature fun and interesting patterns for little boys.

Nobody likes to sleep in uncomfortable pajamas, especially children. Buy some today that are a good fit, flame-resistant, and made of fun patterns. Check them out on!

BONUS: Would you like to see some pretty patterns for little girls? Check these out: Simple Joys Baby Girl and Toddler Footless Pajamas

2. Bedtime Stories 2 Books in 1: Meditation Tales with Fantasy Animals for Children’s Imagination

Toddlers Bedtime Regiments Bedtime stories

The Bedtime Stories 2 Books in 1: Meditation Tales with Fantasy Animals for Children’s Imagination is one magical book filled with soothing and magical bedtime stories as well as meditations. 

Here are the benefits of having this 2-in-1 book as a bedtime regimen for your toddler:

  • Helps your toddler get in bed on time with less hassle.
  • Helps solve sleeping difficulties.
  • Allows your child to relax after a stressful and long day through mindfulness approaches.
  • Helps your child strengthen their values, improve their imagination, and enhance their vocabulary as they listen to interesting bedtime stories.
  • Helps cultivate creativity in your children to have the opportunity to wind down before they go to bed and attain a good and restful sleep every night. 
  • It aids in lowering stress levels as your kids listen to bedtime stories such as fairy tales that teach them about the values of responsibility, empathy, and perseverance.
  • Children will learn more about the extraordinary tales of dinosaurs, princes, princesses, and magical dragons, which will help enhance their imagination and broaden their vocabulary.
  • This regimen helps increase the self-confidence and self-esteem of your children so that they can continue with their ways, knowing that they are worthy, strong, and capable. 
  • Children can learn essential mindfulness strategies that help them improve their positive mindset and gratitude, regulate their negative emotions, overcome their fears, and manage their frustrations.

Help your child relax before bedtime with a story that sparks their imagination, yet invokes sweet dreams through meditation and calmness!

3. Organic Bubble Bath Fizzies (Bath Bombs) with Jungle Animal Toys

Toddlers Bedtime Regiments Bath Bombs with Toys

The Organic Bubble Bath Fizzies (Bath Bombs) with Jungle Animal Toys are regarded as a whole new way for your kid to feel relaxed during bath time and before sleeping. 

Bathing is one way to end your kid’s day so that he or she will feel more relaxed before bedtime.

Once you drop one bath bomb into the bathwater, it fizzes and alters the color of the water and emits a pleasant essential oil scent. The bath bombs and soaps come in various relaxing scents and bright colors.

The bath bombs contain cocoa butter and Shea butter that help moisturize your toddler’s sensitive skin. 

The bath bombs are also infused with essential oils and high-quality bath salts.

Your toddler will feel more excited about taking a bath because each bath bomb comes with cute jungle animal toys that your child can play with while bathing.

Every set has 12 various toys selected from a collection of 48, so there is a lesser probability of acquiring repeated toys whenever you buy the complete set.

Here are the reasons why this should be included in your kid’s bedtime regimens:

  • It can transform your kid’s bath time into leisure time.
  • Bath salts help in your toddler’s relaxation since it soothes their tired muscles and decreases blood pressure.
  • Its essential aromatherapy oils aid in improving their feeling of well-being, focus, excitement, and relaxation. 
  • It helps your child avoid dry and flaky skin since the ingredients from which these bath bombs are made help promote smooth, soft, and healthier skin. 
  • It also aids your child in keeping themselves clean while reducing the effects of harsher suds.
  • It is a suitable present for girls and boys. It can be a great option for your toddler’s birthday and can be given as a gift as well during Easter or Christmas. It can also be a casual gift to make your kid feel special.

Check out the Organic Bubble Bath Fizzies today. These are so cute… As they relax your child before bedtime, they also get a cute surprise for bath time!

4. Good Day Chocolate Melatonin Supplement, Natural Sleep Aid

Toddlers Bedtime Regiments Melatonin Supplement

The Good Day Chocolate Melatonin Supplement is considered a natural form of sleeping aid safe for your toddlers. 

It is a chocolate supplement containing at least one milligram of melatonin per piece and relaxing chamomile to promote peaceful and deep sleep.

This sleeping aid is made with supreme, Fair-trade authorized milk chocolate. 

Based on research, chocolate is one of the most efficient delivery forms for supplements and vitamins.

It is also made from non-genetically modified organisms (GMO) ingredients, and its candy-coated colors come from vegetables and fruits.

The chocolate melatonin supplement also has the ideal amount of shut-eye in each bottle, and it comes with a convenient-to-use serving size guide so that you won’t get into trouble with the dosage.

5. Little Sleepy Head Calming Lavender Spray for Bedtime Routine

Toddlers Bedtime Regiments Lavender Spray

The Little Sleepy Head Lavender Spray has been artisan-made with the country’s best quality lavender essential oil. Every bottle is produced with extra care and love.

Lavender essential oil is popular for its soothing and calming effects, and it also helps promote enhanced sleep. The lavender plant has been popular because of its relaxing and calming properties for many years. 

The plant’s essential oil goes through a process of extraction and is used as an essential ingredient to the natural formula for linen and pillow spray. It is not just beneficial for kids but also for adults. 

Little Sleepy Head is one of the family-operated and owned companies in the country. It began out of a mom’s desire to help her kids sleep better so that she could get enough rest as well. At present, the company does local sourcing whenever the need arises.  

Although the smell is subjective, the spray is not a combination of numerous essential oils that may sometimes produce an odd scent. It is made from lavender essential oil, which maintains its gentle and sweet scent similar to the lavender flower itself. 

Through this calming lavender spray, you can help your toddler:

  • Have a restful sleep.
  • Relax naturally.
  • Drift off to sleep better and faster than before.
  • Provides a subtle and relaxing association that “it’s time to sleep” and helps them in staying asleep.
  • Helps them become calm amid tantrums.

Just a little mist on the pillow and they know it’s time to relax and settle down. The calming effects can help your little one get a good night’s sleep… and you, too!

6. Housbay Soothing Sound Machine for Sleeping & Relaxation for Kids

Toddlers Bedtime Regiments Glows Sound Machine

The Housbay Soothing Sound Machine for Sleeping and Relaxation for Kids is regarded as a suitable white noise maker for you or your children. It has different colored lights and soothing and calming sounds that will allow anyone to fall into a refreshing and deep night’s sleep quickly.  

Glows also includes three longer than average timer— one hour, two hours, and three hours of continuous light, sound, and play that will slowly fade when it attains the preset sleep time.

The sound machine simulates a natural world, thereby offering the most comfortable atmosphere. Fan sounds and non-looping white noises are often useful for noise cancellation when increasing performance, concentration, and studying.

It utilizes numerous effective sounds such as music boxes, fetal tone, and pink noise to help your kids fall asleep faster and help them relax as they sleep longer.

This sound machine gives 31 soothing sounds, including 17 nature sounds, seven fan sounds, and seven white noises. This ensures that you can properly set the sounds for different applications. 

Here are the benefits of having this unique sound machine in your kid’s bedroom:

  • You can utilize it for various applications because it is versatile and helpful for light sleepers and those who have difficulty falling asleep during the night.
  • This sound machine makes it more convenient for you and your kid to sleep effectively and quickly. This is the reason why this sound machine is a must for those having sleeping issues. 
  • The sound machine utilizes soft light and quiet sounds to aid in relaxing your mind and body. It is a natural and healthy solution for those having trouble sleeping. 
  • It does not have risks or side effects. Anyone can wake up refreshed without any feeling of grogginess. 
  • It offers a relaxing experience that is possible for meditation or yoga. 
  • It is equipped with a night light with adjustable brightness and eight colors to aid you in your nighttime nursing. It also makes the routines of nighttime feeding and diaper changing more convenient. 
  • It is more convenient to access power since it can be powered by an AC or any common USB port. It is very portable as well.
  • Its solid, powerful speaker provides diverse fidelity and high-quality sounds to produce an immersive experience.
  • It is not only designed for toddlers but also adults and seniors. All tracks on Glows appear to be non-looping and soothing.
  • The night light is also used as a breathing light to serve as a guide for efficient breathing simultaneous with the rhythm of the pulsating light, thereby helping you relax and fall asleep.  

This cute design offers a combination of night light, as well as a noise machine to help your little one drift off to sleep. Take a look at it on!

7. Honey Dew Gifts Daily Morning and Bedtime Routine Reward Chart

Toddlers Bedtime Regiments Routine Chart

The Honey Dew Gifts Daily Morning and Bedtime Routine Reward Chart is designed as an interactive and entertaining bedtime routine chart containing all the important steps to make bedtime more convenient. And, this cute set also comes with a morning checklist!

Such routines include reading a book, putting on pajamas, bath time, going to the toilet, brushing teeth, and the must-have goodnight kiss! The basis of this is that children have been proven to respond well to rewards and appreciation. 

These signs are made of quality metal and activities can be checked off with a dry-erase marker (not included). They also have holes in the top of the charts to conveniently hang on your child’s wall.

Positive habits are greatly encouraged, specifically with younger children and toddlers. The use of reward charts, which is regarded as one of this regimen’s features, makes it ideal for cultivating a good sleeping routine. 

8. Fisher-Price Lumalou Wall-Mounted Routine Sleep Trainer for Children

Toddlers Bedtime Regiments Bedtime Routine System

Fisher-Price has existed for almost 90 years, and the only way to make things extraordinary for children is for the company to put themselves in their shoes. This is the reason why the goal of Fisher-Price is to bring back the pleasure in functional baby gear and the playback in playtime. 

The Fisher-Price Lumalou Wall-Mounted Routine Sleep Trainer for Children is regarded as a wall-mounted, three-in-one interactive routine helper, nursery sound machine, and sleep trainer ideal for babies and children ages zero to eight years old. This can be personalized using the Smart Connect app, wherein relaxing lights and music, sleep and wake periods, and customized routines can be created.

On-screen icons aid children through their bedtime routines with a remote that they can press as they complete their respective tasks for fulfilling rewards. 

The light star color is an indication that it is time to wake up or sleep. It also has a sleep music playlist (Ready, Settle, Sleep) with 20 minutes of sound (which include white noise) and multi-colored music lights that aid the toddler in falling asleep and staying asleep. 

There is also a personalized night light so that children can select the duration and color of the soft-glow light. It can be conveniently mounted to a wall, and it also features a contemporary and clean design that fits your kid’s bedroom. 

Here are the benefits of considering this sleep trainer as one of the bedtime regimens for toddlers:

  • It is sleep expert-approved ready.
  • It aids children throughout their bedtime routine.
  • Children can easily use the remote in marking each task complete as they move along.
  • Entertaining lights and music give your child what they need in their sleep-wake routine.
  • The relaxing soft lights and music establish the scene for a good night’s sleep. As your kid grows, the routine and sleep-training tools aid in the development of healthy sleeping habits.
  • The routine helper’s game-like activity provides children with a sense of ownership over their routine, enabling them to follow through with all the necessary steps. 
  • It helps engage your child’s visual and auditory senses and aids them in their sleep-wake routine. 

Use this as another tool in your toolbox of sleep aids. The Fisher-Price Lumalou Wall-Mounted Routine Sleep Trainer for Children is ideal! Amazon has it!

9. Sleep Training and Alarm Clock for Kids

Toddlers Bedtime Regiments Sleep Training Clock

The Sleep Training and Alarm Clock for Kids is an ideal alarm clock placed in the children’s bedroom. When the clock displays a blue light, this means that your children need to go to bed, and when the clock light appears green, that means they need to wake up.

It also features a thirty-minute countdown period before the kids wake up and when the clock shows yellow light. It also has five adjustable alarm rings along with three soothing natural sounds to help your children sleep peacefully and wake up in a good mood.

It also has eight timers (10, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 150, and 180 minutes) for the nap feature, making it easier to set a nap time during the day without changing the regular alarm settings. 

This toy also features frog-shaped, entertaining, and dynamic facial expressions; a colorful light decoration, concise LCD, time-telling emoticons, and sun/moon icon (moon icon displays if it is time to sleep, while the sun icon shows when it is time to wake up).

Other features include LCD brightness, adjustable volume, child safety lock, 12/24 hour format, snooze, different alarm rings with three volume settings, and intelligent temperature detection, making this sleep training alarm clock extraordinary for children.

Once the alarm rings, you need to press the snooze button above to turn off the alarm immediately. It has ten buttons at the back for various separate functions.

It would help if you also pressed each button to have personalized settings and utilize the child safety lock button to prevent pressing it by mistake. If no buttons are pressed in 30 seconds, the set mode will time out and will go back to normal display mode.   

Here are the benefits of having this alarm clock for your children:

  • It has been updated with five-color soft night light, which allows it to be a gentle companion for your kid, especially when they begin to sleep independently. 
  • It is constructed to aid your children in establishing a regular sleep-wake routine and the concept of time and help parents with their worries. 
  • It is made from durable and child-safe silicone ABS material.

This sleep training clock is a great gift idea for Christmas, Easter or Birthdays! Check it out on!

10. Glow Guards 12″ LED Glowing Duck Stuffed Animal Singing Lullaby

Toddlers Bedtime Regiments Glow Guards Duck Stuffed Animal

The Glow Guards 12;-inch LED Glowing Duck Stuffed Animal Singing Lullaby is regarded as a small yellow duck pillow, wherein the whole of it is wrapped in yellow plush. This stuffed animal pillow’s soles and mouth are orange, soft to the touch, and completely firm. There are a few short hairs above the head to make the stuffed animal appear interesting. 

For battery installation, you can open the battery box located at the toy’s back and install triple-A batteries (not included in the toy). Then, flip the small black button to “on” and place the box back. The button needs to be pressed using your right hand. It will eventually glow then the lights will change to colorful after a few seconds. The 15-minute timer is installed, and when this happens, the LED lights will go out instantly after 15 minutes. 

Glow Guards offers you cute fluffy plush toys with a range of photos like pet animals, wildlife, ocean lives, farm animals, and unicorns. You can ideally select beloved stuffed animals for your kids. When your children sleep alone, the magic LED lights inside will provide them with hours of entertainment as well as a sense of security. 

Aside from this, real people with clear voices often sing the music attached along with the animal toys. The kids can learn how to sing together with their friends as well. The plush toy is made from high-grade factory materials, and all stitches have been properly sewn.

Here are why you should purchase this stuffed animal plush kids pillow:

  • It is an ideal gift for your child (during their birthday, on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other memorable occasions and holidays) and anniversaries.
  • It also serves as an additional accent in a kid’s room. 
  • It provides limitless entertainment. 
  • The toy provides children with a sense of happiness and security and protects your children in the dark. 
  • Customer service is excellent.
  • Highly recommended for children who are three years old and above.
  • The material, which the toy is made, is soft, plush, and environment-friendly.

This cute little yellow ducky does it all; provides a night light, sings a lullaby, and provides sweet security for your little one. Buy one today!