As you help your children study at home or strive to complete their homework, using a magnetic whiteboard makes all the difference! Whether for writing, reading, or art purposes, a magnetic whiteboard offers convenience and ease in teaching and learning.

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And if your kids simply want to doodle, magnetic whiteboards are great, too! Art is a way for kids to express themselves, especially when they hit the age of two! Research has also shown that creative activities such as this stimulate the brain for better learning. So, when you’re starting them young, you are building a brighter future for your kids.

Parents and educators know that art is a vital component of “play” in children and helps them with creative thinking. Many kids are gifted in this area, and some of them are even considered art prodigies who are outstanding artists. With a whiteboard, you’re always ready for when your kids feel like showing off their artistic side!

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Here are our suggested magnetic whiteboards—some of them extremely versatile—for all your kids’ school and art needs! Check out these five products with prices that are posted on Amazon as of publishing.

1. STEAM Life Art Easel for Kids 4-in-1

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Develop the young Rembrandt in them with the STEAM Life Art Easel for Kids 4-in-1. This is a tool designed to satisfy your child’s art cravings. An excellent value for your money, it is an easel that can be used as a chalkboard, magnetic whiteboard, and paper canvasses.

This set also comes with a complete set of letter and number magnets. For smaller kids, this can be a starter tool to teach them how to read the alphabet and numbers. You can add more magnets with animals, plants, or other fun designs to make learning more engaging!

A storage tray is found at the bottom of the tray to hold all magnetic letters, numbers, coloring pencils, whiteboard markers, and erasers. With this multi-functional easel, they can draw or doodle on any canvasses they prefer.  All items found in this set are non-toxic and safe for frequent use. This is also a lightweight and portable easel that can be stowed away in the corner after use. Art doesn’t have to be expensive. Make this purchase for only $39.97.

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2. NextX Kids Adjustable Double Sided Art Easel

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Play and learn with the NextX Kids Adjustable Double-Sided Art Easel. This colorful and vibrant art tool is just the right medium to explore their artistic streak. Kids can choose from two drawing mediums: a traditional chalkboard or a dry magnetic whiteboard. It’s a two-way board, so two or more kids can draw or color on either side.

This tool comes with two storage cups and a small tray for erasers located at the middle bottom portion of the easel. They can use any art tool imaginable such as crayons, pencils, whiteboard markers, color pencils, and chalk. A chalk holder conveniently holds the chalk for them to keep their hands clean and dust-free.

Quickly access the magnetic eraser by placing the back portion of the eraser on the magnetic board. This set also comes with two colorful paper clips to put the paper canvass on the magnetic whiteboard. So, if they feel like going for crayons and pens today, they can easily switch to a paper canvass.

Button-like magnets can be used as an accent to draw with on the whiteboard. If you’re feeling a little extra, you could purchase additional sets of magnets with insects, plants, letters, and number designs on them! It’s an excellent way to get them curious about the world.

The NextX Kids Adjustable Double-Sided Art Easel’s height can also be adjusted according to their comfortable working height. Pave the way to nurture your child’s curiosity to explore, learn, and create with this beautiful art easel!

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3. Little Artists 3-in-1 Standing Easel

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If your kids have a distinctive love for art, start with the Little Artists 3-in-1 Standing Easel.

This minimalist but colorful easel is an excellent starter art tool for young kids. The easel is roughly 3 to 4 feet tall with a full tray firmly attached to the easel’s support.

This set comes with 75 colorful magnetic letters, a collection of rainbow chalk, a chalk eraser, and a pack of 18″ easel paper canvasses. Kids can also use these magnets as accents for their drawings. For a toddler, this is a great learning tool to teach them early on letters and numbers too!

They can scribble, doodle, paint, draw, or learn their numbers and ABCs using this easel! Keep them engaged to write and draw using the whiteboard. Not only will this save you money on paper, but it’s also an excellent board for bored kids staying home over the weekend.

On the other side of the easel is the traditional chalkboard. Using a different canvass helps them explore other drawing tools at their disposal. It’s also an excellent tool to get them to socialize with other kids through collaborative play. By playing alongside other kids, this could be a social tool to build friendships for your kids. Art increases their cognitive skills and imagination. So, they can use their energy to do fun artwork instead of watching cartoons on smart devices. No need to break the bank for this tool. Buy one for your kids today!

Begin with the basics… the Little Artists 3-in-1 Standing Easel is great for the beginner art student in your family!

4. Hape All-in-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel

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Paint, color, doodle, and learn with Hape All-in-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel. Just like creativity, this easel is not bound by a single art canvas. Both sides can be used for scribbling, doodling, drawing, or painting. On one side, it has a magnetic whiteboard canvass. Parents and kids alike will genuinely enjoy learning, writing, or making art fun together to pass the time.

Despite its wooden stand, it’s a sturdy easel that can withstand frequent use. Depending on the child’s preferred working position, you can adjust the height between 37.5 inches to 43.5 inches.

Use the magnets to clip the paper canvass on the magnetic board. Young kids can use paint or color pencils to create their artwork. Use the paint pots provided to place the paints and brushes. If they are not using paint, it can be used to store pencils, crayons, magnets, and other craft materials to make their art more interesting. For a basic painting or drawing tool, this wooden easel is a good buy for your kid’s entertainment.

This easel will grow with your child… The adjustable height is a key feature that makes this an excellent gift for any aged child! Amazon has it!

5. Step2 Easel for Two

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Two can play with this easel! Make creativity borderless with this Step2 Easel for Two. This two-sided easel is an ideal tool to spark creativity and learning for kids. Kids can use the magnetic whiteboard on one side to play with 77 funky foamed letters, numbers, and symbols magnets. Make learning extra fun by incorporating other unique magnets such as plants and animal designs!

Go paperless and have your kids write or draw using the whiteboard. It’s also a cost-efficient board to apply for home-schooled kids. Regular chalkboards can get boring after some time. Be more creative and get an additional set of chalk with fun colors to work with! Now, your kids will find it hard to resist drawing and scribbling on this easel during break time.

The removable storage bins serve as a working tray for placing pencils, crayons, chalks, paint, paintbrushes, and color pencils. A paper clip found on both sides of the easel can be used to clip paper canvasses. It’s a great way to have them explore other ways to draw and color using paints and crayons.  

Unlike most easels, this one is compact and portable. For smaller spaces, this one can be folded and tucked nicely inside a small portion of a cabinet. Purchase this unique easel to explore and share for only $59.98.

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