Traveling with kids can be a challenge, right?

Whether your adventures take you by plane, train, automobile, cruise ship, or another means of transportation, there are always plenty of logistics to manage, which can mean a great deal of either rushing or waiting around. The controlled chaos of a travel itinerary doesn’t always mesh well with the needs and wants of small children, who tend to be short on patience and eager to get up and explore.

Get them involved…

Although a suitcase isn’t going to solve all of your problems, the best kid’s luggage really can help keep children entertained and make them more comfortable even far from home. You’re not just investing in a suitcase, but also in a more pleasant travel companion.

Which suitcase should I buy?

With more than 10,000 kids’ luggage sets on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one you should buy. There are so many factors to consider. It needs to be small enough for a child to comfortably push, pull, or carry, but not so small that it’s not practical for holding anything. All of the kids’ suitcases we ranked among the best meet this standard, and so much more. Some selections are actually fun luggage for kids to tote around! 

Is it functional?

We took into account lots of other factors in deciding which kids’ luggage really stands out from the crowd. Since luggage is primarily a practical purchase, we looked first at functionality. Does the suitcase have the construction, pockets, and zippers necessary to be convenient for parents and kids to open, close, and move?

Does it look cool, cute and stylish?

Next, we gave points for style. So much of what makes a piece of luggage appeal to a child isn’t how it works, but how it looks. Some manufacturers of kids’ suitcases really go all out in creating a look that kids will love, even going so far as to carry that theme through the interior and details like zipper pulls and luggage tags. While there are kids’ luggage pieces that treat style as an afterthought, there are others that integrate the aesthetics directly into the construction of the suitcase. When kids love their luggage, they are much more likely to be excited about using it and vigilant about keeping track of it.

Is it comfortable to carry?

It’s a fact of parenting that when children get uncomfortable, they get cranky. A suitcase that is comfortable to hold, pull, and use can go a long way. When you have a tired toddler in a bustling airport, a suitcase with small wheels that get stuck and prevent turning puts you one step closer to a major meltdown. If a suitcase’s handle doesn’t adjust to a comfortable height, you can bet that, before long, you’ll be the one pulling your kid’s suitcase in addition to your own. Comfort matters, especially for kids.

Is it affordable?

Luggage for grownups isn’t cheap, but you know you’re investing in a piece that will, hopefully, last for years of travel adventures. For kids, you want a quality suitcase – preferably, something that will stand up to the hard use placed on it by children too young to understand the meaning of “be careful” – but you may be hesitant to spend too much money on something they will quickly outgrow, either in terms of size or style. The pieces of luggage that made our final top ten list range from the $30 to $40 price point all the way up to the $200 price point. We awarded points based on the cost itself and on the value the suitcase provides.

Will it help entertain?

Finally, we weighed the features that make each kid’s luggage set or suitcase special. Several kids’ suitcases are innovative solutions that double as something else – a ride-on toy, a scooter, or even an airplane bed for long flights. Others may be “just” luggage, but they incorporate features, like spinner wheels, that make the suitcase more than the sum of its parts.

When it comes to choosing a piece of luggage for your children, you need to make your decision based on your family’s personal situation. One suitcase may be ideal for occasional flights and more frequent overnight trips, while others are worth the cost only if you fly regularly.

Check out our “Things to Consider” section!

Whatever your family’s travel circumstances, these ten pieces of the best kids’ luggage are the top performers on the market and well worth considering. To find the suitcase that’s sure to up your family’s travel game, read on.

1. Yodo Zoo 3-Way Toddler Backpack with Wheels

Yodo Zoo 3-Way Toddler Backpack with Wheels

The adorable, kid-approved animal designs may be the first things you notice about the Yodo Zoo 3-Way Toddler Backpack with Wheels, but it’s far from the only attribute that makes this luggage special. Like many of our top picks for children’s luggage, it does double-duty, this time as a backpack that makes it at once versatile and easy to carry. It’s not just a half-baked gimmick that adds a couple of backpack straps to a traditional trolley, either. The double functionality is fully thought out and carefully executed.

A separate panel contains the backpack straps to prevent them from dangling, tangling, and getting run over, while a wheel cover keeps wheels safe, and safely away from clothing that could get dirty or stained when used in backpack mode. 

What We Love:

  • Yodo Zoo luggage comes with an adjustable, retractable handle for easy pulling, a carry handle for convenient carrying by hand, and, of course, the two backpack-style shoulder straps which fold away inside the padded back panel when using as luggage.
  • Measuring at 11.8 inches x 6.3 inches x 16.9 inches, the soft-sided suitcase is small enough to meet typical carry-on size requirements on planes but roomy enough to hold everything a child needs for a plane trip.
  • A wheel cover pocket helps complete the transformation from luggage to backpack, protecting both the wheels and any clothing the wheels would otherwise come into contact with.
  • The double zipper design and premium-grade zippers with branded pulls make it easier for little hands to open and close the main compartment of the bag as needed.
  • This suitcase performs great in the area of pockets – with a padded quick-access pocket in the front that’s perfect for snacks and must-have toys plus two mesh side pockets.
  • A built-in nametag, well-placed on the back (where it can be easily hidden by the backpack straps) makes for easy labeling without broadcasting your child’s name to strangers in crowded airports.
  • The beautifully designed styles of Yodo Zoo luggage include a dinosaur, an owl, a shark, a unicorn, and a monkey – and once you see the playful detailing, you’ll know why kids love these luggage “pets” so much.
  • With two sizes available, small and medium, you can choose an option that fits your child’s size and needs best.
  • Many reviews praised the quality of the suitcase and its construction as well as its surprisingly spacious interior capacity.
  • As one of the most affordable suitcases on our list, it’s a great value.


Functionality: 98
Style: 99
Comfort: 96
Value:  99
Features: 96

Overall score: 97.6/100

Get your toddler traveling in style with the Yodo Zoo rolling luggage!

2. Skip Hop Zoo Kids “Dog” Rolling Luggage

91p3tfJP0AL. SL1500

The popular Skip Hop Zoo Rolling Luggage line makes it fun for little ones to pull their own luggage. A retractable 13-inch handle is a perfect fit for little arms and hands. This soft-sided bag is suitable as an airplane carry-on – and easy even for preschoolers to roll through the airport – but isn’t too unwieldy to be used for overnight trips and weekend-long road trips, either.

Kids and parents alike will love the detailing that goes into the designs, right down to the coordinating zipper pulls. The dog character also coordinates with other Skip Hop Zoo items, including backpacks, lunch bags, safety harnesses, and water bottles, so it’s easy for parents to cultivate a matching set for all of their child’s travel needs.

What We Love:

  • Skip Hop Zoo Rolling Luggage pieces are real wheeled suitcases complete with a 13-inch telescoping retractable handle for pulling, a carry handle, and an adjustable “parent strap” that you can use to carry the bag over your shoulder or attach it to your own rolling suitcase.
  • This soft-sided suitcase is made of a polyester canvas fabric that’s sturdy, easy to wipe clean, and BPA- and phthalate-free.
  • A convenient front zip pocket and an adjustable side mesh bottle pocket add functionality and allow for convenient access to the items your child needs the most.
  • Measuring at 12.5 inches x 7 inches x 18 inches, the suitcase is small enough to meet carry-on size requirements on planes but roomy enough to hold plenty of contents – as much as a week’s worth of warm-weather clothes, some parents reported.
  • The detailing in the design is excellent, down to the coordinating zipper pulls that make the zippers easy for even the smallest hands to use.
  • Many parents praise the durability of the suitcase, noting that everything from the canvas fabric to the zippers and the retractable handle has held up well under regular use.
  • As one of the most affordable suitcases on our list, it’s a great value.


Functionality: 97
Style: 100
Comfort: 94
Value: 98
Features: 92

Overall score: 96.2/100

Amazon offers this cute little dog design that any girl or boy will love… And, be sure to check out the matching accessories!

3. Rockland Jr. My First Luggage


The name says it all! The Rockland Jr. My First Luggage line of hard-sided suitcases is ideal for children taking their first trip away from home. A polycarbonate and polyester lining makes for a durable exterior and soft interior. Available in eight fun animal-inspired styles, the suitcase has front and back designs with a matching luggage tag and coordinating zipper pulls included.

The lightweight construction, adjustable telescoping handle, and 360-degree swivel wheels make it easy for even the littlest kids to pull their own suitcase. For families that love to coordinate a look, the suitcases match the Rockland Jr. My First Backpack series.

What We Love:

  • The cute cartoony animal styles include a dinosaur, puppy, shark, frog, ladybug, turtle, monkey, and owl. The detailing of the design is excellent, down to the included luggage tag, the easy-to-grip zipper pulls, and the interior fabric lining.
  • Measuring at 17 inches x 13 inches x 11 inches, the suitcase is small enough to meet typical carry-on size requirements on planes, yet parents describe it as very spacious – large enough, for example, to hold up to two weeks’ worth of a kid’s warm-weather clothing.
  • Adjustable handle can be used at heights that suit children and adults, so if kids get tired of pulling the suitcase, parents don’t have to stoop to operate a child-sized handle.
  • Four 360-degree swivel wheels allow for better steering and maneuvering.
  • Inside the suitcase, you will find a zippered interior pocket and elastic cross straps to keep packed contents in place.
  • Polycarbonate external material provides a hard-sided design while remaining lightweight.
  • The double zipper design with fun themed zipper pulls makes it easier for little hands to open and close the main compartment of the bag as needed as well as allowing for the use of luggage locks.
  • As children’s luggage goes, suitcases in the Rockland Jr. My First Luggage line are moderately priced.


Functionality: 94
Style: 98
Comfort: 98
Value: 94
Features: 92

Overall score: 95.2/100

This one is hard-sided – great for durability! Amazon has it!


Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase and Carry-On Luggage

The Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase is part luggage, part ride-on toy – and all fun. The hard-sided wheeled suitcase is big enough to hold toys, games, books, clothes… and your child, on the built-in saddle making this choice one of the best toddler ride on luggage sets available. A secure catch with a lock keeps everything carefully contained. Inside, you will find a soft rubber lining, a secure internal pocket, and elastic straps that keep packed items in place while doubling as a seat belt for that favorite stuffed toy your child just couldn’t leave home without. The wheeled suitcase is versatile, able to be ridden, pushed, pulled, or towed with the included leash or picked up and carried by the two built-in carry handles.

If you don’t do that much traveling, you don’t have to worry that you’re wasting money on a piece of luggage that will spend 95 percent of the time taking up space in a closet. Your child is sure to want to play with the Trunki at home as well as on the go. Families that do use their suitcases often will be relieved to hear that most reviewers found the luggage durable as well as functional. The weight limit is 75 pounds. The Trunki gets our vote for the best toddler ride on luggage!  

What We Love:

  • The Trunki is unique because the suitcase doubles as a ride-on toy that keeps kids entertained even during long waits in the airport.
  • The lightweight plastic construction makes this hard-sided piece of luggage sturdy enough for kids to ride on but light enough for them to pull with ease.
  • The wheeled suitcase comes with a strap for pulling or towing as well as two handles for easy carrying.
  • Measuring at 17.5 inches x 8 inches x 12.2 inches, the suitcase is small enough to meet carry-on size requirements on planes but roomy enough to hold 18 liters of contents.
  • Trunki comes in eight exciting designs, including a tiger, ladybug, bumblebee, dinosaur, unicorn, fire truck, and generic pink and blue options making it fun luggage for kids.
  • The horns of the Trunki can be used to grip and steer the ride-on toy safely, and the built-in saddle design provides comfortable seating for little ones.
  • The secure, locking catch keeps contents inside the suitcase, and the key is safely attached to the pull-strap to ensure it doesn’t get lost.
  • An internal pocket and elastic straps help keep packed items organized and in place.
  • As children’s luggage goes, the Trunki is moderately priced, and its usability as a ride-on toy adds to its value.


Functionality: 93
Comfort: 91
Value: 93
Features: 97

Overall score: 94.8/100

Why don’t they make these for adults? What fun for your toddler!

5. Aerolite MiniMAX Children’s luggage/Backpack with Teddy Holder

Aerolite MiniMAX Childrens Luggage

The Aerolite MiniMAX suitcase/backpack combination offers a more grownup look and packing capacity than Yodo Zoo luggage but keeps the great functionality. An externally adjustable teddy bear harness adds a whimsical aspect to the suitcase that makes it fun for children while maximizing packing space inside the bag. Available in blue and pink, this Aerolite MiniMax children’s luggage has an understated style and is perfect for kids who are becoming – or at least, want to be considered – big boys and big girls, instead of little ones.

Like Yodo’s offering, the Aerolite MiniMAX performs well as both a backpack and a wheeled suitcase, but it has somewhat more souped-up features. Its concealed zipper pocket secures backpack straps when not in use, and the fold-over wheel cover pocket located in the back includes Velcro for a more reliable attachment.

What We Love:

  • Aerolite MiniMAX luggage comes with an adjustable, retractable telescopic handle for easy pulling, carry handles on both the top and the side for convenient carrying by hand and, of course, the two adjustable backpack-style shoulder straps which store securely in a zip pocket when using as luggage.
  • Measuring at 18inches x 14 inches x 8 inches, the soft-sided suitcase is small enough to meet typical carry-on size requirements on planes but roomy enough to hold 30 liters of contents – making it exceptionally spacious for a backpack, holding everything a child needs for a plane trip.
  • An adjustable front pouch serves as a harness ideal for holding teddy bears, other soft toys, or dolls – without taking away from the packing space inside the bag.
  • A wheel cover pocket complete with Velcro helps complete the transformation from luggage to backpack, protecting both the wheels and any clothing the wheels would otherwise come into contact with.
  • The double zipper design with branded pulls makes it easier for little hands to open and close the main compartment of the bag as needed as well as allowing for the use of luggage locks.
  • This suitcase performs great in the area of pockets – with a front mesh pocket for boarding passes or other paperwork, a small zip front pocket, and a medium zip front pocket.
  • The suitcase comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • As one of the most affordable suitcases on our list, it’s a great value.


Functionality: 98
Style: 91
Comfort: 92
Value: 97
Features: 95

Overall score: 94.6/100

Perfect for hauling around a teddy bear or baby doll!

6. Hauptstadtkoffer Luggage

71fWtEkxbwL. AC SL1500

With its modern design and bright colors, Berlin-based startup Hauptstadtkoffer has challenged the boring, same-old luggage scene for adults as well as kids. This Hauptstadtkoffer piece of luggage comes in a mat yellow color, as well as several other great colors. As it may not be suitable for the small toddler, your young child will love the style. It measures 14.57 x 9.45 x 21.65 inches and weighs less than 8 pounds. But it’s not just style that’s garnering the product unanimous 5-star Amazon reviews. Purchasers agree that the hard-sided suitcase is extremely well-made, with a durable yet lightweight ABS + Polycarbonate construction.

The use of four swivel wheels instead of two fixed wheels and a step-adjustable telescopic aluminum handle complete with an ergonomic grip upgrade the feel and functionality of this suitcase, making it easy to maneuver comfortably. Although the style might not be as fun for little kids as some other options on our list, this is a great suitcase that children won’t outgrow just because they reach the age where licensed characters or cartoony animals are no longer “cool.”

What We Love:

  • Hauptstadtkoffer Kids Luggage is wheeled luggage that doesn’t look like a traditional trolley. 
  • Although not as innovative in terms of transforming into a ride-on toy, scooter, or bed, this suitcase boasts some serious features, including an adjustable telescopic handle that locks where you need it. The ergonomic grip handle fits small hands perfectly.
  • A fully lined interior includes an internal zip mesh pocket and elastic cross straps to keep contents securely in place.
  • Four 360-degree swivel wheels allow for better steering and maneuvering.
  • The solid-color designs are timeless, unlike licensed character designs that will quickly go out of fashion when trends change.


Functionality: 96
Style: 92
Comfort: 98
Value:  92
Features: 94

Overall score: 94.4/100

Very sleek and stylish, the Hauptstadtkoffer Luggage is classy and functional. Check out the other colors too… Buy it from Amazon Prime and get free shipping!

7. American Tourister Kids 18” Upright Luggage

American Tourister Kids 18 Upright

One thing every parent knows is that children love having their favorite licensed characters plastered all over, well, everything. There are plenty of suitcases out there featuring licensed characters, but the American Tourister’s Kids 18” Upright Luggage line is our favorite. For one thing, the company makes both hard-sided and soft-sided suitcases to fit a family’s preferences.

The styles available include Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Disney Princesses, Star Wars, and Cars. Both the hard-sided and soft-sided options are a carry-on size for convenience. Features like easy-roll in-line wheels and a push-button retractable handle add to the function of the wheeled suitcase. 

What We Love:

  • Style is everything in this line of licensed suitcases that are perfect for Disney fans. Both hard-sided and soft-sided suitcases come in six designs, among them styles featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Frozen’s Elsa and Anna, the Disney Princesses, Disney-Pixar’s Cars, and R2-D2 from Star Wars.
  • Measuring 18 inches x 13 inches x 8 inches for the hard-sided luggage and 18 inches x 12 inches x 7 inches for the soft-sided luggage, these suitcases are small enough to meet typical carry-on size requirements on planes. Still, parents say they are large enough to hold up to a week’s worth of a kid’s warm-weather clothing.
  • Inside the suitcase, you will find an interior pocket and elastic cross straps to keep packed contents in place.
  • In-line wheels make for easier maneuvering.
  • An easy-to-operate push-button retractable handle is wide for extra comfort and lightweight for easy moving.
  • The double zipper design with branded Disney pulls makes it easier for little hands to open and close the main compartment of the bag as needed as well as allowing for the use of luggage locks.
  • While the price point for soft-sided suitcases is pretty middle-of-the-road, the more expensive hard-sided suitcases are among the pricier options on our ranking list.


Functionality: 96
Style: 97
Comfort: 98
Value: 90
Features: 90

Overall score: 94.2/100

Wouldn’t this be great to take on a Disney Cruise or on your child’s first trip to Disneyworld? Yes… please!

8. Zinc Flyte Scooter Luggage

81%2B0pjvCXGL. AC SL1500

The Zinc Flyte Kid’s Luggage Scooter turns a rolling suitcase into something more: a scooter that will have kids zipping through the airport instead of complaining about long walks and longer waits. Available in a 15″ size, the line of rolling suitcases can accommodate children ages two to four.

Although it’s the fun factor that really makes the Zinc Flyte Kid’s Luggage Scooter stand out, it also gets points for durability, is made with sturdy materials so it will survive the occasional collision. If you have a child that’s into the Cyclops, this may be one of the best kids luggage sets for boys… but, come to think of it, what girl doesn’t love a good Cyclops, too? 

What We Love:

  • A built-in scooter that folds securely into an integrated deck – and won’t fall open at inopportune times – takes full advantage of the wheeled luggage’s potential and makes this suitcase a favorite among kids.
  • The wheeled suitcase can be ridden like a scooter or pulled like traditional luggage with a retractable handle that doubles as a steering system.
  • Measuring t 21.25 inches x 11 inches x 20 inches, the suitcase is small enough to meet carry-on size requirements on planes and store easily in the average overhead compartment.
  • The suitcase boasts a 21-liter capacity, which parents say is large enough for everything kids need during travel, although not enough to stow all clothes and other possessions for the trip.
  • The hard-sided yet squishy exterior is waterproof, scratch-resistant and made with an environmentally friendly PC+ABS material for durability. The frame is made from an alloy containing aluminum and magnesium.
  • An internal pocket and elastic straps help keep packed items organized and in place.
  • On the manufacturer’s website, the product has dozens of positive customer reviews.
  • The innovative luggage design has won recognition and awards from numerous authorities and publications, including the Junior Design Award – Silver, the Made for Mums Toy Award – Silver and the Dad’s Choice Award in 2016.


Functionality: 95
Style: 90
Comfort: 93
Value:  91
Features: 96

Overall score: 93.0/100

A luggage/scooter combination? This takes the kid’s luggage to a whole new level. Get it on Amazon!

9. Disney Pixar Cars Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage

Disney Pixar Cars Rolling Lightning McQueen Luggage

For the biggest little fans of Disney-Pixar’s Cars franchise, this Lightning McQueen suitcase is basically a must-have. Designed in great detail to look like the actual car from the film, the soft-sided wheeled suitcase is sure to please. Although small, parents say it can hold as much as a week’s worth of clothes for little ones without being unwieldy to maneuver – and at a price that won’t break the bank.

True, you pretty much know going in that your child will be playing with it even when not on vacation, but that just means the luggage doubles as a much-loved toy. Although there aren’t a lot of other bells and whistles, sometimes simple is best – especially for kids, who care little about the kind of wheels or handle design and whose active imaginations can more than compensate. This is one of the best kid’s luggage sets for boys.

What We Love:

  • The design that makes this suitcase resemble a three-dimensional Lightning McQueen from the beloved movie Cars is what makes this luggage special.
  • Measuring at 17 inches x 11 inches x 6 inches, this suitcase is lightweight and small enough to meet typical carry-on size requirements on planes.
  • A retractable handle allows children to easily pull the wheeled suitcase and close the handle when not in use.
  • The double zipper design with easy-to-grab zipper pulls makes it easier for little hands to open and close the main compartment of the bag as needed as well as allowing for the use of luggage locks.
  • A front zipper pocket allows for easy access to snacks, toys, and the other items kids need most on their travels.
  • At one of the lowest price points of all of the luggage options on our list, families on a budget can still afford this fun little suitcase.
  • As one of the most affordable suitcases on our list, it’s a great value.


Functionality: 90
Style: 100
Comfort: 92
Value: 96
Features: 85

Overall score: 92.6/100

Vroom! Vroom! Your kiddo will love this one!

10. JetKids BedBox Ride-On Suitcase Bed

JetKids BedBox

If you are looking for a ride on suitcase for a 7 year old, this is it… In fact, it is recommended for ages three to seven. Another double-duty carry-on size suitcase, the JetKids BedBox by Stokke transforms a so-so airplane seat into a comfy bed for in-flight sleep. Whether you’re taking a redeye or just trying to minimize the disruption to routine napping schedules, you can set up the seat extender in seconds with just five easy steps. The top of the luggage comes off and flips over to extend the seat while keeping packed contents securely contained in the bottom.

The BedBox also offers ride-on functionality – and its swivel wheels even improve upon the limited steering capability of the Trunki – but the plain designs leave something to be desired in the style category.  This kid’s luggage set comes in green, blue, and pink. Ultimately, it is the cost that hurts this luggage option the most, with its high-end price point more than double the cost of the next most expensive product on our list. The BedBox is a worthwhile investment if your family takes long flights frequently, but probably not the best option if your air travels tend to be few and far between and of short duration.

What We Love:

  • What stands out about the BedBox is its ability to quickly and easily convert a traditional airplane seat to a child-sized bed, safe for kids ages two and up, thanks to its built-in seat extender and roll-up mattress.
  • The hard-sided wheeled suitcase also functions as a ride-on toy suitable for kids ages three to seven years old.
  • Measuring at 11 inches x 8 inches x 14 inches, the suitcase is small enough to meet typical carry-on size requirements on planes but roomy enough to hold 20 liters of contents – enough to get a child through even a lengthy plane trip.
  • An adjustable strap allows children to pull the wheeled suitcase (or parents to pull their children on the suitcase) and can also be used as a shoulder strap for carrying the suitcase.
  • A set of swivel wheels in the front allows for better steering and maneuvering.
  • The top-opening design means you don’t have to remove items stowed in the body of the suitcase to use the seat extender functionality – they can remain in place, without the danger of falling out or the inconvenience of unpacking and repacking everything.
  • Two sheets of decorative stickers come included with the luggage to allow children some degree of personalization.


Functionality: 93
Style: 83
Comfort: 96
Value: 88
Features: 97

Overall score: 91.4/100

Wow! This could come in handy for those lengthy airplane rides! With Amazon Prime, you can have within two days… before your next flight!

Things to Consider

What is the most durable brand of kid’s luggage sets?

Let’s face it… if a child uses their luggage very much, it MUST be durable. There are many fine products on the market as you can see from our selections for the The 10 Best Luggage Sets For Kids in 2020. In addition, the following brand, GoPlus Kids, includes two pieces… a 18” Carry-On and 12” backpack. With four multi-directional wheels, this comes in a design called “Universe,” which makes a great kids luggage set for little boys. And for the girls, here are two sweet options: “Mermaid” and “Owls.” The backpack portion of this luggage has adjustable shoulder straps. 

What qualities should I look for in the best kid’s luggage?

If you travel often, you realize how important a good suitcase really is. When it comes to kids luggage sets, they may outgrow it before it wears out… if you buy a quality set. If you want one that will last a few years, consider these factors: 

  • Is it durable? Can it hold up to your child’s rigorous activities and treatment? Is it made from strong materials?
  • Is it comfortable for them? Is it ergonomically good for their height when pulling behind them?
  • Is it lightweight so it can be carried easily when necessary?
  • Is it cute? Fashionable? A character design they love?
  • Is there a warranty?
  • Does the set include the size of pieces you need? Do you need a matching backpack? 
  • Does it have the right pockets for treasures, strong zippers so it doesn’t come open, and multi-directional wheels? Would you like two wheels or four?
  • Do you need a “ride-on” like the Trunki?
  • Do you prefer hard-sided or soft-sided luggage?

For a toddler, an 18” is a great size for them to maneuver on their own. For an older child or teenager, a 21-28” piece of luggage is good for travel. The best kid’s luggage on the market today typically has a handle that adjusts between approximately 25-33” to accommodate your child’s growth spurts. 

Which is better for children; Hard-sided or Soft-sided luggage?

There are both types of children’s luggage out there. Hard-sided suitcases are generally more durable; however, you can squeeze a little extra into the soft-sided luggage. Some manufacturers offer their designs in both options; therefore, it is a matter of personal choice! 

What ages are recommended for “ride-on” luggage?

Generally, ride-on luggage is recommended for ages three through seven. Also, the weight limit, for example for the Trunki, is 75 pounds max.

Does my child need their own luggage? What’s the purpose of it?

Perhaps you are wondering why you should even go to the time and expense of buying a kid’s luggage set. The truth is… it’s certainly not necessary. But as we all know, children like to imitate their parents. They like to feel grown up and if you are going on a family vacation, why not let them feel involved by packing a few treasures and an extra set of clothes for the trip? It’s all part of the fun for them! 

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