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Children within the toddler and kindergarten age range are likely to participate in various physical activities, play, and in socialization. Early childhood activities may involve exploring nature, drawing, and collaborative play with other children. It’s also the time where they even start going to school to learn and build relationships with their peers, teachers, parents, and siblings. Today, the shift in the educational landscape has gotten more children to learn through a different lens using technology.

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STEM-related topics such as science and math are best delivered through visual presentations more than just mere words. Some kids are gifted with spatial abilities, an ability where a person understands three-dimensional images and uses them to create solutions. Other children at an early age may do better learning through visuals such as educational videos and movies. Visual explanations could be used as an excellent tool to draw interest in children into the world of science. At an early age, using entertaining but fun toys, such as microscopes and creative workshop sets, could tweak the imagination and enhance problem-solving skills while mini-projectors promote visual learning.

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1. VANKYO Leisure 470 Mini Projector with Synchronize Smart Phone Screen

If you have a 3-year-old, you know the feeling of being nagged continuously to watch their favorite cartoon show. With the Vankyo Leisure 470 Mini Projector for Kids, watching cartoons has never been more convenient!

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For only $149.99, this mini-projector has all the essentials you’ll need to watch movies and other educational videos. Make it exciting and have them watch nature segments and let them discover the world of insects and animals.

Synchronize your Smart Phone Screen device to the projector for easy connectivity. This projector is full HD 1080P supported, has 4000 Lux WiFi Portable Project Compatibility and a 250″ display. This kid’s projector is small and can easily be stored in your bag. In fact, this projector is even good for adults!

This kids’ (or adult’s) movie projector is great for homeschooling, movies, video games, or outdoor activities. Check it out on!

2. Aibecy Mini LED Video Children’s Projector

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Spend the best time with the family indoors or outdoors with Aibecy Mini LED Video Children’s Projector. Learning has never been more fun! When you gather around for a family reunion with the other kids, this projector for kids keeps them entertained watching animal or nature shows. This lovely yellow device is easy on the eyes but packed with the essential things you’ll need to get the right visuals.

Its LED lamp is estimated to last up to 50,000 hours of use. Its lights are warm and don’t sting the eyes. Projection size is measured 15 inches by 80 inches with a 480*320P native resolution, and a sufficient visual dimension to get vibrant visuals. This children’s projector also supports 1080P HD with a built-in speaker for audible sounds.

It’s not limited to children, but adults can use it too! Tune in to your favorite shows or sports using auto, 4:3, and 16:9 aspect ratio. This device is compatible with smartphones, DVD players, laptops, T.V, or USB flash drives. It also supports other formats such as picture videos and music.

At $50.99, this is a portable device you can carry with you wherever you go. You can use non-slip pads or place screws on the bottom if you’re planning to use this in a stationary part of your home.

Interested in this Aibecy Mini LED Video Children’s Projector? Good news! It’s available on Amazon!

3. ROTEK Kids Stories Zoomable Video Projector

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Tell better stories and spend time with your kids watching what you all love best. Reinvent learning at home with ROTEK Kids Stories Zoomable Video Projector. This adorable baby elephant design is attractive and pleasing on the eyes. No Internet? No problem! Load up the TF memory card with his or her favorite cartoons or educational videos to keep them entertained.

With this projector, you can use it to listen to music or watch videos or pictures. It’s generally safer for everyone compared to watching videos using a smartphone or television. Enjoy 720P and 6.7 to 80 inches projection visuals with this compact projector.

Out in the woods? No electricity? For only $58.99, this mini-projector is equipped with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery that can work for 2 hours. What could be a more charming way to spend family time than gathering over bonfire and marshmallows and watching family videos together?

For the price and perks, this ROTEK Kids Stories Zoomable Video Projector is one of the best!

4. FOF Portable Movie Projector for Children

projector 4

The FOF Portable Movie Projector for Children is convenience and entertainment rolled into one. This 0.57 lbs mini-projector fits in your hand just like your smartphone. This children’s movie projector is a compact device that makes for an ideal educational tool to entertain your kids while you go about your task in your home.

Are you always traveling? This gadget can be powered using a power bank. Use a 5V/2A power outlet. This works with various multimedia outlets such as USBs, SD cards, or AV. Connect this projection using your iPhone with an HDMI adapter and MHL or HDMI adapter for your android phone.

Enjoy visuals with its 320X240 pixel resolutions, 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio, and 24-60 inches projection size. Consume less energy with its 10W-24W consumption Bridgelux LED light and get the most of this device with 20,000 hours’ lifetime use. For only $59.99, this would also make a great birthday gift that the whole family will enjoy!

The compact FOF Portable Movie Projector for Children is a great buy on Amazon!

5. Eboxer Mini Projector for Kids

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Learn the fun way with the Eboxer Mini Projector for Kids! Its sleek design comes in blue and pink colors. You can watch videos, listen to music, study, or play games using this device. It supports a 320*240P resolution with a maximum support resolution of 1920*1080 and a projector screen size of 24 to 60 inches. For a compact projector, you get quality and distinct visuals as you watch family-friendly movies while munching on popcorn.

For only $76.69, the Eboxer Mini Projector has a 2W built-in speaker for small rooms or spaces. You can also enjoy listening to music with this gadget! It also uses a 10W LED lamp that can last up to 30,000 hours of use. This works with most media mediums such as a TV box, desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and other HDM enabled devices.

Amazon has it! The Eboxer Projector for Kids is just a click away!

Things to Consider

Does my child need a mini projector or a regular projector? What are the differences?

Besides the obvious, which is in the title… mini refers to the size of the projector. Regular sized projectors are much larger; however, you will get better picture quality and will project images to a larger distance with better resolution.

What size does your child need? That’s easy… try out the mini to see if it will suffice. Typically, images can be projected on a wall from a closer table surface to receive a quality image which makes them great kid’s room projectors. In addition, they are so lightweight and portable, your child will enjoy getting it out, setting it up, operating it, and showing it off. It makes learning fun for them! 

What makes a good quality mini projector?

Choosing an electronic device of any kind can be daunting, but don’t let deciding on a mini projector for your child get you down. Selecting one that is simple to use is usually the best policy if you would like for your child to be able to operate it without your help.

There are a few points to review before you buy:

  • Check the lumens count – to determine brightness; over 500 should suffice for your child’s needs,
  • Check out the resolution – some models support a 1080p resolution but downgrade them to 720p or less. Pay attention to the “native resolution.”
  • Check for a USB connection or other connectivity that you will need.
  • Be sure to read the fine print to determine which selection will fit your desired use. 

What can my child do with a mini projector?

As most children are best educated from visual learning, rest assured purchasing a mini projector will keep them interested. Many math/science related activities can be explored, as well as watching educational videos or movies. (Be sure to check the ways you can connect before purchasing). It’s like a mini TV for kids that can be used as a picture projector or a story projector, as well. Given the opportunity, your child can make their own movies with images and music!

And, let’s face it… technology now is the way of the world. If your child is still too young for a smartphone or an expensive laptop, a mini projector is a great introduction to the world of technology. They can easily learn to operate it and care for it. The portability factor is great for taking it on the go or to a friend’s house.

How do I project quality outdoor movies for a family fun night?

To get a quality picture outdoors, you may want to purchase a regular size projector. Typically, they are much brighter and project a clearer picture. Check out the Epson Home Cinema 2100 1080p 3LCD projector. It has a widescreen full HD 1080p resolution, 2500 white lumens, easy-to-use remote control, and is easy to connect to streaming devices. It’s on Amazon!

What is a “fun and festive” element using projection that my kids will love for the holidays?

If you are looking for a popular story projector “As Seen on TV” product, look no further than the Star Shower Window Wonderland Movie Projector by BulbHead. We’ve all seen them advertised on TV and watch as our children are enamored by the “come to life” images of Santa or dancing skeletons in the window. With the 2-pack option, you can project in more than one window or screen. In addition, you get 6 Halloween and 6 Christmas story projections. You, your kids, and your neighbors will love this! Let the kids help you set it up.

What is the best mini projector for a teenager?

No doubt, teenagers want a mini projector that works well; however, it’s also important that it is small and portable, perhaps to fit in a purse or backpack, and also looks cool. With a weight of 1.04 pounds and measuring in at 2.68 x 2.68 x 4.72 inches (about the size of a soda can), the Anker Nebula Capsule, Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector checks all the boxes. This is a great gift idea for a teenager!

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