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These days, it’s not uncommon to see kids glued to their phones and gadgets playing virtual games. This scenario becomes even more evident during the winter season when the entire family constantly wants the coziness and warmth inside the home…

But there’s no need to make the winter season your reason to be stuck bored in the house!

Keep your entire family active and entertained outdoors by going sledding! Use toboggans or pro sleds for an awesome adventure, settle for the slippery saucers, or grab those Instagram-worthy tubes with quirky designs. Your preference may vary (and your choices many), but nothing beats using high-quality and durable snow sleds for added fun and value. Select the best snow sleds for your family, including your kids!

What are the types and models of snow sleds?

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Not all sleds are created equal. Seriously, you have a myriad of snow sleds out there to suit your design or feature preferences and level of expertise. Snow sleds typically vary in terms of styles and types of materials.

Each type comes with distinct features that allow you to control or maneuver with ease.

  • Hybrids or Sleds. This sled has the characteristics of both a saucer and a toboggan. With more legroom, it can hold up to two people. It also combines the slickness of saucers and the excellent control you have with a toboggan.
  • Saucers. If toboggans are regarded as the mini-vans of sleds, saucers are likened to sports cars. It is circular and can accommodate one person. Saucers provide a more rapid descent than toboggans, and they are typically slick. With or without buffing on a large coat of high-quality “kitchen lubricant,” saucers can be conveniently steered. It gives users limited control because of the design. However, if you are struggling with speed on open hills, saucers are your best option. 
  • Snow Tubes. Sledding enthusiasts highly prefer snow tubes. It is characterized by an inflatable design that offers a more comfortable and safer ride. It is available in a circular form, toboggan, and other all unique shapes in between.
  • Toboggans. Contemporary toboggans are flat-bottomed sleds that are inflatable. Made from plastic material, toboggans accommodate more than two people making it extremely ideal for families or groups. They can be controlled with only a small shift in weight from one side to another and have the full potential to go down the slopes if the weather conditions are not good.
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Want the best snow sleds that your kids can use safely? Here are our top picks for you. Grab yours on Amazon and get ready for the best sledding ever!

1. POCO DIVO Snow Shuttle Ice Sled

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Aside from the stainless steel shims, the durable plastic construction of the POCO DIVO Snow Shuttle Ice Sled makes it a real standout. It is made from high-quality HDPE material that is resistant to extreme hot or cold weather.

Kids will enjoy pulling the rope and handle, and it also pulls children back up the hill or on a quick racer during icier conditions. But there are cases wherein wax is needed, especially if the snow is powdery.

Here are other benefits of the POCO DIVO Snow Shuttle Ice Sled:

  • Shipping is fast.
  • Relatively safe
  • Well-made for kids who are five years old and above
  • Can accommodate adults without worrying about breakage since it can support a total weight of up to 165 lbs

2. Prettywan Snow Sled

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The Prettywan Snow Sled is built from eco-friendly HDPE plastic, and it consists of a two-meter rope, cushion, two handbrakes, and buckles. It is considered a great partner for both children and adults since it is grass-friendly, ski-friendly, and sand-friendly. 

This large snow sled consists of two handles for your kids to have a more convenient grip when the slope becomes steeper, and the speed increases. 

Here are other advantages of using the Prettywan Snow Sled:

  • Durable and wear-resistant during cold winter
  • Resistant to low temperatures and lightweight
  • Has enough space for one adult or two children for you to enjoy your time well with family or friends.
  • No scraping or cutting off your hands due to smooth grip
  • Removable, soft, and comfortable cushion
  • Long, durable rope and thickener
  • Kids’ feet are properly fixed on the sled because of the anti-slip pedal

3. Sled Legs Wearable Snow Sleds

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If you and your kids enjoy sledding, then the Sled Legs Wearable Snow Sleds are definitely for them.  Its simplicity and precision add that your kid can easily control it while enjoying the snow, thereby enabling them to have the most exceptional sled experience.

There are pairs of these snow sleds made from Canada that are fit for riders who are five inches taller and weighing up to 250 pounds, and there are those that are meant for small riders who are between four inches to five inches and weigh up to 125 pounds.

Since these sleds are wearable, kids can easily run up or slide down the slopes and repeat it.  For adults, they can recreate their fun childhood memories without worrying about snow trudging or slipping. 

This snow gear will also make a difference in sports and winter games. That’s because you and your kid’s toes will not be dragged while you are sliding down the slope. This is because your toes can serve as a rudder to aid you in stopping, dragging, or turning for you to have efficient control of your sledding experience.

Since it has a ramp design on molded and rigid interior foam and made from ABS plastic for added leg comfort and support, you and your kid can participate in any holiday snowboarding trick or snow game without experiencing discomfort on the legs or knees.

The rigid foam, which is also used in several vehicle bumpers, is immovable to ensure comfort and security during winter. It also enables you and your kid to be in control of your ride down any snow-covered hill. This can be enjoyed without worrying about lugging back up the hill, and even if it will take you the entire day sledding, enjoyment is not compromised.

Here are some of the benefits of the Sled Legs Wearable Snow Sleds:

  • Wearable, can be easily transported and controlled
  • Fun to ride
  • Comfortable and safe
  • No worrying about injured knees or dragging
  • No difficulty in steering or slowing down to stop

4. Winterial Downhill Inflatable Snow Sled

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The Winterial Downhill Inflatable Snow Sled is made for a stable glide downhill and designed for seamless inflation so that you will be able to use it immediately. It has reliable handles that enable you to have better maneuverability and a secure grip while going down slopes. It has a thick nylon outer cover meant for longer use. Because it is durable and lightweight, this product can effortlessly carry you and your child as you spin, glide, or zoom repeatedly.

The Winterial Downhill Inflatable Snow Sled can be deflated and inflated conveniently for quicker use. It’s durable and easy to us; with the right supervision, your kid can conquer the smooth lanes of Colorado or the tricky slopes of Calgary in Canada through this pair of sleds.

Upgrade your sledding game with your kid as this sled does not absorb bumps than thicker sleds, which can be attributed to its design. If plastic, blow-up, or tube snow sled types aren’t your thing, try the Winterial Downhill Snow Sled for that awesome sledding experience.

Here are some advantages of using the Winterial Downhill Inflatable Snow Sled:

  • Stable structure
  • Lightweight but durable/heavy-duty
  • Firm control and steering
  • Hassle-free deflation and inflation
  • Easy storage
  • Can accommodate at least two people

5. Goplus Wood Sled

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If you are looking for a stable sled made from high-grade materials, then the Goplus Wood Sled is what you should consider buying. This sled is constructed from high-quality fraxinus mandshurica wood, and it also contains steam bent runners and a backrest to prevent it from falling apart or separating.

The steam-bent runners and the backrest are both smooth so that your kid will be able to glide smoothly on any slope.

A red rope is provided, and when the kid is in a sitting position, the direction and track of the sled can be altered if the rope is pulled so that parents can ski with their kids. It also contains a protective bar across skies for injury prevention in children. It also has a strong holding capacity of at least 330 lbs.

The sled also features a high double-slat backrest to offer strong support for children, and its red paint serves as an additional accent, especially when the sled is not in use. Snow is prevented from accumulating as moisture on your child’s clothes thanks to its elevated seating configuration.

The sled’s wooden base with metal fix and vintage design lets your kid smoothly and safely glide. You can add your signature sleigh, too! This sled is also ideal as a gift to your loved ones during the holiday season! Here are the benefits of using the Goplus Wood Sled:

  • Burr-free and smooth; does not hurt your kid’s skin
  • Stable and safe for child use
  • Lightweight; can be easily transported and carried
  • Design is user-friendly
  • Enhanced child-parent interaction
  • Improved winter skiing experience
  • Higher level of support and comfort, especially for children
  • Your kid remains dry due to elevated seating position
  • Assembly and storage are both easy