Monthly Momma
    Monthly Momma

    Hello everyone! Well, spring has sprung, Mother’s Day is almost here, and school will be out in no time… just a few more weeks around here to go. I can already hear the melancholy comments as Claire looks up from her phone, (and to tell the truth, the younger ones, Madison and Beau, are just as bad), the kids will say,

     “I’m so bored!” 

    “What can I do now?” 

    “Will you play with me?”

    “I’ve already played with that!”

    Does any of the above statements sound familiar in your household?

    So, thinking back to when I was a kid, I was constantly bored – and, being an only child probably didn’t help. I continually urged my mom to take me somewhere, play with me, or allow me to have friends over. Don’t get me wrong… being an only child has its advantages, but sometimes a playmate would have been nice, I suppose!

    Fortunately, as I grew older and became a momma myself, I have come to realize that my mother did the best she could to keep me busy and engaged in learning activities that could help me develop many cognitive, social, and life skills needed to succeed in my future. My mother worked as a bookkeeper/secretary for most of her working years. 

    Occasionally, I would end up at work with her for one reason or another and I remember sitting at her desk pretending to answer the phone and do “work stuff.” I often would run the calculator as she would without looking at the keypad because I was amazed at how she could do that without making a mistake (except my figures were not accurate, just pretend). I enjoyed striking those keys and hearing the sound of it click away and then rip off the calculator tape as she did. I got to use the big stapler, too!

    Pretend play is an important part of a child’s development. Although I never had any aspirations of becoming a secretary, I saw how mom performed her job well and proudly. Thanks to her she instilled a work ethic in me that I still follow today as I run my own business as a hairstylist, applying the same principles.

    Since pretend is so important, the team at has compiled a list of toys that your child will surely enjoy. They are based on everyday activities that parents do while caring for their kids. These are particularly relevant now since so many parents are still working from home.

    As you work, let them “help” you do the household chores! Take a look at our choices for “The 5 Best Toys for Kids that want to Imitate their Parents.” These cute toys make everyday, mundane activities look fun! 

    If your child is still hollering that they are bored, we have also compiled a list of “20 Stimulating Products to Buy for a Bored Child.” These activities are fun for all ages, and… should keep them busy for a while. They foster creativity and perceptual skills, as well as imagination and physical activity. 

    Are you planning a road trip soon? Although, keeping children occupied can be a challenge, often a day trip to an amusement park or museum can get everyone rejuvenated and back on track. If you need a few suggestions, we have a compilation of “51 Best Museums for Kids in Each State.” Hopefully, you can find one that is close by, or at the very least, within a day’s drive from your home. Oh, and don’t forget to ask Grandparents to tag along!

    As you allow your children to imitate you, remember that it is a good thing. (Well… most of the time.) As I reflect on this upcoming Mother’s Day, I hope Mom realizes how much of a positive influence she has been in my life. I’ll be sure to remind her… or, she will remind me! Happy Mother’s day to everyone!

    Blessings to all,
    Britt Lynn