As your kids get older and more involved in sports and after school activities, it becomes more important for them to have a phone. It will allow them to keep you informed on where they are, so you can make sure that they are safe. It can also help give you and your child peace of mind in case of an emergency when they are at school or hanging out with friends.

We looked for phones that were easy to use and were durable. We know that kids are hard on technology, and buying new ones can become expensive, so we made sure only to include phones that can withstand a lot.

Kids Cell Phones

Another benefit of buying your kid a phone is that it teaches them responsibility. They have to be able to be careful with it, so it doesn’t break, and they also have to keep track of it when they leave the house.

An additional benefit of giving your child a phone can also help them keep in touch with their friends. This is an obvious benefit, but at the end of the day, it is essential to have strong friendships during childhood. You will still be able to monitor their conversations by occasionally checking their messages.

The criteria that we used when picking these phones were simple, yet important:
• Durability
• Safety
• Simplicity

1. VTech KidiBuzz Phone

Cell Phone for Kids VTech KidiBuzz

This phone is the ideal first phone for younger children. The VTech KidiBuzz Phone has some of the latest smartphone technology, but it is still effortless to use. You can enable parental controls that will allow you the ability to approve contacts before your children even start talking to people.

There is also a decent camera for your children to use on family vacations or taking silly selfies with friends. It also comes with 8 – 40 GB of storage, which is a great amount of room for them to download some of the 40 different educational games in the app store.

Quick Facts:

• This phone has parental controls that will allow you to approve contacts before your kids call or text them.
• This phone was made for kids ages 4-9 years old.
• There are over 40 educational games in the app store.
• This phone is a very reasonable price.
• This phone is very sturdy and is made with a shatter safe screen.


• We can’t think of any because this is a great phone!

Choose a “first” phone for your child that will fit their needs! Amazon offers this phone at an exceptional value!

2. Nokia 3V TA-1182

Kids Phone Nokia 3V TA-1182

The Nokia 3V is a smartphone but comes with a very affordable price tag, which is suitable for children. It has a touch screen and this is an excellent first phone because there aren’t too many overwhelming features. With its 1520 x 720 resolution, you can watch videos with clarity. With fast connectivity, your child can use it to do a quick look-up for school, or connect with their friends on social media.

Do they like to take selfies? If so, this one has a quality camera, rear and front facing, for pictures and video. What’s the best part about this phone? The affordability!

Quick Facts:

• This phone is very inexpensive.
• It is also effortless to use.


• This phone may be too advanced for the younger kiddos.

Perfect for school-aged children that need quick access to the internet. Also a great first smartphone!

3. BLU Tank ll T193

Cell Phone for Kids BLU Tank ll T193

This BLU Tank II T 193 phone is perfect to give your children to use in case of an emergency. It’s inexpensive and can be found in many different stores. It’s not a phone that you would get for a kid that wants to play games or surf the web because it doesn’t have WI-FI.

It does have a camera, but you will have to purchase a microSD card if you want them to be able to save pictures. The MicroSD card will also allow you to download some of your kid’s favorite songs as there is an MP3 feature.

Quick Facts:

• This is a very inexpensive phone.
• The buttons are simple to use.
• There are not too many features.
• It is a small phone that is comfortable and easy for kids to use.


• It doesn’t have WI-FI capabilities.

With an extra purchase of a microSD card, your child can take pictures and save them for later!

4. Nokia 6.1

Cell Phone for Kids Nokia 6.1

The Nokia 6.1 is made with the latest smartphone technology. We recommend this phone for older kids because they will have so much freedom at their fingertips. It is also a little more complicated than some of the other phones on this list. Your kids will be able to enjoy their favorite TV shows on a 5.5” full HD screen, which could make traveling long distances a little easier.

There is 256GB of storage to make sure that they can save their pictures, music, and apps. They will be able to capture memories with the 16MP camera with a 27mm wide-angle camera. Overall this is an excellent phone for older kids, and it will last them a long time.

Quick Facts:

• This phone is made with very durable aluminum.
• There are so many features that make this much more than just a device for calling.
• Your children will have access to one of the best app stores on the market with many great apps to choose from.


• This phone is more expensive than others on this list.

This one is great to take along on a road trip! Who has the best deal?

5. Tracfone ZTE Blade T2 Lite 4G LTE Prepaid

Cell Phone for Kids Tracfone ZTE Blade T2 Lite 4G LTE Prepaid

This phone has 16GB of storage already built into it, and it can be boosted to 256 with a microSDXC card. The battery of this phone will last them all day, so you won’t have to worry about their battery dying and not being able to call if there is an emergency.

The TracFone ZTE Blade has a beautiful 5” display that will make using this phone more enjoyable. Your kids will have access to hundreds of apps to choose from in the app store. The 5MP camera is a fantastic value for the price of the phone.

Quick Facts:

• There is already a good amount of storage on this phone.
• The battery life is fantastic and will last them all day.
• It has all of the capabilities of a top of the line smartphone without the price.
• The camera is 5MP.


• We can’t think of any because this is a great phone!

6. Jitterbug Easy-to-Use Phone

Kid Phones Jitterbug Easy-to-Use Phone

The Jitterbug is marketed towards elders, but honestly, it is a great choice for young children to use in case of an emergency. The buttons are large and easy to press, so even really young children will be able to use them. They also have a voice dial, which is an added feature.

This phone will be able to fit in a pocket easily, so your kids will be able to have it with them at all times. It is very durable as well, which is suitable for very young children.

Quick Facts:

• This phone has large buttons, which makes it simple to use.
• It also has voice-activated calling.
• Will easily fit in a pocket.
• It is easy to find in stores.


• It only comes in two colors.
• It is a little more expensive than other phones with similar features.

Young children, as well as older adults, enjoy the simple functions of this phone.

7. LG Exalt LTE

Cell Phone for Kids LG Exalt LTE

The LG Exalt LTE is a great flip phone that you can give to your child as a first phone. It has a very minimalist design, but that’s part of what makes this phone great. The screen is protected by the flip top of the phone that is made out of a very durable material that will prevent it from being scratched up.

There is a text-to-speech option that makes it helpful for children that can’t read yet but still need to be able to contact someone in case of an emergency. Overall this a great phone that can be very beneficial for young children that have after-school activities or practices to go to.

Quick Facts:

• Made with durable material that is suitable for small children.
• Text-to-speech is helpful for visually impaired children or children that can’t read yet.
• The buttons are big and simple to use.


• Not really for older kids looking for a phone that has a lot of features.

Simple, yet functional… For your peace of mind, get a phone for your youngster so you can keep up with them!

8. Motorola Moto E4

Kids Phone Motorola Moto E4

The Motorola Moto E4 has a beautiful max vision display. It is 720 X 1440 pixels, which is one of the very best displays you can get on a phone for this price. It has all of the features of a smartphone without the expense. Your children will be able to choose from hundreds of apps in one of the biggest app stores on the market. It also has a nice camera and comes with 16GB of built-in storage.

This is the perfect phone for older children that want a smartphone.

Quick Facts:

• This phone is straightforward to use.
• There are hundreds of apps to choose from in the app store.
• Great display, which makes viewing videos or TV shows more fun.


• It isn’t a good choice for younger children.

Great phone at a great price!

9. iPhone 12


The iPhone is one of the most popular phones, and for a good reason. The graphics are amazing, and it has one of the greatest cameras that you can find on a smartphone. They are also one of the fastest phones on the market. The screens are water-resistant, which makes it an excellent choice for kids that are accident-prone around liquids.

A unique feature of iPhone’s is that they have family sharing, so you can buy apps on your phone and allow your kids to use them too. This will help monitor what apps they have on their phone. We recommend this phone for responsible kids and teens because they will not be disappointed.

Quick Facts:

• The iPhone 8 is very durable and will last your child for a long time.
• The iPhone 8 has great battery life.
• The camera takes excellent pictures.
• You will be able to track their location.


• The iPhone is more expensive than other phones on this list.
• Your kids will have full access to the internet.

Did you know you could buy an iPhone from Amazon?

10. Samsung Galaxy A10e

Kids Cell Phones Samsung Galaxy A10e

The Samsung Galaxy A10e has a beautiful edge-to-edge infinity display that can’t be beaten. It makes watching things on this phone an absolute delight. The all-day battery life makes the whole experience so much better because you never need to worry that their phone will die during the day.

The 32 GB of built-in memory is perfect for kids that like to take a lot of pictures or have a lot of music on their phone. This phone is straightforward, and older kids will be so excited if you get this phone for them.

Quick Facts:

• This phone has a beautiful edge to edge display.
• This phone gets 23 hours of talk time, so you won’t have to worry about battery life.
• The camera takes fantastic pictures.


• It is more expensive than other phones on this list.

Why not spend a little more and get a phone that will grow with your child?!?