Written by Britt Lynn

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These areas of study give us the tools we need for some of the coolest jobs in the world. Ever wanted to build robots, go to the moon, work with whales, build bridges, code video games, or dig up dinosaurs? STEM makes all these possible; there is no end to the discoveries, inventions, and projects geared towards science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


Guide to STEM Science

Science Experiments for Kids – Science is more than theory; it’s all about understanding how the world works, and the best way to learn is through experimentation.

Marine Biology: The Living Oceans – Our oceans are still largely unexplored, and scientists make new discoveries all the time. It’s a great branch of science for students who love animals, adventure, and exploration.

Prehistoric Animals – Paleontologists study ancient animals, like dinosaurs! They use a variety of tools to literally dig up the past, work with artists to figure out what these animals might’ve looked like, and get to tell their friends they work with dinosaurs for a living.

Meteorology Facts for Kids – Meteorologists study the weather, and they’re some of the only adults who get to predict the future as part of their job. These scientists study everything from how snowflakes are formed to the power of tornadoes and hurricanes.

NASA Kids’ Club – Astronomers, astronauts, and literal rocket scientists help us see the world beyond our own atmosphere. Even if you can’t go to space camp, you can join NASA’s Kids’ Club to start your education as a young astronomer today.

Plant and Botany Activities – Botanists study plants. They learn about the algae in the ocean that produce oxygen for us to breathe, how plants move, and much more. Learn a little about how surprisingly cool the plants in your backyard really are with these at-home experiments.

Modern Medicine – The human body is awesome, and doctors use a lot of science in modern medicine to examine, diagnose, and treat patients. If you want to be a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, etc. STEM is essential.

Amazing Animal Facts – Lots of scientists work with animals, and zoologists specialize in the study of animals. How much do you know about your favorite animals?


Guide to STEM Technology

Make a Robot – You may not be able to make a droid from your favorite science fiction show yet, but you can make your own robot!

Easy Robotics Projects for Kids – One robot not enough? It probably isn’t. This resource offers multiple robot blueprints for robots that perform different actions.

How to Make a Potato Clock – What do potatoes have to do with clocks? Try this experiment to find out.

How to Build a Flashlight – Having a light ready whenever you want it makes life a lot easier. This tutorial guides you through making your own.

Code with Star Wars – Want to build a galaxy with code? Check out this tutorial game to learn coding basics!

Lemon Battery – When life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade, which is nice. You can also make a battery, which is a pretty cool project.

Build a Circuit – Master electricity by building your very first electric circuit. This is the basis for nearly every machine in your house.

Technology Over Time – The best way to see how quickly technology changes throughout history is to try a little time travel. Use this interactive overview to see how quickly science changes daily activities.


Guide to STEM Engineering

Building Art: Gargoyles and Grotesques – What are the scary things living on the side of old buildings? Why do some of them spit when it rains? Learn all about these strange pieces of art and what they have to do with engineering.

Questioneering: An Engineering Trivia Game – How much do you know about engineering and technology? Test your knowledge and compete with other players from around the world.

Cargo Bridge – Build bridges to help cargo vehicles safely navigate to their destinations in this interactive online game.

Engineering Jobs – Discover how many different kinds of engineers there are, what they do, and how you can become one yourself. There are so many different STEM careers for kids to choose from.

3 New Ways to Engineer Your Own Fort – Move up from a pillow fort and try these creative ideas to make your own space.

Catapults for Kids – Once used for medieval warfare between knights and castles, today a catapult is a great way to launch eggs, tennis balls, and dolls that don’t play well with others. They’re easier to build than you think, and it’s always fun to make things fly.

Rube Goldberg Challenges and Ideas – A Rube Goldberg machine performs a very simple task in the most complicated way imaginable. Make one out of things around the house and see if you can beat popular challenges.


Guide to STEM Math

Math Games by Grade – Need to make math more fun? These games will help. Just pick the subject or grade, and you’ll have a choice of fun, online games, and fun stuff for kids to make learning a lot more interesting.

Dino Park Division – Division has never been so deadly. Dinosaurs are here to interrupt your math homework in this online game.

Cat Wars – Become a cat and use math to defeat your enemies in this clever game. You’ll get to practice math at the same time, which is a bonus.

Candy Shop Arrays – Sweets make everything better. In this simple game, players get to work with candy online to fulfill the narrator’s requests.

Classic Mines – Players use math, logic, and puzzle-solving skills to navigate the map without triggering a mine.

Fraction Games – This collection of games helps you master fractions by playing with food, working out puzzles, and enjoying arcade-style games.