Few toys are as universal as stuffed animals. Stuffies, lovies, plushies … whatever you call them, these soft and funny, comforting toys can be as tiny as a few inches tall or can tower over kids, stretching upward for foot after foot. Some of the best plush toys are simple and affordable, while others are high-tech animated and interactive stuffed animals that sing, dance, or laugh.

The best stuffed animals can teach children about the natural world around them or encourage them to dig deep into their creativity to develop their own imaginary world. High end stuffed animals are suitable for girls, boys, and teens.

Popular stuffed animals aren’t just for play. Having a favorite stuffed animal (or two, or two dozen) is actually beneficial to your child’s development in many ways. From easing separation anxiety to learning social skills through playing pretend, these soft, squeezable, and cool toys do it all, often acting as your child’s first friend.

Not all stuffed animals for kids are equally cute, cozy, safe, or worth their purchase price. It is important for parents, especially parents of infants and toddlers, to be aware of potential safety hazards and to wait to introduce stuffed toys to their child until it is safe to do so. High quality stuffed animals, those with sewn eyes and mouth, are particularly important for babies.

When you first get your child a plush toy, you want it to be cozy and comfortable, especially since stuffed animals can help kids sleep better. If you are a parent seeking children’s stuffed animals, you should know that you want to choose a collection that uses high-quality materials and offers enough variety that you can find something that fits your child’s interests and personality.

best stuffed animals

Practical considerations are important, too – like how widely available the best plushes are and if the value lives up to the price tag.

Every option on our best stuffed animals for kids list has been comprehensively evaluated and determined to be among the safest, cutest, most comfortable, best-made, high end, funny, softest, and most affordable plush toy choices on the market.

Our list includes companies that take pride in bringing you the best stuffed animal brands with the cutest stuffed animals ever!

Check out our “Things to Consider” section!


best stuffed animals Aurora Flopsies

Some of the most beloved stuffed toys out there is part of Aurora World’s expansive Flopsies line. Hundreds of different animals come in three sizes: an 8” mini size, the 12” regular size, and a 27” long supersize.

The most popular plush toys in Aurora’s Flopsies lineup, like a Siberian Husky named Shadow, Goldie the Labrador, and a plush llama, each have hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon. Animal themed kids stuff toys are great stuffed animals for girls or boys.

Other favorites from the Flopsies collection include a moose, a penguin named Penny, a calico cat called Esmeralda, and a cat with black and white markings named Oreo, each of which has been praised by hundreds of purchasers.

The unique design of Aurora World’s Flopsies stuffed animals – a soft plush body with bean-filled limbs – is what allows them to “flop” for the perfect posable position for cuddling.

Their adorable designs with realistic styling and colors, their soft and cozy feel, and of course the sheer array of types of animals in the collection mean there’s an ideal Flopsie stuffed toy for every child.

what we love

  • An extra soft plush body is ideal for cuddling with, while the bean filling in the limbs allow for the “floppy” positioning that gives these stuffed toys their name.
  • For your child’s safety, bean filling is double-bagged to prevent rips and spills, and the eyes and noses are attached using lock-washers that are more secure than simply sewing them on with a needle.
  • The cute, soft plush toys are recommended for ages three through 15.
  • Available in three sizes, making Flopsies perfect options for travel, cuddling, and lounging.
  • The huge variety of Flopsies stuffed animals available includes wild animals, farm animals, marine animals, and pets.
  • Prices for the medium and small sizes are reasonable, with 12” toys typically costing around $14.75 and 8” toys costing $6 to $8. Some toys are available in bundle packs that can save the purchaser money, as well.
  • Made by a global company with more than three decades of experience making toys.
  • No batteries needed or mechanisms to malfunction.
  • Surface-washable and air dry.


  • Cute factor: 98/100
  • Comfort: 98/100
  • Quality of Materials: 99/100
  • Cost: 96/100
  • Availability: 98/100

Overall score: 98/100

Check out Aurora’s selection of stuffed pets on Shadow, the Siberian Husky, is a fan favorite! 


best stuffed animals Flappy The Elephant

The number-one best-selling stuffed animal on Amazon, Flappy the Elephant is no ordinary plush toy. This interactive stuffed animal elephant sings, plays peek-a-boo, and flaps its ears.

The more than 2,330 glowing reviews left by Amazon customers consistently refer to Flappy as one of the cutest toys purchasers have ever seen. It’s no wonder that this toy has won multiple awards in recent years from organizations like Creative Child Magazine and the Tillywig Toy Awards.

If you’re looking for a stuffed animal that’s truly something special but doesn’t break the bank – especially for children who love elephants – this is it.

Many parents want to know which toy is the best stuffed animal for baby to sleep with. Although Flappy the Elephant has embroidered eyes, he appears to be safe for sleepy time; however, babies should not be allowed to have stuffed toys of any kind in their crib until they are able to control their neck and overall body movements.

what we love

  • Purchasers praised the adorable appearance and interactive features of the toy and found it even better than what they expected.
  • Animated toy speaks, sings, and flaps its ears.
  • Interactive games of peek-a-boo are sure to amuse your baby or toddler.
  • The embroidered detailing, in place of plastic or button eyes that could pose a choking hazard, make this toy safe for even the youngest babies. The fun interactive features make it a hit even with toddlers and, purchasers reported, Flappy is likely to make all ages smile.
  • Premium-quality soft polyester plush makes Flappy a cuddly and huggable new friend for your child.
  • Surface-washable and air dry.
  • Lightweight for even small hands to hold.
  • An alternate version, Flora the Bunny, is also available, though its popularity pales in comparison to that of Flappy the Elephant.


  • Cute factor: 99/100
  • Comfort: 98/100
  • Quality of Materials: 93/100
  • Cost: 93/100
  • Availability: 98/100

Overall score: 96/100

What’s your child’s favorite animal at the zoo? The Elephant?… then Flappy will keep them entertained for hours… and he’s snuggly, too!


best stuffed animals Treehouse Animals

To kids, there’s no such thing as enough stuffed animals (though parents might beg to differ!). A multi-piece set like Unipak’s Plush Treehouse With Animals is a great buy that gives you more for your money.

The 12” plush tree stump is home to five adorable and huggable stuffed animals, each measuring 6” to 7” tall: a fox, a chipmunk, a raccoon, a black bear, and a bird; each one a soft and huggable stuffed animal.

With many animal toys for kids in this set, children can learn to share their toys with each other, create imaginary scenarios and perhaps even learn the behaviors of these animals in the wild.

The PVC pellets that fill the forest-dwelling animals could pose a choking hazard to the youngest children but are considered safe for the product to be recommended for ages 3 and up.

Children find so many ways to play with this toy, with younger users finding fun in taking the animals out of the holes and replacing them again and older children using their imaginations to act out scenarios with the five stuffed animals.

At just $29 for the stump and all five adorable stuffed animals, this fun set is a great buy your kids will love.

Pros and Cons

  • Instead of just one stuffed animal, this set comes with a treehouse “home” for a collection of five adorable plush woodland creatures.
  • A handle attached to the tree stump makes for easy carrying.
  • Measuring at 6” to 7”, the five stuffed animals are a great size for little ones – not too little, but still compact and easy to hold.
  • Both the tree itself and the animals are soft and cuddly, and buyers describe the material for the tree as a “velvety, thick” and sturdy plush fabric.
  • No batteries needed or mechanisms to malfunction.
  • The $29 price point is very reasonable for all six pieces.


  • Cute factor: 99/100
  • Comfort: 90/100
  • Quality of Materials: 92/100
  • Cost: 98/100
  • Availability: 99/100

Overall score: 96/100

How cute is this!?! Your little one will enjoy these five critters and their fancy treehouse. Order it from Amazon today!


best stuffed animals Giant Giraffe

For a stuffed toy that’s really over-the-top, you can’t beat Melissa & Doug’s Jumbo line of lifelike plush animals. Ranging from nearly 2’ to more than 4’ tall, these stuffed toys are as huggable as they are massive.

The most popular animal in the collection is the giant giraffe, which has more than 1,660 positive customer reviews. Other favorites among the dozens of different animals represented include the giant sea turtle, the giant shark, and the giant golden retriever.

These are really cool stuffed animals! They are perfect stuffed animals for teens! These beautiful stuffed animals are made to last, handcrafted out of a wireframe that allows it to stand on its own and they are covered with a soft polyester fabric.

Children and adults alike love dressing the giraffe up and “playing pretend” with the huge stuffed animal, so despite being a low-tech toy, it is great for nurturing creativity.

what we love

  • These giant stuffed animals are a definite statement piece, with the largest animals measuring over 4’ tall. Your kid’s bedroom or playroom will never look the same again!
  • With dozens of different animals in the jumbo lineup, ranging from zoo animals to marine life to pets and even fantasy creatures, you are sure to find an option that fits your kid’s interests perfectly.
  • Intended for ages 3 and up, but it’s clear from the customer reviews, and especially customer images of the product, that grownups are having as much fun with this giant stuffed animal as the kids are.
  • These jumbo stuffed toys are handcrafted with quality materials that include a soft polyester surface fabric and a wireframe construction for the legs.
  • The responsive seller stands behind its product with a 100 percent guarantee, and some purchasers who originally posted negative reviews updated their feedback, praising Melissa & Doug’s customer service.
  • Made by a company with more than three decades of experience of crafting toys meant to stimulate imagination and creativity.
  • For most models, no batteries are needed or mechanisms to malfunction.
  • Surface-washable and air dry.


  • Cute factor: 99/100
  • Comfort: 96/100
  • Quality of Materials: 97/100
  • Cost: 86/100
  • Availability: 95/100

Overall score: 95/100

If you’re looking for that “statement piece” for your child’s room… or would just like a cuddly critter pal, the Melissa & Doug Jumbo Stuffed Animal is the one for you!



There’s no stuffed toy more classic than a teddy bear and teddy bears have always been considered as the cutest stuffed animals in the world, aside from being among the first stuffed animals.

There’s no stuffed toy more classic than a teddy bear. It’s hard to imagine anyone more qualified to perfect this stuffed toy archetype than GUND, a toy company with more than 120 years of experience and one of the best stuffed animal companies for making soft toys for kids.

Among the best-selling and consistently highest rated of these plush toys is the GUND Slumbers Teddy Bear. The 17” bear is the perfect size for little ones to sleep with, and buyers had reported that even adults loved the comfort of this big, soft classic stuffed toy.

Your child will love the premium-quality soft and silky plush, the detailed coloring, and paw pads, as well as the huggable, squeezable filling. These are perfect stuffed animals for toddlers to tote around!

If Slumbers doesn’t seem quite up your kid’s alley, GUND makes dozens of other teddy bears that might be. The Toothpick Teddy Bear has the same huggable softness and quality, but his toothpick-thin limbs put a unique twist on the expected bear shape.

The Philbin Teddy Bear, available in three sizes ranging from 12” to 29” tall, is another fan favorite.  If you’re looking for an interactive stuffed toy, check out the GUND Peek-A-Boo Teddy Bear Animated Stuffed Animal, with an attached blanket that can be personalized with your child’s name.

what we love

  • Softest stuffed animals that easily become well-loved friends and companions of children ages one to five. Even adults reported loving their GUND bears!
  • In hundreds of positive reviews for each different bear in the GUND collection, customers consistently describe the bear as well-made and the materials as high-quality.
  • Numerous styles of teddy bears to choose from, each with different markings, coloring, sizes, features, and designs.
  • Made by a well-established and trusted toy company with more than 120 years of experience.
  • For most models, no batteries are needed or mechanisms to malfunction.
  • Some interactive options available if you’re looking for something more from your child’s plush toy.
  • Surface-washable and air dry.


  • Cute factor: 95/100
  • Comfort: 98/100
  • Quality of Materials: 93/100
  • Cost: 88/100
  • Availability: 94/100

Overall score: 94/100

Perhaps one of the most trusted names in stuffed toys, Gund makes a quality product that your child will have for a very long time. “Slumbers” will help your kid fall asleep with security!


best stuffed animals Lil Benny Phant

There’s just something about elephants that makes them irresistibly cute and funny stuffed animals for kids and adults alike. The perfect elephant for your little one is the Lil Benny Phant by Aurora World. Sitting 9” tall and wearing an expression consistently described as “endearing” on its adorable little face, this simple stuffed toy has become one of the best-selling cute animals on Amazon.

More than 960 purchasers have written positive reviews of this little elephant, eager to share how their children squealed and screamed with delight upon seeing the charming toy. Adults, too, praised the elephant for helping them cope with stress and anxiety.

what we love

  • A buttery-soft fabric exterior surrounding squeezable plush filling makes this elephant the perfect toy to stroke, hug, and cuddle.
  • Available in gray, mint green, pink, and blue, there’s an option to please every kid.
  • At 9” high in its seated position, Benny lives up to his “Little” name but is still big enough to snuggle and hug.
  • Mixed fabrics add dimension and interest to the look of the plush toy.
  • Purchasers and the children who received the stuffed toy raved about the lovable look on the elephant’s face.
  • Recommended for ages three to 15, but as the customer reviews prove, people of all ages love the item.
  • In the $10 to $15 ballpark, the item fits into a moderate price point, especially as a best stuffed animal for toddlers. If they get lost, they are easily replaceable for this price.
  • No batteries needed or mechanisms to malfunction.


  • Cute factor: 99/100
  • Comfort: 95/100
  • Quality of Materials: 91/100
  • Cost: 92/100
  • Availability: 93/100

Overall score: 94/100

Lil Benny Phant comes in several colors to choose from, making this a great gift for a little boy or girl for a special birthday or a baby shower!


best stuffed animals Three Toed Sloth

For Wild Republic, creating stuffed toys that represent an array of animal species isn’t just a coincidence or a marketing choice. For 40+ years, the Ohio-based international company has focused on producing nature-related toys, gifts, and souvenirs with the intention of getting children interested in learning about the real-life versions of the animals.

While you can buy Wild Republic stuffed toys from stores and online retailers like Amazon, they’re often found in the gift shops at zoos and aquariums.

Among the more than 660 stuffed animals produced by Wild Republic, the Cuddlekin Three-Toed Sloth is perhaps the most widely loved, has garnered glowing reviews from more than 1,470 happy customers, though the larger Jumbo Wolf Plush has more than 950 positive customer reviews, as well. Check out one of the best stuffed bunny rabbits you will ever see!

To better serve the company’s mission of educating children, the animals have realistic detailing in their paws, claws, and markings. Buyers reported that the high-quality synthetic polyester fiber was soft and the filling appealingly squeezable, though some body parts of some animals are filled with pellets to add weight and make the stuffed toys more lifelike.

what we love

  • Realistic detailing is not just aesthetically pleasing but also educational so that your children can learn about animals as they play.
  • Wild Republic makes hundreds of different stuffed toys that represent different animals and come in 5”, 8”, 12”, 15”, 25” and 30” sizes, so your options from this longstanding toy brand are almost endless.
  • In case you’re afraid that the toys are educational only, you should know that customers love the super soft plush and filling soft enough to comfortably use the larger stuffed toys as pillows.
  • Prices are surprisingly reasonable, with list prices on Wild Republic’s website of $5.99 for 5,” $9.99 for 8” and $16.99 for 12” toys. The priciest stuffed toys are the massive 30” ones, listed at $59.99.
  • No batteries needed or mechanisms to malfunction.
  • Surface-washable and air dry.


  • Cute factor: 99/100
  • Comfort: 89/100
  • Quality of Materials: 89/100
  • Cost: 93/100
  • Availability: 96/100

Overall score: 93/100

Who doesn’t love a Three-Toed Sloth? They just exude a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Buy one, (a stuffed one, of course), on A perfect animal for your little one to imitate at bedtime!


best stuffed animals Fingerlings HUGS

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because you might know it as a toy not related to stuffed animals at all. Fingerlings started out as interactive baby animals made of plastic that were just the size to fit on a child’s fingers.

These tiny toys were all the rage during the 2017 holiday season, but now, manufacturer WowWee is onto bigger things: Fingerlings Hugs, the much larger animated stuffed toys with arms the perfect size to give real hugs.

These exciting animated toys will respond to your child’s motions, sounds, and touches. Tickle them, throw them, hug them, bring them in for a kiss – there’s no shortage of ways for your kid to play with this interactive plush toy.

A particularly fun addition to the Hugs version of the Fingerlings toys is the ability to record your own sounds and remix them. Create your own special message for your child, or help your child record his or her voice. This little monkey is a great stuffed animal for girls!

what we love

  • The many different interactive functions make this animated toy more unique and exciting than others that have more limited functions.
  • Available in four styles: Bella the pink monkey, Boris the blue monkey, Kiki the purple glitter monkey, and Gigi the white unicorn.
  • The interactive toy is engaging enough to be suitable for children ages three to 15.
  • One set of batteries included so your child can start enjoying his or her Fingerlings Hug right away.
  • An instructional video available for free online shows how to play with the Fingerling Hugs.
  • Most purchasers found the Fingerlings Hugs cute and their tricks charming and reported that their children loved the toy.
  • Surface-washable and air dry.


  • Cute factor: 92/100
  • Comfort: 92/100
  • Quality of Materials: 96/100
  • Cost: 93/100
  • Availability: 93/100

Overall score: 93/100

These are so cute and perfect for children who would like to interact with their stuffed toy due to its exciting response to your child. Pick one up today from Amazon! 


best stuffed animals Penguin Mr. Chill

EpicKids specializes in creating organization tools, like toy hammocks and car backseat organizers, that make life with kids easier for busy parents.

You might be surprised to find that its stuffed penguin, Mr. Chil, is one of the most raved-about stuffed animals on the market. Mr. Chil has more than 320 glowing reviews on Amazon, but there’s also a Mrs. Chil, with more than 170 positive reviews of its own.

Why do people love this little penguin so much? It’s 5” size makes it a great take-along companion, whether for a quick trip to the store or a long ride in the car. Their round body, happy face and cute appearance make penguins the best stuffed animals for cuddling, too.

You can’t help but smile when you see the sweet and joyful expression on this penguin’s cute face. The soft, perfectly huggable plush construction makes Mr. Chil an instant hit. The stuffed toy is safe for children as young as six months of age.

what we love

  • “Super cute” is the phrase many buyers chose to use to describe the appearance of Mr. and Mrs. Chil.
  • The stuffed toy’s facial expression really hits the mark, with a smile that goes beyond its beaked mouth and extends to its eyes.
  • The 5” size allows even the youngest children to carry the penguin around without much trouble.
  • Unlike the many jumbo-sized stuffed toys on the list, it won’t take up much space in your home (or, on the go, in your car, shopping cart, or restaurant table).
  • Made without choking hazards like beads and buttons, even babies as young as six months old can enjoy this toy without mom and dad having to worry.
  • Hand-washable for easy cleaning.
  • No batteries needed or mechanisms to malfunction.


  • Cute factor: 98/100
  • Comfort: 94/100
  • Quality of Materials: 90/100
  • Cost: 85/100
  • Availability: 95/100

Overall score: 92/100

Mr. Chil has a cuteness factor like none other… He is ready to dance his way into your little one’s heart! Don’t forget about Mrs. Chil… Never leave home without them!


best stuffed animals GUND dinosaur

Does any kid not go through a dinosaur phase? Indeed, many cool plushies have a dinosaur theme that both boys and girls love, whether it’s a triceratops or a brontosaurus, even a T-Rex! This 11” stuffed toy by GUND is no terrible lizard, but instead an adorable baby himself, suitable for the youngest dino-enthusiasts out there.

Ugg’s light green body is decorated with soft blue spots and orange scales, and the pleasant face of this newly hatched dinosaur is carefully embroidered, so there are no eyes to pose a choking risk even for newborn babies. Another highlight of Ugg is its easy-to-clean nature – just toss him in the washing machine when he gets dirty. 

More than 200 buyers who reviewed the stuffed toy on Amazon had wonderful things to say about its softness, its adorable look, and how much their children enjoyed it.

Numerous publications included Ugg at or near the top of their own stuffed animal rankings lists in recent years. The only problem? GUND has discontinued making the beloved stuffed toy, so Ugg and his friends, Orgh the purple stegosaurus and Crom the orange T-Rex, are becoming scarce commodities.

Ugg and company are out-of-stock at many retailers that once sold them, like Walmart and Sears, and the shortage has made the cost on Amazon, where the stuffed toys are still sold, creep up to the $38 price point – not the most outrageous, but certainly high for a modestly-sized plush toy without much in the way of bells and whistles.

If you can’t justify the cost, take a look instead at GUND’s newest dinosaur collection, which includes Chomper the 15” green T-Rex, Tailspin the 18” red stegosaurus or Charger the 20” triceratops.

If you’re looking to buy a stuffed toy for your dino-loving newborn, the GUND My Dino Adventure Stuffed Plush Playset is appropriate even for newborns. These selections are one of our picks for the best stuffed animals for boys!

what we love

  • Adorable dinosaur design appeals to all ages.
  • With no sewn-on eyes or other features, Ugg is free of choking hazards and is the best stuffed animals for babies.
  • Wildly popular with customers and reviewers.
  • Machine-washable construction makes a parent’s life easier because even the biggest messes your little one can make won’t ruin the toy.
  • No batteries needed or mechanisms to malfunction.


  • Cute factor: 99/100
  • Comfort: 99/100
  • Quality of Materials: 95/100
  • Cost: 83/100
  • Availability: 70/100

Overall score: 89/100

What child doesn’t love dinosaurs? Even though this one is a little pricier, it is well made and will be loved by your kid for decades Find it on Amazon!

Things to Consider:

When is a good age to introduce stuffed toys into my child’s sleeping routine?

Most manufacturers and child development authorities do not recommend a child to have a stuffed animal, plush toy, pillow, or blanket in their bed before the age of one year to 18 months. In order to comfortably allow a small stuffed toy to be in a crib or toddler bed with your child, he or she must be able to lift their head and move their body freely to avoid suffocation or SIDS.

If you decide to allow a stuffed toy in your child’s crib, please be sure that small pieces, such as eyes or a nose from the stuffed toy can not come off easily or be chewed off, which presents a choking hazard.

Actually, plush toys with sewn-on eyes, nose, and mouth are ideal… especially if you are not in the same room with them while they’re sleeping, making them the best stuffed animals for a baby to sleep with.  

Large stuffed animals are not recommended for sleep time due to the fact that they can fall across your child’s face and they may not be strong enough to move away from it causing suffocation.

Are stuffed animal toys okay for a child with allergies or asthma?

Stuffed toys are a questionable purchase or gift choice for a child who suffers from allergies or has asthmatic tendencies. Why do you ask? Well, often the stuffing material itself causes trouble, as well as the fact that some toys contain dyes and chemicals that aggravate someone with breathing issues, like asthma. Dust mites and allergens that often settle on them can trigger asthma attacks, for not all stuffed toys are washing machine safe.  

So, does this mean you can never bless your child with the excitement of “taking care” of adorable stuffed animals? No, not at all. Fortunately, the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America has a certification program in which they test and approve products that are safe for children, (and adults), to own. When you are looking for a safe product for your child, look for the “Certified Allergy & Asthma Friendly” certification mark to ensure their safety. 

You can choose from these products the best stuffed animals to sleep with although we also suggest keeping these tips in mind: 

  • If your child has respiratory issues, such as a cold or flu, you should him/her a break from his/her stuffed toys. This is also true when your child seems particularly prone to allergies or asthma attacks at certain points of the year. You can place the stuffed toys in a plastic bag in another room; in lieu, you can give him/her a few washable plushies to play with. Non-washable stuffed toys are more likely to develop dust mites and other allergy triggers so you should consider removing all of them from your child’s home environment.  
  • Frequently vacuum and wash your child’s washable stuffed toys to decrease the likelihood of dust mite build-up. 
  • Limit the number of stuffed toys in your child’s bedroom. One or two should suffice for playtime and cuddling purposes. 

What are the benefits of providing stuffed animals for my child to play with?

Okay, parents… time to confess! Did you have a favorite, huggable stuffed animal as a child? Do you still have it… tucked under the bed for safekeeping? Does it still give you comfort just knowing “Snuggy Bear” is under there protecting you from the “Boogie Man?” If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you will understand why purchasing a high quality stuffed animal for your little one is an excellent idea, too! 

Cool stuffed animals are a part of most children’s childhood from day one. As a baby shower gift, you probably received a few. At about one year old or older, many kids like to imitate their parents; therefore, treating the stuffed animal like their own child, caring and loving them by example.

Soft and squishy plush toys also provide comfort at sleep time, particularly ones that are small and can be softly cuddled in your little one’s arms. 

As you remember fondly your experiences with the softest stuffed animals, your child will enjoy them, too, as they foster compassion, communication, and provide companionship! And parents, if you are feeling nostalgic (and only if you feel like sharing)… pull your favorite stuffed animal out from under the bed and show it off! 

If you want something more stimulating for your child, you may want to consider adding interactive plush toys to his/her collection!

These toys aren’t just for cuddling since these are also designed to dance, sing and/or talk, which adds to the fun of playing. But remember that since there may be electronic parts, interactive stuffed toys should only be given to older children.

What is the best stuffed animal brand to consider?

If you are looking for high end stuffed animals at a reasonable price, there are several renowned stuffed animal brands. Gund is one of the companies you should look to for safe and quality stuffed animals.

Check out these cute two options featured on our list of the Best Stuffed Animals for Kids: GUND Flappy the Elephant and GUND Slumbers Teddy Bear. For a funny stuffed animal that your little boy will love, check out the GUND Toothpick Teddy Bear. For the softest stuffed animal your little girl will love, you can’t go wrong with GUND Nursery Rhyme Time Lamb!

How do I take care of my child’s adorable stuffed animals?

As with any product before washing, be sure to read the label for laundry instructions if available. But, let’s face it… the little one’s best buddies can get really dirty and grimy as they are toted across floors, parking lots, supermarket carts, and the occasional swim in “the not so sanitary” watering hole.

If you decide to launder the cute critters in your washing machine, use a gentle washing cycle with cold water and a mild detergent; one that you know is gentle on your child’s skin. Lysol Laundry Sanitizer or some other antimicrobial laundry additive to clear plush toys of germs is recommended. In addition, 45 minutes in a high heat dryer will also help to kill germs.

But what about when your child’s favorite stuffed animal becomes torn? You have two choices here: First, do a DIY repair job, which should be easy with sewing supplies, easy-to-follow instructions, and an hour or so to spare; second, let the professionals do it, which may be warranted in case of extensive damage.

And then there’s the question of what to do about old stuffed animals that children have outgrown. You should consider these upcycling ideas instead of throwing them into the trash where they can contribute to pollution

  • Donate them to charitable organizations that accept old toys for distribution to families and children in need. 
  • Donate to hospitals, orphanages and other similar institutions. 
  • Donate to pet shelters where furry friends can still play with these stuffed animals. 
  • Swap with family and friends. 
  • Sell old yet still usable stuffed animals in a garage sale. 
  • Turn them into backpacks, organizers and other stuff around the house, such as bookends or doorstops. 

In this way, you’re still getting value for your money while also reducing the trash in landfills.