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Using a fitness tracking watch is a great way to motivate yourself to be more active. And what’s good for you is also great for kids. We all know how hard it can be to get them active in this world, which is where these devices come in.

Exercise can be fun?!?

These children’s fitness trackers will turn exercise into a fun game for kids. Looking for a kid’s heart rate monitor? Many kids’ fitness tracker watches will go beyond measuring the heart rate, too – they’ll also let them measure their sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, and much more.

Of course, these devices aren’t just for kids. They can be used by adults for all kinds of things, including checking messages, calls, and app notifications from the comfort of their wrists.

And… you can connect them to Bluethooth…

Fitness Trackers use Bluetooth and proprietary apps to connect you to other devices. They use USB charges to last for days at a time. Many of them are waterproof as well.

You don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars for one of these trackers. In fact, you can pay far, far less than that for a device that mimics most of the features offered by Apple Watch, FitBit, or similarly priced devices.

Check out our “Things to Consider” Section!

A “fitness tracker” can be identified as an “activity tracker”, “running watch”, “fitness watch”, “step counter” as well as many other names. There are Activity Watches for tweens, teenagers, girls and boys!

We ranked Fitness Trackers based on their price, features offered, style, sturdiness, and their reviews to give you an overall look at all they offer. Let’s get into it!

1) moreFit Kids Fitness Tracker

moreFit Kids Fitness Tracker

This kid’s fitness tracker watch comes with four sports modes including running, walking, cycling, and climbing. It can track steps, calories burned, distance, heart rate, and sleep status, which makes it a satisfactory kids sleep tracker. 

Parents can use in determining whether their children are actually getting sufficient sleep every night instead of playing videogames or watching television until the wee hours of the morning. Going beyond its basic design as a kids fitness tracker, It also offers a comprehensive analysis of these stats.

This kids activity watch also comes with date and time display, measures heart rate, blood pressure, reminder alerts, and much more. This watch offers text and call alert reminders, and has an app that’s compatible with IOS 8.0 and Android 5.1 or higher. It charges via USB. It’s light, functional, and extremely ergonomic.

What We Love:

  • Owners praised the convenience of this watch.
  • Reviewers said it motivated their children to go further with outdoor activities.
  • One user called it “perfect in every way.”
  • Users praised the affordability of this product.
  • Reviewers said their kids loved this watch.
  • Users said kids could easily operate this watch.
  • Owners compared this favorably to an Apple watch.
  • Reviewers said kids love tracking their calories with this watch.


Price: (4th) Score: 88/100
Features: 7 (2nd) Score: 94/100
Style: 8 (4th) 88/100
Sturdiness: 8 (2nd) 94/100
Overall Score: 91/100

Get moving and watch that step count go up with the MoreFit Kids Fitness Tracker!

2) BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker Watch for Kids

BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker Watch for Kids

This fitness tracker watch is designed for kids and teens. It has a long battery time (it can last for 7 days after charging for 1-2 hours). Like many a biggerfive fitness tracker, it tracks distance covered, calories burned, sleep trends, and has a vibrating alarm clock.

This kids pedometer watch and sleep tracker comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month product warranty. It’s lightweight at 17 grams. It comes with a USB port and has an app that’s compatible with Android 4.4, IOS 7.1 and above.

What We Love:

  • Owners called this the best fitness tracker for teenagers.
  • Reviewers called it accurate and easy to use.
  • Users were happy with the charge time on this one.
  • Owners repeatedly praised the quality of this watch.
  • Users called it versatile.
  • It was favorably compared to FitBit watches.
  • Users praised the value of this watch.


Price: (2nd) 94/100
Features: 5 (7th) 79/100
Style: 9 (1st) 97/100
Sturdiness: 8 (2nd) 94/100
Overall Score: 91/100

3) Garmin vívofit jr, Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker

Garmin vívofit jr, Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker

This kids activity tracker watch comes with a year of battery life with no recharging needed. It can be replaced with a CR1632 coin cell. This Garmin fitness tracker can be worn 24/7 and features 5 ATM water resistance.

This fitness band for kids is intended for children aged 4-9. It has an app that’s compatible with Android 4.4, IOS 9.1, and above. It tracks steps and sleep, as well as encourages kids to get physical activity and do chores, which contribute to its status as the best fitness watch for kids where parents are concerned.

After all, if a device can encourage children to become more active instead of couch potatoes, it’s a welcome addition to a growing list of gadgets. There are many other features to enjoy as well.

What We Love:

  • Reviewers noted the design fits kid’s wrists, unlike other models.
  • Owners said this watch is motivating.
  • Users loved the water resistance.
  • The design was praised for engaging kids.
  • Owners said they loved how they were able to edit the chores and tasks kids do to earn coins from the app.
  • Reviewers said this made brushing teeth or doing chores more fun.
  • Many users talked about how much kids love this product.


Price: (10th) 70/100
Features: 8 (1st) 97/100
Style: 9 (1st) 97/100
Sturdiness: 9 (1st) 97/100
Overall Score: 90.25/100

Kids are going to love the kid step counter watch!

4) LETSCOM WATERproof Fitness Tracker HR

LETSCOM WATERproof Fitness Tracker HR

This kid’s step tracker watch measures heart rate, sleep duration and consistency, steps, distance, calories burned, and so much more. It comes with 14 exercise modes and lets you analyze specific data about your activity.

This kids step tracker also lets you see calls, alerts, and messages from your wrist, whether they’re from texts, app notifications, calendar alerts, and more. It’s easily charged through a built-in USB plug. A single charge can give you seven days of battery life.

What We Love:

  • Users were very happy with this kids fitness watch for its value.
  • One user said this paired with their phone better than comparable devices.
  • Customers praised this device’s accuracy.
  • Owners said this watch was surprisingly waterproof.
  • One customer said they compared this watch pulse reading against a doctor’s machine and its readings were in a 5% range of the machine.
  • Customers were very happy with this in comparison to the more expensive kids waterproof Fitbit.
  • Reviewers were very happy with the app on this device.


Price: (7th) 79/100
Features: 6 (4th) 88/100
Style: 9 (1st) 97/100
Sturdiness: 8 (2nd) 94/100
Overall Score: 89.5/100

A single charge can last seven days!?! WOW… That’s impressive! Give it a try today.

5) OumuEle Fitness Tracker HR

OumuEle Fitness Tracker HR

This OumuEle Fitness Tracker for kids comes with a sleek design and can be yours for a low price. It has a built-in USB for charging that gives you seven days of battery life. It also tracks sleep, heart rate, steps, distance, calories burned, and much more.

This watch is waterproof, whether you’re washing your hands or taking a swim. It offers remote camera access, lets you see calls, messages, and notifications. It also comes with a free band for flavor and variety which makes it the best fitness tracker for a teenage girl! Who doesn’t love a quick bling change!?!

What We Love:

  • Owners said this watch was great in comparison to more expensive, similar devices.
  • Reviewers called it stylish.
  • Users said it was very comfortable.
  • Customers were very happy with the accuracy of this device.
  • Owners repeatedly said this was worth the money.


Price: (1st) 97/100
Features: 5 (7th) 79/100
Style: 7 (6th) 82/100
Sturdiness: 8 (2nd) 94/100
Overall Score: 88/100

The OumuEle Fitness Tracker is just the right look for your teen!

6) LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

This kid’s fitness tracker with GPS tracks your heart rate and looks at your sleep in several ways to help you analyze your sleep quality. It has all-day tracking and GPS functionality. It also measures steps, distance, active minutes, calories burned, and more.

But this isn’t your usual kids fitness tracker with GPS either! This activity tracker watch also features 14 different activities that you can track like basketball, tennis, football, and much more. It’s easy to charge and gives you 7 days off one charge. There’s also a 45-day full refund program.

What We Love:

  • Users complimented this watch for kids and adults.
  • Owners loved how stylish this tracker was.
  • Reviewers said it made a great gift.
  • This device was praised for its bluetooth connectivity.
  • Customers loved the design of this tracker.
  • Owners said they would recommend this device highly.
  • Reviewers were happy with this watch for the price.


Price: (3rd) 91/100
Features: 7 (2nd) 94/100
Style: 7 (6th) 82/100
Sturdiness: 7 (7th) 79/100
Overall Score: 86.5/100

Amazon Prime offers an awesome deal on the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR.

7) WAFA Fitness Tracker

WAFA Fitness Tracker

WAFA’s tracker is the perfect kids running watch and measures your blood pressure, steps, sleep time and quality, heart rate, and more. It’s a great way to analyze the quality of your sleep, improve workouts, and get a better understanding of your health.

You can take photos with this tracker, find a phone, set several reminders, along with other functions. Some of these functions must be set through the app it comes with. It charges quickly, and a charge lasts for five days if it’s constantly in use, or 15 days while on standby.

What We Love:

  • One reviewer said this was great as a cheap version of an Apple watch making this a great alternative fitness tracker for tweens that might be hard on their watches.
  • This watch was praised for its sturdiness that, when combined with a striking style and useful features, make it the best fitness tracker for tweens.
  • It was also praised for its materials.
  • Owners said this watch was good looking.
  • Users praised the value of this tracker.
  • Customers said they were surprised by the unexpected, enjoyable features on this tracker.


Price: (8th) 76/100
Features: 6 (4th) 88/100
Style: 6 (9th) 73/100
Sturdiness: 8 (2nd) 94/100
Overall Score: 82.75/100

Get this kids step watch through Amazon Prime within two days and enjoy free shipping!

8) YoYoFit Slim Kids Fitness Tracker

YoYoFit Slim Kids Fitness Tracker

This YoYoFit fitness watch for kids lets you track steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and much more. It also has a multi-sports mode that features basketball, cycling, sit-ups, football, and running. It’s compatible with IOS 9.0, Android 4.4 and higher.

The YoYoFit has its own app called which can be downloaded for free with purchase. There’s a 12-month warranty with this tracker. Don’t forget about access to your texts, calls, and much more!

What We Love:

  • Reviewers said kids loved this tracker.
  • Customers loved that this tracker helped them find their phone when it was missing.
  • Owners called this product high quality.
  • Users said this product gets kids moving.
  • Customers called this product intuitive to use.
  • The versatility and functionality of this product were repeatedly praised.


Price: (6th) 82/100
Features: 5 (7th) 79/100
Style: 8 (4th) 88/100
Sturdiness: 7 (7th) 79/100
Overall Score: 82/100

Look at all the pretty colors this kids activity tracker watch comes in? How do you decide? 

9) Kids Fitness Tracker

Kids Fitness Tracker

This watch helps kids stay active, and has reminders to prompt them to get up and get moving, drink water, and much more. This is a kids pedometer watch, too, thanks to its pedometer function, and it’s waterproof to boot.

There’s also a host of other features that can be accessed through its app, like remote camera control, find our phone, alarms, and call, text, and app alerts.

This fitness tracker is built for kids, and you’ll need to have an “extra small wrist” to fit it. It comes with an extra band so you can switch colors depending on your moods. Indeed, style-wise, it’s the best activity tracker for kids with its switchable bands, intuitive features and modern design. 

What We Love:

  • Reviewers repeatedly said their kids loved this tracker.
  • Owners praised the price of this tracker profusely.
  • Users said the app worked well.
  • Customers said they were happy with how this product synced with other devices.
  • Owners praised the customer service they received after purchasing this tracker.


Price: (5th) 85/100
Features: 5 (7th) 79/100
Style: 7 (6th) 82/100
Sturdiness: 6 (10th) 70/100
Overall Score: 79/100

The Kid’s Fitness Tracker has an extra band AND is waterproof! Get moving today!

10) YAMAY Fitness Tracker

YAMAY Fitness Tracker

The YAMAY comes in two colored tones to give it a fashionable, flavorful look. It has 14 sports modes, plus it’s waterproof. It comes with heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, and many other body measurement features.

But why stop at these typical features in fitness watches? This can also be an all-in-one device on your wrist! You can check messages, notifications, and receive calls all from the convenience of your phone.

There’s a built-in USB plug, and one charge will give you 5-7 days of use. There’s also a 12-month warranty with this product.

What We Love:

  • This watch was praised for its value.
  • Owners repeatedly said this watch was high quality.
  • Users were very happy with the phone notifications.
  • This tracker was called comfortable to wear.
  • Customers loved the many modes you can access.
  • Multiple buyers said this was a stylish option for both boys and girls.


Price: (9th) 73/100
Features: 6 (4th) 88/100
Style: 6 (9th) 73/100
Sturdiness: 7 (7th) 79/100
Overall Score: 78.25/100

Click here to order your YAYMAY Fitness Tracker!

Things to Consider

Should my child wear a fitness tracker?

It’s no surprise that studies show children are not as active as they once were, particularly 11 – 17-year-olds. While most children enjoy playing outside at an early age, things change for the early adolescent. They no longer are interested in playing with toys or simply being outside. Often, they turn their attention to video games or their smartphone.

To get them on track, fitness trackers are a great way to let them see how many steps they’ve taken. Many of them award badges for their accomplishments. Friendly competition with friends or family often gets their competitive juices flowing; therefore, gets them off the couch, too. 

In addition, there are a few other reasons why fitness trackers can be a good thing for your child. Young teens are often working towards an athletic goal; therefore, a fitness tracker is very useful to them. Also, in some cases, such as in a child who has a medical condition, the fitness tracker’s vital signs information can be helpful to parents. And finally, if they want to wear one just for fun… then that is okay, too! 

Even a fairly simple kid’s running watch can become a tool toward a more physically active lifestyle in children! You, the parent, can provide suitable rewards for the number of miles ran or the number of steps made for specific periods of time. You may even launch a friendly competition where you and your children will undertake a physical fitness program.

Are there any disadvantages to kids owning fitness trackers?

While exercise is important, do not allow your child to get obsessed with the numbers on their fitness tracker, or go overboard with unnecessary activity that could eventually hurt them. As with any activity, children must be closely monitored for the best results.

Also, don’t let the fitness tracker take the fun out of their daily activities, whether they are playing outside, hiking, or just enjoying the sunshine. A centralized focus on the fitness tracker’s results alone can get them burnt out on physical activity forever.

If a child does not want to wear a fitness tracker, parents should not force them to do so! There will be times when a kids active watch can wring the fun out of a physical activity, especially when a child becomes self-conscious about it.

At what age should I allow my child to wear a fitness tracker?

There are fitness trackers on the market today that are actually suitable, (meaning that they will fit their wrist size), for children as early as four years old; however, that does not mean your child needs one. From ages four – ten, kids generally are very active and do not need a device to tell them how many steps they took in a day… they don’t care!  Keep the kids step counter watch in its box until such time that your child will actually want to wear it.

Parents, on the other hand, may be curious about their activity level and sleep patterns. If so, fitness trackers are available if needed. Again, at any age they should not be a point of focus as much as just for fun! 

What functions should I look for in a children’s fitness tracker?

If you are looking for the best fitness tracker for kids, perhaps the main function that parents look for in a step counter watch is a reliable step count. Other functions are nice as well, such as a heart rate monitor, burned calories, and sleep monitor. Depending on your selection, fitness trackers can be waterproof (ideal for swimming) and a blood pressure monitor. 

Most have a nice charge time that can last up to seven days, or contain a battery that will last up to a year and is replaceable. For the sports enthusiast, select one with a “multi-sports” option! 

Some of the best activity trackers for kids also serve the purpose of a watch that is equipped with day/time and alarms, and can be app compatible. If you buy a fitness tracker that fits your small child’s wrist, you may be concerned they will grow out of it soon. In this case, be sure to purchase one with a replaceable band. As they grow, just buy a new band for it! 

What is the best fitness tracker for a child?

Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker

In addition to the above quality fitness trackers, another great option is the Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker. This gem is recommended for ages 8 and up. Check it out!

What if my child does not like to wear a watch? Is there another fitness tracker option?

Fitbit Zip Wireless

Yes, we understand that children often do not like the restriction around the wrist that a fitness tracker watch requires. If you had rather choose an option that will hook on to their pocket with a clip, check out the Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker on Amazon!

My child is a swimmer. What is the best waterproof fitness tracker? 

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker with Built-in GPS, Heart Rate, Sleep & Swim Tracking

Whether your child is on the swim team or just loves water activities, a waterproof tracker that is designed to hold up to those conditions is imperative. The Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker with Built-in GPS, Heart Rate, Sleep & Swim Tracking checks the boxes for durability and dependability while in the water. It comes in black, black/granite, or rosewood… a color to suit everyone’s desire!

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