Monthly Momma
    Monthly Momma

    Written by Britt Lynn

    Hello everyone! I sure hope this finds everyone healthy, happy and perhaps looking forward to spring. I know I am! 

    I think now is a great time to be thinking about getting a pet. (Well, not us specifically… we have plenty!) But, with spring right around the corner, nice weather lends well to puppy potty training, outside play, and bonding with your pet. Have you considered getting a family pet?

    Studies show that owning a pet has many advantages. As an adult, pets lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, lessens loneliness, and provides opportunities to participate in exercise, socialization, and the great outdoors. These are only a few of the reasons my pets make life better for me!

    How will it help your children? Pets in the home often help kids cope with low self-esteem and bullying issues, as the pet becomes a friend that provides unconditional love. They help them learn about responsibility and empathy towards others as they learn to take care of it and love it. 

    As a child, I had all kinds of pets. I had a dog, a cat, a tropical fish tank, a rabbit, hamsters, a cockatiel, and a hermit crab… but not all at once, however! My Mom would have freaked out! One of my favorite hobbies still to this day involves saltwater fish tanks. I just love their brilliant colors and peacefulness as they glide through the water.

    As you consider a pet for your child, I have compiled a list of pet habitats that will make happy homes for any type of pet you choose. Check them out! 

    One of my family’s favorite pastimes is to spend time with our pets. I thought I would introduce you to our fur babies… and maybe a few furry, feathered, and finned family friends (say that fast three times). We love them all so much and they certainly have become important members of our family.

    Meet Sadie the St. Bernard

    saint bernard

    She came to us as a rescue. This sweet St. Bernard had been badly injured and we became her safe haven. We got her immediate medical attention, and she is the most wonderful and caring big girl… although she says she’s just fluffy! – And, that she is!

    Meet Lola the Pit

    pit bull

    Lola is a Pit Bull and is just over a year old and is very lively but so affectionate. She is Beau’s, my toddler’s, best friend. They are huge buddies and it is so sweet to see them interact with each other. She is our pretty girl! 

    Meet Smores


    He (or she, who knows?) belongs to my daughter, Claire. Smores is a hedgehog. He’s definitely not for everybody, especially young ones. He’s a little prickly… and not too cuddly, as you can imagine. But nevertheless, he is still part of the fam!

    Meet Charli and Sawyer

    These extended family members are special to me, too. Meet Sawyer Dewayne and Charli Spirit, my mother’s fur babies.

    And Abe… He’s her newest addition to the family! 


    Meet Aspen and Mr. Roostey

    My Aunt has an unusual pairing of best friends…Aspen the Great Pyrenees (also a rescue) and Mr. Roostey. When you see one, you see the other… They can’t stand to be apart! 


    Without a doubt, adding a pet to your family will be a great blessing as well. By observing Aspen and Mr. Roostey’s friendship, I can’t think of a better way to teach my children about diversity, acceptance, and equality! These two are a great example of unlikely friends that are the best of buddies! Shouldn’t we all display this sort of kindness towards one another? 

    I hope you will consider adopting a pet, too!  

    Blessings to all,
    Britt Lynn