Monthly Momma
    Monthly Momma

    Happy 4th to everyone! I sure hope this Independence Day is filled with fun, family, and fellowship for all! 
    Speaking of fun… Is everyone having a good summer? Recently, this time of the year has gotten really busy for me as a mom. We celebrate our kids’ birthdays between the months of May and August. My bonus daughter’s, Madison’s, birthday was in May.

    Planning birthday parties for little girls is so much fun! This year, Madison chose a Peppa Pig-themed party. And… that brings back great memories for me, as my daughter Claire was into Peppa as well. We had about 30 friends and family to attend to help this special little girl celebrate her fourth birthday.

    But as usual, the best-laid plans occasionally go awry, right? My youngest, Beau, started running a fever the day of Madison’s party. So, he stayed with his grandmother while we tried to carry on; however, I ended up taking him to the doctor and missed the best part… the cake and present opening. Thankfully Mike was able to handle the whole thing (proving to me that he can function without me! Who knew?) and took care of all the guests and especially his little girl! He’s a good dad!

    Do things like this happen to you, too? When you have vacation plans or other activities planned, does someone get sick? Or, hurt? Or, just decide to be difficult? Guess that’s part of being a mom with three kids! Not everyone is always on board with MY plan!

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    My son, Beau, will be two in July. Another birthday party to plan. This one will be “monster truck” themed because he is really into cars and trucks. “Truck” is his new favorite word and he points out every truck he sees on the way to daycare every morning.

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    Birthday number three goes to my Claire as she will be turning ten this year. This little lady is growing up so fast. She is such a sweet little soul, full of energy, has the best smile, AND says she has a boyfriend. Oh my goodness… I’m not ready for that! 

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    At BKS, we hope everyone has a fun and safe summer. Take time to enjoy the time with your family, because they really do grow up so fast! 

    Blessing to All, 
    Britt Lynn