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A scooter is one of the most intuitive, thrilling, and low maintenance means of transportation for kids. They’re easy to use, children love them, and they can be extremely affordable.

However, like with any purchase for your child, you want to do your due diligence and get the best item for the lowest cost. Or perhaps you want to splurge and buy one of the best kids scooters on the market. There are also happy mediums that can satisfy both ends of the spectrum.

On this list, we’ve looked at expensive scooters, affordable scooters, scooters for different age ranges, and the quality and fun of these scooters based on the reviews of owners, among other considerations.

These days it can be challenging to get children out and about playing in the real world. But a scooter is a great way to encourage them to do precisely that, all while having a great time.

Scooters can teach kids basic responsibility in terms of safety and taking care of a transportation mode that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The right scooter can also bring your child fun and utility for years. Let’s inspect the best options on the kids’ scooter market today!

We looked at a wide range of scooters, from those meant for commuting for adults, to scooters for tiny tots, to trick scooters. While we realize that there’s no one “best” scooter, and choosing the right scooter depends on your unique needs, we have tried to include some of the “best” scooters for many unique needs.

In discerning how to rank scooters, we put all evaluated scooters through the following methodology:

  • Affordability (1/4): the cost of the scooter relative to other scooters in the ranking, as well as shipping, etc.
  • Range of Ages (1/4): the range of ages that a scooter may be a good fit for.
  • Quality (1/4): based on the most common good and bad notes in reviews, with an eye towards durability and good design.
  • Fun (1/4): this will mean different things at different ages, but we erred on the side of what scooters could provide an exciting and age-appropriate experience for the ages they are meant for.

1) Razor A3 Kick Scooter

Razor A3 Kick Scooter

Razor scooters have been a mainstay in the industry for years, beloved by children and adults alike for their compact design, stylish aesthetics, and affordability.

The A3 is made of sturdy, “aircraft-grade” aluminum, 125mm wheels, a shock-absorbing system, a patented brake that allows quick stopping, and a brand new wheelie bar, among other features.

It’s made for children 5 and older and can support users up to 143 pounds. Of course, it features the Razor patented folding mechanism that made these scooters so famous initially and lets kids easily carry it around when they’re not riding.

This scooter is great for transportation, doing tricks, and having an excellent time.

What We Love

  • Users said this scooter is a great way to get to and from their appointments and obligations.
  • Reviewers noted the longevity of this scooter.
  • Customers overwhelmingly said their children were extremely happy with this scooter.
  • Reviewers said this scooter can be used by teens and college-age people, as well as children.
  • One reviewer noted this was a great option for kids struggling to learn how to ride a bike.


Affordability: 2nd
Estimated Appropriate Age Range: Early riders and up (1st)
Quality Based on Reviews: 95 (1st)
Fun Based on Reviews: 90 (3rd)
Overall Score: 1.75

A scooter will provide hours of fun for your kiddo!

2) RDS Dirt Scooter

RDS Dirt Scooter

Razor makes the list once again with the RDS Dirt Scooter, this time with a dirt scooter that isn’t restricted to pavement. It features a “tubular BMX” steel fork that has a “triple stacked head tube clamp.” This scooter is recommended for children 10 and up and can support up to 220 pounds.

This scooter’s extremely durable aluminum frame and large wheels and tires facilitate dirt riding. In general, this scooter is thicker and stronger than the average model. It still offers Razor’s iconic rear fender brake, along with gentle rubber grips and coarse grip tape running down the deck. It comes in all black or bright red.

What We Love

  • This scooter was praised for its superiority on the pavement in comparison to other scooters.
  • Owners noted this scooter’s versatility on different riding surfaces.
  • Customers said this scooter performed very well on dirt specifically.
  • Customers were surprised at this scooter’s ability to be used for some tricks.
  • Owners praised the strength and durability of this scooter.
  • Customers said their kids loved this scooter.
  • Customers also praised the large tires on this scooter and their impact on smoother, better rides.


Affordability: 4th
Estimated Appropriate Age Range: 10 and up (4th)
Quality Based on Reviews: 95 (1st)
Fun Based on Reviews: 95 (1st)
Overall Score: 2.5

Get off the road and into the dirt with the RDS Dirt Scooter!

3) Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter

Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter

The Envy Scooters Prodigy S8 Complete Scooter was designed for new, young riders who are at the intermediate to advanced ringing level. It was created to offer a mixture of high quality without costing too much. This scooter was built to evolve alongside a rider and can be customized with extra parts in many ways.

The specs on this scooter include high tensile steel bars for durability, soft hand grips, 120mm x 24 mm GAP core wheels, and much more. Customers say it’s a great value for the money!

What We Love

  • Users compared this favorably to Madd Gear scooters.
  • Owners noted how durable this scooter was.
  • Children noted this scooter felt better than others they’d tried before.
  • Users said this scooter offers a smooth ride.
  • Owners said this scooter was very cool.


Affordability: 5th
Estimated Appropriate Age Range: Early riders and above (1st)
Quality Based on Reviews: 90 (4th)
Fun Based on Reviews: 90 (3rd)
Overall Score: 3.25

Try out the Envy SCOOTERS PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter. You’ll be glad you did!

4) Radio Flyer (My 1st Scooter)

Radio Flyer (My 1st Scooter)

Radio Flyer has been in business since 1917. They’re a Chicago, family-based organization that aims to give children joy and laughter.

This scooter is designed for two to five-year-olds to take their very first scoots. It offers three wheels, elite balance, a broad base, and is specifically for children who are developing primary balance and coordination skills.

This scooter has a broad base to facilitate balance, comfortable hand grips, a textured deck to boost traction, and a turning radius that was specifically created to make the scooter safer for young riders. Fortunately, this doesn’t hurt rider mobility.

What We Love

  • Users loved the ease of use of this scooter.
  • Owners praised this scooter’s ability to support even the youngest riders.
  • Customers praised the wide deck.
  • This scooter’s ability to increase balance was frequently praised.
  • Parents said this scooter let the youngest riders emulate and hang out with older family and friends safely.
  • Many owners praised the safety of this scooter.
  • Users overwhelmingly noted the fun and utility this scooter provided for young children.
  • Owners said the three wheels were crucial to stability and safety.


Affordability: 1st
Estimated Appropriate Age Range: Early riders (6th)
Quality Based on Reviews: 90 (4th)
Fun Based on Reviews: 90 (3rd)
Overall Score: 3.5

Radio Flyer… A trusted name in this product category! Let your little one “scoot around” with confidence on this well-made scooter!

5) Fuzion Z350 Pro Scooter

Fuzion Z350 Pro Scooter

This scooter isn’t cheap, but it boasts superior performance equivalent to pro riders. If you have a child who is already an adept scooter rider and is looking to get better, this might be the choice for you.

Fuzion 350 Pro Scooter notes this model has a fast, smooth ride that is beloved by riders and onlookers alike. This is the perfect scooter for learning and doing tricks at a skate park. Cheaper scooters often struggle to perform at the skatepark. That isn’t the case with the Fuzion Z350.

The specs on this scooter include an enormous T-6061 aluminum deck with custom nylon inserts, 110 mm aluminum wheels, a nifty nylon brake, a wider aluminum Dip-Bar (23″ x 22″), and a forged one-piece aluminum fork.

Fusion also says this scooter is faster, lighter, and more robust than previous models.

What We Love

  • Riders over 6′ can use this scooter.
  • Riders repeatedly praised this scooters’ smoothness.
  • Riders said they were able to do tricks on this scooter.
  • Owners said this scooter was very durable.


Affordability: 8th
Estimated Appropriate Age Range: Early rider and above (1st)
Quality Based on Reviews: 90 (4th)
Fun Based on Reviews: 90 (3rd)
Overall Score: 4

Got a little professional scooter rider in your family? Surprise them with this top-of-the-line model, the Fuzion Z350 Pro Scooter!

6) Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Razor is a household name for scooters.  And, the Razor E300 Electric Scooter is perfect for the pre-teen that grew up with the previous models and wants to stick with the brand they know and love.

This electric scooter boasts an oversized deck and wheels so anyone can ride it comfortably. That combined with the super-quiet chain-driven motor creates a smooth and speedy ride.

With a run time of 40 minutes and an mph of 15, the distance this electric scooter can cover is top-notch in the market! Children will love to ride it, and parents will like to take it for a “test drive.”

What We Love

  • Great for older kids that want to get around town.
  • This scooter is rideable without any charge, just ride it like you would a normal scooter.
  • Razor has a 2-year warranty if any problems should arise you have their support.
  • Extremely quiet motor so ear health will not be an issue.
  • Riders are extremely happy with the speed.


Affordability: 9th
Estimated Appropriate Age Range: 12 and up (5th)
Quality Based on Reviews: 95 (1st)
Fun Based on Reviews: 95 (1st)
Overall Score: 4

A quality scooter… with some POWER! What kid wouldn’t love this? Don’t forget the helmet!!!

7) Globber Primo

Globber Primo

The Globber Primo scooter is a great beginner scooter for children. If your child is under 110 pounds and doesn’t know how to ride a scooter this may be the perfect fit for them.

For Globber safety is the main priority for them. You can unlock or relock the steering so your child can learn to ride before the added stress of steering. High-quality wheels made of PU make the ride smooth and can handle all bumps and pebbles on the ground.

This scooter has a patented “lean to steer” technology. Instead of moving the handlebars to turn, all the kid has to do is lean in the direction they want to turn! An excellent feature for any child that likes to stand out in front of their peers. It also comes in other bold colors, too!

What We Love

  • This is an inexpensive scooter for beginner riders.
  • Users say it is good on gravel as well as pavement.
  • This scooter is easy to assemble and store.
  • Users say the breaks on this scooter are some of the best they have seen.
  • This scooter has a reinforced bottom for added durability.
  • Users say it was easy to use to teach children.


Affordability: 3rd
Estimated Appropriate Age Range: Early Riders (6th)
Quality Based on Reviews: 80 (8th)
Fun Based on Reviews: 90 (3rd)
Overall Score: 5

We’re loving the color options on this one AND it is great for beginners!

8) Micro Kickboard – Mini 3-in-1 Deluxe 3-Stage Ride-on Scooter

Micro Kickboard - Mini 3-in-1 Deluxe 3-Stage Ride-on Scooter

The Micro Kickboard Mini is a versatile scooter for toddlers to age 5 years old. The push scooter converts in 3 different modes.

This scooter starts as a ride-on scooter in which the child can sit and propel themselves. Next, comes the O-bar without the seat, which allows for stability. Finally, when the seat is removed, it becomes like a regular scooter with the use of the T-bar, when the child uses body weight and their feet to move.

What We Love

  • Very lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • There are 3 different settings for the height.
  • The wheels are non-marking so scooting at home won’t damage the floor.


Affordability: 6th
Estimated Appropriate Age Range: Very Young (11th)
Quality Based on Reviews: 80 (8th)
Fun Based on Reviews: 90 (3rd)
Overall Score: 7

A convertible scooter… It’s great for every stage of your toddler’s development!

9) Current Coaster

Current Coaster

This item isn’t just a scooter it’s a “kickbike”. This means teens and adults can use this with ease.

This Current Coaster scooter is great for anyone to go through the streets or a park. This item is perfect for taking a dog out for a walk. And also great for getting a cardio workout in.

The Coasters kick bike scooter can hold up to 220 pounds and comes with two brakes. One handlebar brake, and foot brake. That makes this perfect for someone that’s older but, hasn’t been on a scooter in a long time.

What We Love

  • One user claimed it only took 1 hour to assemble.
  • Current Coasters has a great warranty.
  • This item is good for a teen or adult.
  • Item has adjustable handlebars.
  • With a product weight of only 29 pounds, it’s not hard to transport.
  • This scooter comes in several eye-catching colors and is partially assembled.


Affordability: 10th
Estimated Appropriate Age Range: Teen and above (6th)
Quality Based on Reviews: 90 (4th)
Fun Based on Reviews: 85 (9th)
Overall Score: 7.25

10) Micro Kickboard Scooters

Micro Kickboard Scooters

The Micro Kickboard is perfect for kids 5-12 years old. It has an anti-slip grip on the deck so the rider can go as fast as they want and not slip off.

The lean-to turn technology makes the riding experience unique. Kids can carve and surf the streets just as if they were riding a skateboard. The wheels are made of polyurethane so all bumps on the road can be absorbed with ease and zero stress for the rider. A rider can ride on all terrains.

What We Love

  • This scooter is lightweight at only 8.4 pounds.
  • Strong construction that is also flexible.
  • Foldable design for easy storage under a stroller.
  • One user called it “sturdy and safe”.
  • The T-Bar is anodized, which makes for better control.


Affordability: 7th
Estimated Appropriate Age Range: Early Riders (6th)
Quality Based on Reviews: 80 (8th)
Fun Based on Reviews: 80 (10th)
Overall Score: 7.75

If your child likes riding a skateboard, the Micro Kickboard Scooter is perfect for them! Lean-to technology makes it easy!