Best Boy Costumes

Dressing up in costumes is one of the most basic forms of play. It’s one of the earliest forms of imaginative plays that toddlers experiment with, and remains a source of entertainment throughout childhood.

As a matter of fact, dress up never really loses its thrill, as is evidenced by adults’ love of costuming, from costume parties and cosplay, to drag and even pro sports mascots.

Wearing a costume allows adults and kids alike to experience the thrill of being someone else- or even something else- in a controlled way.

The thrill of changing identities isn’t just fun for kids- it’s also important for their development, according to child psychologists.

Trying on and playing in costumes helps kids develop a number of important strengths and skills that help them thrive and lay the groundwork for later milestones.

For the youngest kids, just putting on a costume builds skills. Unlike regular clothing, costumes provide a fun motivation to tackle the challenges of manipulating velcro, buttons, zippers, elastic, laces, and snaps.

Mastering dressing in costumes can help them learn to dress their bodies in all types of clothing, and allow them to pull on their regular pants in the morning that much more easily.

Best Boy Costumes

Costumes are also a great way for kids to stretch their imaginations. Boys dress up costumes are a great way for little ones to combine elements from multiple characters to create their own imaginative personas.

That might mean being a Superhero chicken, a train conductor doctor, or a ninja surfer dinosaur. That’s why many parents like to have many boys dress up costumes available to combine and re-mix creatively.

Boy’s dress up costumes can even be therapeutic, giving kids the chance to explore different identities that would normally be impossible or off-limits.

Being a Superhero or a villain, or trying out the role of an adult can help them understand different parts of themselves. And boys dress up costumes are an essential part of group pretend play, which develops social skills.

Best Boy Costumes

When you’re shopping for boy’s dress up costumes, you want to get the best deal- a dress up costume that’s going to have real play value without breaking the bank. That means you’ll want to find a boy’s dress-up costume that’s low in price and widely available.

You’ll also want one that’s made from high-quality materials that can withstand rough play for several years, and which has several costume pieces and dress up accessories to mix and match.

You are probably also looking for a boy’s dress up costume that will stimulate your child’s imagination.

Open-ended boys dress up costumes are usually the best for this- after all, there are a limited number of ways to be Spongebob or the Hulk, but an infinite number of ways to be a ninja for a chef.

Boy’s dress up costumes that require kids to invent a personality and backstory for their pretend character will give them the most imaginary play possible.

If you’re looking for the best deal in high-quality boy’s dress up costumes, look no further. Our thoroughly-researched ranking has the best of the best.

Each boy’s dress up costume on our list of The Best Dress Up Costumes for Boys brings you an outstanding combination of value, durability, and imagination-stimulating play.

1. D.Q.Z Dragon Mask and Tail Costume for Kids Party Boys/ Girls Dress Up

Dragon  Boy Costumes

D.Q.Z. makes this cute set for a fantastic dress-up costume for boys, including dragon masks and dragon tails.

Their red and yellow dragon costumes set is our favorite of these, with its timeless design and low price, and easily took top place in our ranking of Best Dress Up Costumes for Boys. For an affordable price, you get a soft and elaborate dragon mask and matching spiked tail!

We love dragons for imaginative play- these fantastical beasts have inspired awe since ancient times. In playing the part of one of these powerful creatures, kids can choose for themselves whether they are good or evil, and make up their own magical powers- from breathing fire to invisibility- to go along with it.

Dragons are also great for group play, easily fitting into stories about knights, unicorns, monsters, or wizards.

The low price of this dress-up costume for boys goes hand-in-hand with wide availability. It’s offered through Amazon Prime, so shipping is fast and free. Made from durable felt and free from wires or zippers, you can also expect this affordable dress-up costume for boys to feel comfortable and last a long time. Buy several sets for the next birthday party!

what we love

  • Classic fantasy character and attractive design makes this a truly timeless boys’ dress up costume
  • Gender-neutral costume can be shared with other kids, both boys and girls
  • No body suit means this boys’ dress up costume can fit all sizes, from toddlers to big boys
  • High imagination potential- dragons are fantasy creatures and can be good or evil


  • Cost Score: 96/100
  • Quantity of Pieces: 90/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Quality of Materials: 100/100
  • Imaginative Potential: 100/100

Overall Score: 97.2/100

Do you have a wannabe fire-breathing dragon in your family?!? This one is great for boys and girls who are amazed by the mythical creature! Let your little dragon pick out their favorite color!

2. Flying Childhood Owl Costume for Kids: Owl Wings with Felt Animal Mask

Owl Boy Costumes

Another winner from Flying Childhood, this beautiful owl costume is an incredible value at just under $15. This dress up costume for boys comes with an owl half-mask, wings, and attached tail, allowing kids to pretend to be an owl, though it could easily double as a phoenix or other bird, real or imaginary.

Like the dragon costume ranked above, this owl costume has the potential for boundless imaginative play. Will the child wearing it pretend to be wise? Fierce? Magical? Spooky?

The possibilities are endless. This dress up costume for boys also fits well into group imaginative or dramatic play, working well with everything from a wizard to a fox.

For a remarkably low price, you get several well-made costume pieces. The wings are generously sized, measuring 47.2 inches by 35.4’ inches, and with a tail length of 9.8 inches. Both the wings and tail are vibrantly colored with an attractive and intricate pattern of feathers.

The wings are made from 100% soft and silky chiffon, which can fold up to a very small and flat size. That means this costume will be very comfortable and won’t take up much space in your child’s room.

The mask is made from stiff and durable felt, and feathered details, and the crossed eyes give it a silly but attractive look. Instead of covering the face, this half-mask is meant to be worn over the forehead, leaving the eyes uncovered (as most kids prefer).

The mask and wings attach with soft, adjustable elastic, so this dress up costume for boys can be resized for kids of all sizes.

what we love

  • Half-mask leaves boys’ faces uncovered, which is what most kids prefer
  • Top-quality fabric materials make this durable
  • Space-saving, this dress up costume for boys folds entirely flat
  • High imaginative potential- owls can be simply animals or can be anthropomorphic or even have magical powers
  • Beautiful design with elaborate pattern and bright colors


  • Cost Score: 94/100
  • Quantity of Pieces: 90/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Quality of Materials: 100/100
  • Imaginative Potential: 100/100

Overall Score: 96.8/100

“Whooooo” wants to check out this cool owl costume on We are sure that all “wise” parents will want to inspire their child to play pretend in this impressive winged shawl and mask set!

3. Dress 2 Play Pretend Costume with Accessories: Chef

Chef Boy Costumes

One of the kids’ favorite ways to dress up is by putting on the uniform associated with an adult job.

Dressing up this way allows them to explore what mom and dad do all day, how society functions, and fantasize about what it might feel like to be an adult. They can also try out personas associated with different jobs, from a brave firefighter to an expert nurse. Dress 2 Play excels in providing an array of affordable adult profession boys’ dress up costumes.

Their Amazon store includes boys’ dress up costumes such as Animal Doctor, Astronaut, Builder, Contractor, Hairdresser, Handyman, Nurse, Pilot, Pirate, Police Chief, Soldier, and Surgeon. All are low-priced and well-accessorized, but our top pick in Best Dress Up Costumes for Boys is a Chef costume.

For a mere $20, you get several accessories in this boys’ (or girls’) dress up costume kit. There’s a long white chef jacket with red trim and three clear vinyl pockets, one of which holds an ID badge.

There’s also a white and red-trimmed chef’s hat and red checked fabric oven mitt, along with several tools of the trade: a set of plastic measuring spoons and a wooden knife, fork, and spoon.

Kids see food prepared every day in their households, and pretending to be a chef is a fun way for them to get in on the action.

And unlike costumes like a police officer or astronaut, they can add to the game with real-life household items (that is, if you’re willing to lend them a few pots and pans).

what we love

  • High-quality materials, including fabric, vinyl, and wood
  • Open-ended character has plenty of imagination potential
  • Can incorporate items from the kitchen to expand their range of play- at no added cost
  • Comes with multiple accessories (utensils and measuring spoons)


  • Cost Score: 92/100
  • Quantity of Pieces: 90/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Quality of Materials: 100/100
  • Imaginative Potential: 100/100

Overall Score: 96.4/100

Perfect for boys or girls, this DRESS 2 PLAY Chef’s costume will allow them to be a part of your family dinners every night! Bon Appetit!

4. Latocos Construction Worker Costume

Construction Worker Boy Costumes

Of all the occupations that boys see adults performing, the role of a Construction Worker is one of the most appealing.

These adults are physically strong, work outdoors, get dirty, and use powerful tools and big machines. It’s no wonder that a construction worker is one of the most popular boys’ dress up costumes there is.

Dissytoys makes a wonderfully complete and affordable construction worker costume set and deserves top billing in our best boys’ dress up costumes ranking. This set really shines in terms of the range of costume pieces and accessories that are included.

For a mere $20, you get no less than nine costume pieces: a saw, a hammer, 2 pairs of pliers, a screwdriver, a nylon vest, a construction hat, and a tool belt. The vest features reflective tape and two large pockets. The tool belt has an oversized pocket and a number of loops for holding tools.

This entire boys’ dress up costume is made from durable, wipe-clean materials and has an adjustable, so it can be worn by boys ages 2-7 years. The set even comes with a small toy engineering vehicle- you’ll get a random choice between a digger, drill, forklift, or bulldozer, all made from Lego-like mini bricks.

That’s a whole lot of imaginative play mileage for just $20. The set is also eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime.

what we love

  • Nine pieces, including 3 wearable costume pieces and many hard plastic tool accessories
  • Comes with toy vehicle made from mini-bricks which can be assembled by kids
  • Vest, hat, and tool belt can be work by a wide range of kids sizes


  • Cost Score: 88/100
  • Quantity of Pieces: 95/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Quality of Materials: 95/100
  • Imaginative Potential: 100/100

Overall Score: 95.6/100

For the little builder in your family, this is perfect to get them inspired by sparking their creativity! Buy it on today… Let them build!

5. Melissa & Doug Doctor Role-Play Dress Up Costume Set

Doctor Boy Costumes

NBC News has called Melissa and Doug “the gold standard in early childhood play,” and the company has won a host of awards for its line of well-made and affordable kid’s toys.

The company founders have 6 kids between them, and the company’s products are known for their simplicity, quality, and economical pricing. The Melissa & Doug Doctor Role-Play Dress Up Costume Set is no exception, offering top quality construction and thoughtful design, along with a reasonable price tag.

The boy’s dress up costume set comes with everything your child needs to explore the practice of medicine, with doctor’s jacket, surgical mask, stethoscope, reflex hammer, ear scope, injection syringe, and a reusable ID name tag.

The jacket and mask are made from soft white fabric trimmed with teal fabric that has a stethoscope pattern, and the jacket has oversized buttons that are easy for little fingers to manipulate. There are multiple clear vinyl pockets for holding the sturdy plastic medical tools as well.

For added fun and realism, the stethoscope actually makes realistic sound effects, which does require two batteries. Parents will appreciate that the jacket and face mask are fully machine washable, especially as white fabric shows dirt quickly.

what we love

  • Top-quality product from an award-winning toy brand, you’ll know you’re getting a well-made boys’ dress up costume
  • Doctor dress up can help fearful kids overcome worries about visits to the doctor
  • Can be used in a variety of ways to treat “sick” stuffed animals or play with friends
  • Stethoscope makes sounds for engaging play


  • Cost Score: 82/100
  • Quantity of Pieces: 90/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Quality of Materials: 100/100
  • Imaginative Potential: 100/100

Overall Score: 94.4/100

Say “Ahhhhh!” Who could use a doctor in the family? Inspire your young boy or girl to become a Physician or Veterinarian someday with this cute pretend outfit!

6. Yolsun Tan Fireman Costume for Kids

Fireman Boy Costumes

Firefighter costumes may follow a set uniform standard, yet they come in a range of styles, from cute and bright to gritty and realistic. The Yolsun Tan Fireman Costume falls into the latter category, looking convincingly similar to a real-life firefighter jumpsuit.

The boy’s dress up costume set from Yolsun includes a Jacket, long Pants, black Helmet, Chrome-colored Badge, bright red Fire extinguisher, Axe and ID Name tag, for a total of seven costume pieces.

The accessories are surprisingly large, and are made from sturdy plastic, along with convincing details like a pressure gauge on the extinguisher. Loops around the belt allow kids to attach the tools to the costume itself during play, just like a real firefighter.

The jacket and pants close with velcro, making them easy for little ones to put on and remove, and both can be machine washed for easy cleanup. We love the tan color of the suit, which looks realistic and is a fun alternative to the traditional red or yellow suits, along with the bright reflective tape details.

The outfit has three large pockets, including a clear vinyl one to display the name tag. This roomy dress up costume for boys can be worn by kids ages 3 to 7.

what we love

  • Very realistic firefighter costume, with traditional designs, chrome-like badges, and reflective tape
  • Large and realistic accessory tools (extinguisher and axe)
  • Encourages kids to think seriously about safety and rehearse heroic occupational roles


  • Cost Score: 76/100
  • Quantity of Pieces: 90/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Quality of Materials: 100/100
  • Imaginative Potential: 100/100

Overall Score: 93.2/100

“Fire in the hole!” – Well, let’s hope not… but your child can pretend to put out fires and save lives in this well-made and REALISTIC fireman costume!

7. ROKO Superhero Capes and Masks Costumes

Superhero capes Boy Costumes

You won’t find a cheaper boy’s dress-up costume on Amazon than the Superhero Capes and Masks set from ROKO.

This dress-up costume for boys is actually six Superhero-themed capes with matching masks. Every superhero needs a mask, right? These are affordable enough that you could order several sets and make these party favors at a Superhero-themed birthday party.

Each cape is double-sided and the neck closures are made from velcro for easy dress up and removal, and the masks stay in place with adjustable elastic. Because these accessories don’t go around arms, legs, or waists, they can be worn by kids of any size, from toddlers through age 12.

Superhero costumes are a great way for kids to pretend to have extreme powers that they lack in real life, but licensed characters can limit their imaginative play because they have established personalities, powers, and origin stories.

This boy’s dress-up costume set offers them six characters who could be anyone- a crime-fighting team, arch-rivals, or super-powered friends from alternate universes.

what we love

  • Six sets per package mean these can be shared with friends and siblings
  • Cheap enough to give away as party favors, and unisex design won’t limit who can use them
  • Open-ended character identities mean kids get to make up their own superheroes


  • Cost Score: 98/100
  • Quantity of Pieces: 95/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Quality of Materials: 90/100
  • Imaginative Potential: 95/100

Overall Score: 95.6/100

Calling all kids with IMAGINATIONS! If your child is the creative play type… this is the set for them! Can you IMAGINE the hours of play this set will provide? Hook up your little Superhero with a set of these… from Amazon!

9. Lingway Toys Kids’ Pirate Costume

Pirate Boy Costumes

Kids of all ages love pirates, from preschool fans of “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” to tween fans of “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Pirates are exotic, adventurous, and mysterious, and are somehow both villains and heroes.

Kids love to dress up as pirates, and more often than not, this type of fantasy play gets them out of the house and exploring or digging for treasure outside. Lingway Toys Kids’ Pirate Costume is a great choice in boy’s costumes for this genre, offering quite a few well-made pieces for a low price.

This boy’s costume set costs $20 and is eligible for free Prime shipping through Amazon. At this modest price, you’ll get an impressive quantity of costume pieces, a full 9 pirate items. These include a shirt, bandana, eye patch, compass, treasure map, cutlass sword, and coin bag.

The level of detail on these pieces is quite impressive. The black shirt has a tattered-looking scalloped edge and is embellished with a bandanna-wearing Jolly Roger skull and red vest. The coin bag has a drawstring and is filled with six tarnished-looking coins imprinted with skulls.

The map has a tattered look and is printed in detailed color, rolled, and tied with a red ribbon. Even the functioning compass comes in a hinged case that is designed to look like weathered brass, and the curved cutlass has an elaborate baroque handle.

The fabric shirt and bandana are machine washable, and the eyepatch is adjustable. Unlike many of the sets on our Best Dress Up Costumes for Boys list, the Lingway Toys Kids’ Pirate Costume is available in three sizes: 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8, so your child can be sure to get a costume that fits.

what we love

  • Encourages outdoor play, and is especially good for the sandbox, beach, pool or a cruise
  • Impressive realistic details in all the accessories
  • Total of 9 pieces included (15 if you count each of the pirate coins)
  • Available in three sizes for a perfect fit


  • Cost Score: 88/100
  • Quantity of Pieces: 95/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Quality of Materials: 95/100
  • Imaginative Potential: 95/100

Overall Score: 94.6/100

For everyday play or for Halloween, this Lingway Toys Kids’ Pirate Costume is perfect for your little buccaneer! ARRRGH!

10. Toiijoy Boys Dress Up Costume Trunk: Pirate, Policeman, Soldier, Firefighter

Costume trunk Boy Costumes

Instead of shopping around for individual costumes, you may want to simply get several inexpensive costumes at once.

If you’d like to jump-start your dress up costume chest, the Toiijoy Boys Dress Up Costume Trunk is the way to go. This costume set is actually four sets in one, with a total of 15 pieces all gathered together in a decorative costume box.

This boy’s dress up costume set features outfits for a Pirate, Policeman, Soldier, Firefighter. Each of the four boy costumes has a long-sleeved shirt (or vest in the case of the police officer) and matching pants, along with a hat that matches the theme.

There are a few extra accessories as well: the police officer’s hat has a chrome-colored plastic badge, the pirate costume comes with an eye patch, and there’s a walkie-talkie that would work equally well with the soldier, firefighter, or police officer outfit.

All four boy’s costumes are gathered together in one trunk, a detailed cardboard box that’s designed to look like an old-fashioned steamer trunk, complete with lock and buckles. The box adds presentation value and also helps keep everything organized, which is always a challenge where dress up costumes are concerned.

These four costumes can easily be shared among friends or with siblings, and one size fits most ages 3-10. The entire set costs just under $37, which works out to just $9 per costume. The Toiijoy Boys Dress Up Costume Trunk is also eligible for free and fast shipping through Amazon Prime.

what we love

  • High quantity of costume pieces- four complete costumes with a total of 15 pieces altogether
  • Machine washable outfits clean up easily
  • Decorative box keeps everything organized and adds presentation value


  • Cost Score: 74/100
  • Quantity of Pieces: 95/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Quality of Materials: 80/100
  • Imaginative Potential: 100/100

Overall Score: 89.8/100

Do you have several little boys in your life? Grandsons or Nephews? Does your son have a bestie? Perhaps, the Toiijoy Boys Dress Up Costume Trunk makes sense for your household! Order it today! Be ready for their next play date!

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