Written by Britt Lynn

You’re going to do lots and lots of math in your life, and most of it won’t even be for school. Math is all around you every single day.

Are you saving your allowance to buy some cool new clothes or toys, and want to know how far you have to go? You’ll need your addition and subtraction. Are you helping with dinner, and want to figure out how much food to make so that everyone gets enough? Get ready to multiply. Do you want to slice a cake so everybody gets the same size piece? Split a big bag of candy into goody bags for a party? Change a dollar bill into nickels or dimes? Division to the rescue!

But if it sounds like a lot of work for your brain to solve all those problems, don’t worry, because you’re going to have an amazing tool in your arithmetic toolbox: math facts. Math facts are all the sums, differences, products, and quotients of the numbers 0 through 9.

They’re the building blocks we use to solve problems and equations made of much bigger, more complex numbers. Kids who learn all the math facts will be able to solve those building-block problems in a split second – just by looking at them! It’s like having a superpower – you won’t need a calculator, because you’ll be a human calculator!

Math Resources

So are you ready to become a calculation sensation? Of course you are. But wait – does learning your math facts mean you have to sit at a desk and read the same old study sheet over and over again? No!

Learning the facts can be as fun as playing a game. In fact, kids can learn them by playing games. Let’s get started with these games and activities to help you ace addition, speed through subtraction, master multiplication, and dive right into division.

You’ll have so much fun you won’t even notice how much you’re learning! You can prepare a pizza party with the power of the plus or minus sign. You can divide your way to a million dollars (but only in the game – sorry!).

You can challenge your friends or parents to a times table road race. Before you know it, math facts will feel as easy and natural as the ABCs. So find a game that looks like fun, set it to the right level for you, and start your learning journey. Happy fact-finding!


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Counting Marbles Game

Make an Addition Pizza

Quiz Yourself Flashcards

Save the Spaceship Sums

Fast Addition Facts

Math Facts Resources


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Subtraction Picture Problems

Subtraction Problems

Animal Rescue Race

Math Practice Worksheets

Subtraction Action City Builder

Steer a Subtraction Tank

Fly a Subtraction Rocket

Subtraction Squirrel

Catch a Falling Star

Quest for Buried Treasure

Cool Subtraction Games


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Multiplier Speed Game

Tractor Tug-of-War

Meteor Blast Game

Multiplication Target Shooting

Times Table Quizzes

Multiply Across the Bridge

Product Powered Car Race

Multiplication Games

Multiplication Tools


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Division Worksheets

Division Videos

Duck Division

Word Problems with Divisors

Division Movie and Quiz

Division Practice Sheets

Destroy the Division Monster

Time Your Division Solving Skills

Division Problem Wheel