Sleep is crucial to keeping a healthy lifestyle. Everyone struggles to get as much sleep as they can—unless they’re children!

Kid Sleep Aids fact

It happened to us all: at one point, our parents had a hard time getting us to sleep. They wished they had safe and effective measures to put us to bed. During bedtime, kids would sneak their way out of the bedroom to play.

Parents are expected to know how to soothe their child’s anxieties caused by a bad dream. They should know how to put them back to sleep when nightmares wake them up. Moms and dads who have tried it all know how frustrating it can be!

Sleep is essential for children in their mental and physical development stages. Ample rest significantly impacts a child’s regulatory hormones, according to studies. After the start of a deep sleep, the most concentrated stage of growth hormone is released. Until four years of age, children need hands-on parents who help them form healthy sleeping habits.

Isn’t this a beautiful image of a child sleeping? Especially, after a long day of exhausting parenting! Can I get an “AMEN”?! …”AMEN!!”

sleep aids for kids

Do you “bribe” your children to sleep with some tasty treats? Sleep aid products for kids are the talk of the town this side of parenting.

Are Sleep Aids Safe for Children?

If you have exhausted all your energy putting your kid to sleep, try all-natural children’s sleep support supplements. Most of these flavored supplements contain Melatonin, a hormone responsible for regulating sleep. It typically works best for children with sleep difficulties because of autism, visual impairment, ADHD, or other developmental disorders.

According to the Sleep Health Foundation, Melatonin is perfectly safe for children and works for short-term sleep problems. So, what is the best melatonin for kids? First, it is imperative to check with your child’s doctor before giving your child an all natural kid’s sleep aid. And only with your doctor’s recommendation, keep in mind that long-term usage may apply to specific sleep issues associated with developmental conditions. The known side effects of melatonin for kids appear to be very rare.

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With that said, the question still remains: “What is the best sleep aid for toddlers and older children? There’s no right or wrong answer since each child will likely have a unique reaction or response to a natural melatonin-based sleeping aid. This is because each child has his or her own unique set of physical and mental factors, such as his age, daily diet, lifestyle habits including sleeping and waking patterns, and mental health. 

You, the parent, along with your child’s pediatrician have to discuss the best possible sleep aid to try first. You should then observe changes, if any, in your child’s sleeping patterns at night and discuss the necessary adjustments. You may find that, as with adults, it may take a bit of trial-and-error before the right combination of natural sleeping aid and sleeping habits can be found for your child.

Our list provides Amazon’s best five flavored, natural sleep aids for kids that they will love. Here you will find the most affordable and proven safe, natural supplements for your kids, all less than $15.00. The best sleep aid for kids is natural, tastes good, and is affordable.

Kid Sleep Aids

But first, don’t forget to consult with a pediatrician for professional advice regarding sleep aids! (We can’t stress this enough!) We attempt to answer the question “What is the best sleep aid for kids?” but we are not experts in the field and base our findings off of reviews and ratings of others’ experiences.  Your research should be inclusive to your child’s needs. 

1. Pure Zzzs Kidz Melatonin for Children

Vicks’ Pure Zzzs Kidz Melatonin

What is the best natural sleep aid for children? Vicks’ Pure Zzzs Kidz Melatonin for Children is one of the best kid-friendly supplements to help your children fall asleep naturally and safely. This product is suitable for ages 4 and up.

Due to its low dose of melatonin, the Vicks Pure ZZZs Kidz age range can even be as young as two years old! To provide your children the good night’s sleep they deserve, Vicks’ not only provides a melatonin-based supplement, but it also provides a unique and drug-free botanical blend of Chamomile and Lavender.

Pure ZZZs Kidz for 2 year old toddlers will not affect their normal biological processes, too, because only botanical components are used. It has a low dose of Melatonin as a means to help them fall asleep in the most natural way it can, making Pure Zzzs Kidz one of the best melatonin brand for kids and all natural sleep aid for toddlers.

Your child will love the Pure Zzzs Melatonin gummy supplements; they’d be glad to have up to two of these 30 minutes before bedtime. Each bottle of Vicks melatonin kids natural sleep aid contains 48 pieces of 0.5mg gummies.

While it is generally safe for your children to have Vicks’ melatonin-based gummies in moderation, you need to consult a physician for the best results. Also, this supplement is not a recommended treatment or cure for any disease for your children.

There are no known Vicks Pure ZZZs Kidz side effects with proper use (i.e., under medical supervision and only given to children as prescribed by the pediatrician)

A trusted name in healthcare, you can’t go wrong with this Vicks’ sleep aid for toddlers!

2. MAV Nutrition Sleep Aid for Kids

MAV Nutrition Sleep Aid

A melatonin, children’s sleep support supplement infused with calming herbs, MAV Nutrition Sleep Aid for Kids, contains chamomile flower extract, lemon balm extract, and valerian root extract.

These are common ingredients in many all natural kids sleep aid supplements, of course, but the Mav manufacturers used a unique formula to ensure safety and efficacy of use, even among toddlers. Its calming herbs combination provides an optimum effect as a sleep-promoting supplement. One bottle has 60 chewable tablets and is recommended for children ages four and above. It only contains 0.2mg of Melatonin, making it an all natural children’s sleep aid as an alternative to sleeping pills.

With MAV’s mission to a healthy and all-natural solution to the modern diet, these sleep aids are based on a non-GMO formula as well as no preservatives for both flavor and color. It has a delicious fruity taste that reminds children of candies, making it easier for them to intake.

One of the unique characteristics of MAV’s Nutrition Sleep Aid for Kids is it has a non-forming habit. These sleep-promoting chewable tablets promote a natural calm and solution to sleeplessness without having your children to be entirely dependent on it.

Made only with premium ingredients, this Melatonin for kids’ supplements have been tested by a third-party laboratory to make sure of only the safest quality and purity. As melatonin gummies for 4 year old, children ages four years and up can take one tablet daily, recommended after having a meal or as prescribed by your child’s physician.

The MAV’s Nutrition Sleep Aid for Kids provides a great chewable option for your child!

3. Mel-O-Licious Melatonin Gummies for Kids

Mel-O-Licious Melatonin Gummies

Are you having some challenges with your children in making them fall asleep? As a parent, do you only prefer the safest option for your children to take sleep aids? Of course, you do!

Mel-O-Licious Melatonin Gummies for Kids is one of the safest sleep aid gummies for kids that is recommended by pediatricians. It is a natural supplement for your kids to reduce night-time anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, and even jetlag. These supplements contain a natural berry flavor that provides a kid-friendly chewable taste – and it’s among the reasons for its inclusion as the best melatonin gummies for kids.

Many children are hesitant, even hate, taking medicines because of the bad, bitter taste it leaves in their mouth. But not so with the sweet berry flavor of these melatonin gummies for kids! It comes in fruit-shaped forms of oranges, bananas, grapes, and strawberries, which makes it a fun way for your child to intake. Mel-O-Licious gummies by Maxi Health has been exclusively formulated with 1mg Melatonin for young kids as a natural sleep remedy.

Mel-O-Licious Gummies for Kids are made with all natural ingredients. This GMP-certified and FDA-approved product are 100% safe with gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly content. Also, these gummies do not contain artificial colorings or flavorings as well as zero preservatives. Maxi Health’s melatonin-based sleep supplements have been proven to improve your child’s sleep quality without harmful side effects, without risking dependency on the supplements, withdrawal symptoms, and morning hangover.

One gummy 30 minutes before sleeping can help your kids to relax, mellow down, and fall into a good deep sleep. Mel-O-Licious is one of the best melatonin gummies for toddlers or teenagers!

Mel-O-Licious, an all-natural children’s sleep aid, has to be the best name ever for a sleep aid… with great reviews on Amazon! Get it ordered today!

4. Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Sleep Supplement

 Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Sleep Aid

Another pediatrician-recommended sleep aid supplement for kids is Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Sleep Supplement that contains 1mg of Melatonin. These melatonin-infused gummies are recommended for children ages three and up.

Each gummy has a natural berry flavor from real fruit extracts, a common observation in many Zarbee’s melatonin for toddlers reviews along with its safe and effective effect on children, which makes it an excellent option for your kids. Made with premium ingredients, Zarbee’s melatonin sleep supplements are drug-free and alcohol-free.

It does not contain artificial colors or flavors neither making it one of the best melatonin gummies for kids! It has zero fructose corn syrup, making it an all-natural alternative to support sleep promotion for your children. Many inferior sleep aid gummies for kids tend to contain artificial ingredients including sugar resulting in side effects, such as hyperactivity instead of sleepiness. 

You get one bottle containing 50 gummies recommended for children at least three years old. A father and pediatrician found this product; parents can rest easy knowing that Zarbee’s Naturals melatonin supplements are safe without the usual side effects such as grogginess. It does not promote dependency for sleeplessness, either. The company is committed to providing only the most effective and safe wellness products for all ages.

Children can start their intake with one gummy before bedtime. Like other  other children’s sleep gummies with melatonin, it is best to consult your child’s physician for proper dosage. Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Melatonin Berry Gummies is a supplement product that does not have proven medicinal properties.

Zarbee’s Naturals Sleep Supplement for Children is an excellent choice!

5. Chapter One Melatonin Gummies

Chapter One Melatonin Gummies

One of the cheapest and most effective melatonin supplements for your children is Chapter One Melatonin Gummies that contains 2.5mg of Melatonin for a beautiful good night’s sleep.

A bottle of 60 gummies are manufactured in a safe and state-of-the-art GMP-approved facility. It contains only the highest and premium-grade ingredients and is free of gluten, eggs, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, and dairy. It’s then highly recommended as the children’s melatonin gummies for kids with known allergic reactions to these food items.

Infused with a fruit-flavored taste, it is one of the most delicious chewable gummies for promoting restful sleep and perfectly works with the body’s natural sleep patterns. Parents look for the best tasting melatonin gummies because it can be a challenge to convince children to take their medicines! With these, kids calming gummies, fortunately, your child will love the fruit-flavored taste and sweet aftertaste!

Chapter One’s melatonin gummies promote healthy sleep cycles and good quality of sleep, without causing dependency. With healthy sleep patterns, you will see your children improve their mood, which ultimately helps in their development and growth.

Most parents have only given one gummy to their children and have already witnessed immediate results. It regulates children’s sleep cycle without significantly altering their sleeping habits.

Chapter One Melatonin Gummies are a must-have for safe and effective sleep for your children’s good health!

Things to Consider

Should I consult my pediatrician before administering melatonin or any other type of sleep aid?

Yes, before giving your child any sort of over-the-counter medication, please check with your pediatrician for the best advice. They can give you their recommendations, as well as the correct dosage suitable for your child’s age, weight, and needs.  

Keep in mind that while the best natural sleep aid for kids is formulated with kids’ safety and made with natural ingredients, it may not be suitable or safe for your child. Natural sleeping aids are targeted for the general population but a child with an underlying medical condition should be checked by his/her pediatrician first.

Why is my child having trouble falling asleep?

As parents, we know why we can’t fall asleep easily. The stress of running a household, working a full-time job, money issues, and parenting can take a toll on one’s sleep patterns, no doubt. But with kids, they have their own set of problems; although, parents may not realize what they are. Here are a few reasons that may hinder your child’s sleep: 

  • Children have active imaginations; they hear or “see” things that upset or scare them. The “boogie man” is often an uninvited guest that creeps into the mind of little ones. 
  • Kids are often afraid of the dark.
  • Your child may not like being alone.
  • Some children naturally fight the need for sleep. 
  • Medical issues or breathing problems, such as sleep apnea or snoring often hinder a child’s sleep. Medications also prevent sleep in some children. 
  • Many suffer from separation anxiety as the parent leaves the room… perhaps they do not feel safe.
  • Sometimes, children get “overly tired,” especially if they skipped naptime. 
  • They lack a bedtime routine or a slow-down period before time to get ready for bed. 
  • A poor diet often causes sleep problems, such as too much sugar before bed, or too many liquids keeping them awake going to the bathroom… also used as an excuse to get up!
  • And, perhaps the most applicable excuse for not going to sleep is the possibility of nightmares. Once a child has them, they have a hard time forgetting them.  

What will help my child fall asleep?

Your pediatrician may recommend that you try a safe and all-natural sleep aid for kids to help your child get a good night’s rest. In our picks of the 5 Best Natural Flavored Sleep Aids for Kids, you will find chewables and gummies that taste good, that have excellent customer reviews, and are affordable. They all are melatonin-based to give your children the sleep support supplement they need for good health… which in turn, helps you as the parent out as well! 

What is melatonin and how does it help children fall asleep faster?

Produced by the pineal gland within the brain, melatonin is a natural hormone that varies in our body, depending on the time of day. Often, in the bright light of the day, it decreases significantly and as the day goes by and darkness ascends, the melatonin levels in our body begin to increase making us sleepy.

If your child has trouble falling asleep, whatever the reason may be, then an all-natural sleep aid supplement that contains melatonin might be just what will relax them and prepare their body for a quality night’s rest.  

What age is recommended to start sleep aids, if needed?

In general, all-natural sleep aids for toddlers are not recommended until the age of three years old. Under the age of three, natural sleep is the best, of course. Studies show that under the age of three, most sleep issues are due to behavioral problems that can be remedied by a regular bedtime routine. 

How much melatonin should a child be allowed to have?

Melatonin comes in several dosage amounts, ranging from 0.5 mg to upwards of 6 mg. It’s always best to consult with your pediatrician on exact dosage, but most recommend beginning with the least amount possible and increasing it as needed. Most younger children benefit from 1 mg per dose. 

Most sleep aids for children have dosage recommendations on their labels, too. But if you want to be on the safe side, you should consult with your child’s pediatrician. Even the best melatonin for kids natural supplement has its drug interactions; examples include melatonin’s possible adverse interactions with sedatives medications, anti-diabetes drugs, and immunosuppressants.

Will melatonin leave my child groggy the next morning? Are there any side-effects?

As with any sleep aid, some residual effects may be an issue. When given in the proper dosage and at the correct time before actual bedtime, side effects are limited, if any.

But this isn’t to say that the best sleep aid for kids don’t have side effects even when administered under medical supervision. Occasionally, the following may occur in which you should consult your pediatrician, adjust dosage, or stop the medication: 

  • Excessive drowsiness the next morning, 
  • Nausea and/or abdominal pain, 
  • Anxiety,
  • Headache,
  • Irritability, 
  • Depression, 
  • Dizziness.

Does melatonin come in liquid form?

Yes, if your child does not like chewables or gummies, melatonin does come in the form of a liquid. The Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Sleep Liquid with Melatonin Supplement is a great choice! Please be advised, however, that this product is still recommended for ages three and over! 

Besides sleep aids, how can I get my child to fall asleep at bedtime?

Safe sleep aids for children should be given to kids in conjunction with healthy lifestyle habits! As their name implies, these are natural supplements formulated to stimulate the body’s natural sleeping behavior. 
Melatonin is a hormone produced by the body to regulate its sleep-wake cycle. But when there are underlying issues, the sleep-wake cycle in children can be altered resulting in their sleep deprivation, among others. This is where natural sleep aids for children come in – the melatonin in these supplements cue the body that, indeed, it’s sleeping time.

As parents, sometimes we run out of options when it comes to bedtime… and sleep aids may work for your child, giving relief to everyone in the home; however, if you’d rather look for other ways before trying melatonin, take a look at these suggestions: 

  • Regulate naptime – Don’t let your child take a two hour nap right before bedtime. 
  • Keep them moving during the day, releasing excess energy, 
  • An hour before bedtime, turn off TV’s, video games, and all other bright screen-related smartphones, tablets, or computers. 
  • No caffeine or excessive liquids before bedtime.
  • Have a bedtime routine, including bath time, brushing teeth, and perhaps a quiet bedtime story. 
  • A cool, dark bedroom is conducive for a good night’s sleep. 

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