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Trampolines are timeless. It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are, the thrill of jumping higher than you could normally is an irresistible treat.

This is the kind of fun you can share with your entire family. With the right trampoline, you can get hours of fun for you and your kids for a very reasonable price.

Trampoline play can be a great exercise. It can improve coordination, teach jumpers gymnastic moves, and most importantly: get them away from screens and off the couch.

Not all trampolines are created equal. Some are safer than others. Some are made with better materials and will last longer than others. You should be prepared for a trampoline to break at some point, but it’s all about how much you can get out of it.

Some of the trampolines on this list even combine basketball with bouncing, sweetening the deal even further.

Keep in mind when reading the reviews: some trampolines come defective from the factory. With the right warranty, you can get replacement parts and get back to the fun.

We’ve ranked these trampolines based on price, safety, type of use, and customer reviews. Let’s see what we found!

1) 2020 Upgraded Dinosaur Camo Kids Trampoline


trampoline one

This trampoline comes with a slick dinosaur design and colorway. It can be used inside or outdoors and has a handle plus a foldable design. It’s easy to assemble and was designed with safety in mind.

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee on this trampoline in case you don’t like it. It’s quiet and has rubber-tipped legs to prevent floor scratching. It weighs under 18 pounds and can handle toddlers to adults up to 220 pounds.

What We Love:

  • Users were happy with the sturdiness of this trampoline.
  • Owners said their children loved this trampoline.
  • Reviewers said it was easy to assemble.
  • One owner said it could support up to 220 pounds.
  • That same user was happy with this product as a workout tool for kids and adults.
  • One reviewer said this product is great for tiring out kids before bed.
  • Owners praised the customer service they received after having some trouble with this product.


Price: (3rd) Score: 91/100
General or Specialized Use: Specialized
Reviews: 4.3 (4th) Score: 88/100
Safety: 8 (3rd) Score: 91/100
Overall Score: 90/100

Not only for kids, but this trampoline can also handle adults up to 220 pounds. Get it on Amazon!

2) Lovely Snail Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

trampoline two

The Lovely Snail trampoline is unique! It comes with a basketball hoop that kids can dunk on and practice jumping with a goal in mind. It has a five-foot diameter and netting around it. The weight limit on it is 220 pounds.

It was built to keep children from hitting the springs, and with protective guards around the poles that hold it up. It can be used indoors, or outside.

What We Love:

  • Users called it a perfect indoor trampoline.
  • Owners said toddlers loved it.
  • Children spent hours with this trampoline, owners said.
  • One reviewer loved how it’s big enough for two toddlers to enjoy at the same time.
  • Owners said it was easy to assemble.
  • It comes with tools to help build it.
  • Users praised its durability.


Price: (5th) Score: 85/100
General or Specialized Use: General
Reviews: 4.3 (4th) 88/100
Safety: 8 (3rd) 91/100
Overall Score: 88/100

This one is just the right size for your indoor playroom!  Get it in two days with Amazon Prime!

3) Happy Trampoline – Galactic Xtreme

trampoline three

This heavy-duty trampoline is the most expensive on our list, but it makes up for that in size and durability. This trampoline is 14 feet round and can hold up to 550 pounds. There are 96 springs inside this monster, which comes with a safety enclosure that encases the entire jumping zone.

This trampoline was endorsed by Olympic skier Bode Miller and has six sturdy legs to support bouncing. This trampoline has a lifetime warranty. You can expect priceless customer service and on-time delivery when you order.

What We Love:

  • The only customer review praised this trampoline profusely.
  • Larger than many other trampolines.
  • It can hold more weight than most trampolines.
  • Rare lifetime warranty.
  • Built for young jumpers through those doing gymnastic training.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Can pay for installation if desired.
  • 9” long springs.


Price: (10th) 70/100
General or Specialized Use: General
Reviews: 5 (1st) 97/100
Safety: 9 (1st) 97/100
Overall Score: 88/100

Get the whole family jumping on this one! 

4) Merax 15 FT Trampoline

trampoline four

The Galactic Xtreme gets some competition here, as we feature another massive trampoline. This Merax trampoline is 15 feet, with a 6-foot high safety net. It has galvanized, rust-resistant steel and six legs to prop it up.

Just to sweeten the bounce this trampoline also comes with a basketball hoop. The backboard is in front of a net to prevent balls from leaving the trampoline. There’s also a durable pad frame and padded support poles riding up the safety net to keep kids from injuring themselves.

What We Love:

  • Customers said this was easy to set up.
  • Reviewers were happy with how quickly this trampoline was delivered.
  • Owners were very happy with the 375-pound weight capacity.
  • Users said this trampoline was an excellent value buy.
  • Kids loved this trampoline, according to reviews.
  • Reviewers were especially complimentary of the basketball hoop.
  • Many users wrote their expectations were met or exceeded.


Price: (8th) 76/100
General or Specialized Use: General
Reviews: 4.7 (3rd) 91/100
Safety: 9 (1st) 97/100
Overall Score: 88/100

The Merax Trampoline will ensure loads of fun for the kiddos and yourself!  

5) Kinetic Trampolines K12-6BE

trampoline five

This Kinetic brand trampoline features 12 feet of bouncing and can hold up to 250 pounds. It meets the latest safety standards and has 72 springs to offer the ultimate bounce. It has an “impact-absorbent enclosure system” that features six padded poles and netting.

There’s also a sturdy “Sure-Lock safety pad” to further assure safety. This trampoline is great for hours of fun for kids and parents alike.

What We Love:

  • Owners were overwhelmingly happy with this product.
  • Kids were very happy with this product, with users repeatedly saying they “loved” it.
  • One user said this device was very high quality.
  • A customer found this trampoline could take a lot of abuse.
  • Owners said it was great for the money.


Price: (6th) 82/100
General or Specialized Use: General
Reviews: 4.3 (4th) 88/100
Safety: 8 (3rd) 91/100
Overall Score: 87/100

Check this out on Amazon… For the young and young at heart!

6) Zupapa Trampoline

trampoline six

The Zupapa trampoline comes in three sizes, 12, 14, and 15 feet. They also clock in at 164, 184, and 192 pounds respectively. These models are known for their tough steel, great frame, and net poles that Zupapa says should last decades.

Backing up their durability claims is a ten-year warranty for the frame, two years for the jumping mat, safety pad net, and springs. Replacements for broken parts will be sent at no cost to customers. It was designed with safety in mind, including more galvanized springs than competitors.

What We Love:

  • Users were very happy with the customer service with these products.
  • Reviewers praised the safety of this trampoline.
  • Owners loved the design on these trampolines.
  • Customers were happy with how easy and quick it was to build these products.
  • Many users praised the fun their kids had on this.
  • Users said this was better than other trampolines.
  • Owners repeatedly praised their overall experience with Zupapa.


Price: (9th) 73/100
General or Specialized Use: General
Reviews: 4.8 (2nd) 94/100
Safety: 8 (3rd) 91/100
Overall Score: 86/100

What better way to get in your cardio and lose a few pounds? Amazon Prime will ship it for free!

7) Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump’N Dunk

trampoline seven

This Skywalker trampoline was built with safety in mind above all else. This product was repeatedly tested to make sure it was safe, and meet all standards. It has a 3-year limited warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty for all other pieces.

This trampoline comes with a great mini-basketball hoop that was built to dunk on without it falling apart. The entire trampoline can support 200 pounds. There’s a no gap safety enclosure surrounded by durable springs.

What We Love:

  • Owners commended the ease of assembly on this trampoline.
  • Reviewers praised the spaciousness of this trampoline.
  • Kids loved the basketball hoop.
  • One customer said kids preferred this to video games.
  • Customers raved about the construction on this trampoline.


Price: (7th) 79/100
General or Specialized Use: General
Reviews: 4.3 (4th) 88/100
Safety: 8 (3rd) 91/100
Overall Score: 86/100

If you have a basketball player in the family… this one is a SLAM DUNK! Get it from!

8) Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline

trampoline Eight

Skywalker returns with a miniature model that comes in several sizes. This is more of an indoor trampoline for smaller children. It prizes safety above all else.

This mini trampoline has a 360 degree padded handlebar for stability. It also has an enclosure net. There are themed jumping mats to encourage bouncing. This trampoline also features a 3-year limited warranty on the frame and 1-year limited warranty on the other materials.

This trampoline is great for encouraging active, imaginative play.

What We Love:

  • Owners said two and three-year-olds loved this trampoline.
  • Reviewers praised the safety design on this trampoline.
  • Customers said this trampoline was great for kids with sensory issues.
  • One owner said this trampoline lasted a lot longer than they expected it to.
  • Users were happy with the value they got out of this trampoline.


Price: (3rd) 91/100
General or Specialized Use: General
Reviews: 4 (8th) 76/100
Safety: 8 (3rd) 91/100
Overall Score: 86/100

For the beginner trampoline bouncer, this one is great!!!

9) Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer

trampoline nine

This Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer is small, portable, and designed for working out. Trampoline exercise works many different muscles and also improves balance and coordination. You’ll burn calories, bump up your heart rate, and much more.

This trampoline was designed with safety in mind. It can handle up to 250 pounds. It comes with a handlebar and is a great way to mix up your exercise routine.

What We Love:

  • Customers praised the safety bar.
  • Owners called this trampoline, “wonderful.”
  • Even people over 70 enjoyed this trampoline.
  • One user said this was great for a 3-year-old.


Price: 1st (97/100)
General or Specialized Use: Specialized
Reviews: 4 (8th) 76/100
Safety: 7 (9th) 73/100
Overall Score: 82/100

Great exercise for ages 3 to 103… Check it out on Amazon!

10) Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

trampoline ten

This Amazon exclusive is great for toddlers. Three to six-year-olds will love the handlebar for added stability, and the bouncing to tire themselves out.

It’s made out of plastic and metal and can handle a max weight of 55 pounds. Only one kid at a time! It’s the perfect thing to tuck in a corner of a kid’s room.

What We Love:

  • Users said kids had a lot of fun with this trampoline.
  • One customer said this trampoline was so good they bought two.
  • Customers said they could build this in 15 minutes.
  • It’s mostly already built.
  • One user said this was great for their kid who struggles with sensory issues.
  • Reviewers said their kids loved using this multiple times a day.


Price: (2nd) 94/100
General or Specialized Use: Specialized
Reviews: 3.9 (10th) 70/100
Safety: 6 (10th) 70/100
Overall Score: 78/100

Are you ready to tucker your toddler out? Let them bounce their way right into a good nap with the Little Tikes 3″ Trampoline, offered through Amazon!

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