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Learning to ride a bike…

Just like learning to swim and read, biking is essential to a child’s development. However, you don’t want to put your kid on just any bike. You want a bike that’s safe, durable, and won’t cost a lot of money, especially when it’s intended for kids to learn how to ride on.

Biking is among the most intuitive and pleasurable activities. In a time where children are spending far too much time indoors and sedentary, biking is an exciting pastime that most people can take part in. Remember the wind in your hair and the freedom of your first independent rides? Realizing that something that you once found scary or daunting was now easy to do?

Learning to bike ride teaches kids that they can accomplish things they set their minds on. It leads to future competence and confidence in physical activity and beyond.

Start them early…

You don’t want your kid to be unable to bike after most other kids have learned how. That’s why it’s great to start them riding early with a bike that was built to keep them safe and teach them how to balance and ride at a pace that works for them.

Find a bike that fits your child’s needs…

On this ranking, we’ve considered bike prices, their quality as defined by the number of reviews, the average rating, and design options and sizes.

Check out warranty options carefully to make sure you can get a bike or parts replaced if they are defective. Some of the reviews specifically address customer service, so you can make sure you can get a replacement piece or bike if there are any problems with your purchase.

Here are ten of the best bikes for kids that are on the market today:

1) JOYSTAR Kid’s Bike with Training Wheels


The Joystar was designed with training wheels for young riders to learn how to ride. This bike comes in four options, 12, 14, 16, and 18-inch sizes. There’s a kickstand for the 18-inch version.

It’s made of high-grade steel, has a pedal brake, and DIY decals. The body is 85% pre-assembled and takes about 20 minutes to complete assembly. The sizes range from 2-4 year-olds, 3-5 year-olds 4-7 year-olds, and 5-9 year-olds at its various sizes.

What reviewers said:

  • Users praised this bike as sturdy.
  • They said the assembly was easy.
  • Customers said the bike made kids very happy.
  • Reviewers called the materials quality.
  • Owners praised the value of this bike.
  • Customers said this bike rides smooth.


Price: (2nd) 94/100
Quality (review scores out of five): (3rd) 4.6/5 91/100
Design Options/Sizes: (7th) 79/100
Overall Score: 89.5/100

Get your child rolling today on the JOYSTAR kid’s bike today… Order through Amazon!

2) Guardian Kid’s Bikes Ethos


This bike was designed with safety in mind, using Guardian’s SureStop technology. SureStop features a brake lever that controls both wheels. This allows kids to stop 44% faster than other bikes, which prevents flying off the bike.

This bike comes in 16, 20, and 24-inch versions. Some versions have multiple speeds, while others feature one. The Ethos comes with a 30-day trial and lifetime frame guarantee. The bike can be ready to ride after 10 minutes of assembly and comes with all the tools needed to get it on the road.

What reviewers said:

  • Users said this bike was designed with kids proportions in minds.
  • Reviewers said this bike was made with great materials.
  • Owners praised the lightness of this bike.
  • Reviewers praised the Guardian’s customer service.
  • Owners were happy with the price and value of this item.
  • Reviewers said they’re loyal to Guardian bikes.
  • Owners said assembly was easy.


Price: (9th) 73/100
Quality (review scores out of five): (2nd) 4.8/5 94/100
Design Options/Sizes: (1st) 97/100
Overall Score: 87.25/100

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3) COEWSKE Kid’s Bike

kids bike

This sporty bike comes in 14, 16, and 18-inch sizes. It has training wheels to help kids get accustomed to riding. It has wide tires to prevent blowouts and provides a smooth ride.

There’s a wider footrest than in comparable models. This bike is easy to assemble and comes with the tools needed to do so. The chain is completely enclosed so kids don’t get their fingers trapped inside it.

What reviewers said:

  • Reviewers said this bike was worth the money.
  • Owners said this bike was high quality.
  • Users said this bike had cool wheels.
  • Reviewers called it “beautiful and classy.”
  • An owner said the company quickly responded and fixed their only problem with this bike.


Price: (3rd) 91/100
Quality (review scores out of five): (4th) 4.3/5 88/100
Design Options/Sizes: (4th) 88/100
Overall Score: 85.75/100

The COEWSKE has an important safety feature… a covered chain to protect little hands! Buy it now at Amazon!

4) RoyalBaby Girls Kid’s Bike Jenny


This bike for girls comes in 5 sizes: 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20-inches. It features a basket, a gorgeous pink paint job, and the 20-inch model has a kickstand. It also comes with a water bottle and cage, a bell, and tools to assemble it.

It has an enclosed chain guard, non-slip pedals, and a one-piece crank. The rims and tires are durable, and the brake was built for kids. This bike is stylish and functional.

What reviewers said:

  • Users praised this bike’s construction.
  • One customer called it safe and sturdy.
  • A reviewer in Hawaii said the bike came in great shape despite traveling a long way.
  • Customers were happy with how much it had been assembled.
  • Reviewers praised how stylish the bike was.
  • Kids look adorable on this bike.
  • The bike offers a smooth ride.
  • Great for 3-5-year-olds.


Price: (6th) 82/100
Quality (review scores out of five): (8th) 3.9/5 76/100
Design Options/Sizes: (2nd) 94/100
Overall Score: 85.75/100

This one has a cool bell! Amazon Prime can have it at your house within two days!

5) Guardian Kid’s Bike ethos

71c2O0mNAAL. AC SL1500

This Guardian bike comes in 16, 20, and 24-inch sizes. It’s got Guardian’s Surestop brake system, making it safer and quicker to stop than the competition. It comes 99% assembled with the tools you need to complete the job (in less than 10 minutes.)

The bike has 6-speeds, an easy reach lever, double-wall rims, and a kickstand. It’s intended for kids 5-9 years old. It’s lightweight, has eye-popping decals, and is known for its control and stability. The bike doesn’t have training wheels so kids can learn to balance more efficiently.

What reviewers said:

  • Owners compared it to high-quality adult bikes.
  • Users repeatedly praised its quality.
  • Reviewers said this bike was extremely safe.
  • Customers praised the brakes on this bike.
  • Users praised its thoughtful design.
  • Owners said this bike was great for new riders.


Price: (10th) 70/100
Quality (review scores out of five): (1st) 4.9/5 97/100
Design Options/Sizes: (2nd) 94/100
Overall Score: 85/100

Amazon offers this impressive bike online… but it does not come with training wheels, so it is best for the experienced rider!

6) Schwinn Petunia and Grit Bicycle with Training Wheels

petunia grit

This cute, pink Petunia version is perfect for the earliest riders. It lets parents steer or push the bike with a push handle that comes with a water bottle holder. The bike also comes with training wheels.

The training wheels and push handle can both be detached as your child gets better at riding. There’s a fully enclosed chain guard to keep kids’ fingers out of danger. The bike comes in pink or orange. Unlike other bikes, it can be used by 2-4-year-olds.

What reviewers said:

  • Users loved the push element of this bike.
  • Customers said it was worth the money.
  • Reviewers said this bike rides smoothly.


Price: (1st) 97/100
Quality (review scores out of five): (10th) 3.5/5 70/100
Design Options/Sizes: (9th) 73/100
Overall Score: 84.25/100

Parents can teach their little ones to ride with safety through Amazon’s Schwinn Petunia and Grit Bicycle!

7) Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

mongoose e1575411522163

This bike comes in three sizes, 16, 18, and 20-inch models. It’s got high-quality for the street, a low fork, and geometry that facilitates BMX riding. It’s durable, responsive, and stylish to book.

The strong alloy rims are a treat, and the rear alloy U brake allows quick stopping. The wheels are voluptuous. The Mongoose Legion was designed for new riders and is intended for riders 3’6” and under.

What reviewers said:

  • Users said this bike was nice looking.
  • Customers were very happy with the size of this bike.
  • Reviewers said their sons and daughters loved this bike.
  • Owners said there was room to grow on this bike.
  • Customers said this bike was easy to assemble.
  • Users said this bike was assembled in 15 minutes or less.
  • Users said this bike had great value.


Price: (8th) 76/100
Quality (review scores out of five): (6th) 4/5 82/100
Design Options/Sizes: (4th) 95/100
Overall Score: 83.25/100

Do you have a budding BMX rider at home? Why not put them on this bike for beginner experience?!  Buy it on Amazon Prime!

8) HILAND Bicycle

61HdeUcujDL. AC SL1200

This Hiland bike comes in a 20-inch size. There are eight different colors to choose from. It’s made for kids who are 42″ to 56” tall. It’s easy to get on due to its 10″ step over design.

This bike was built with quality carbon steel which is sturdy but easy to balance on. The chain guard is enclosed to keep the kid’s hands away and rust out. The bike comes 85% assembled and has tools to get it the rest of the way. Owners should be able to get it ready to ride in 20 minutes or less.

What reviewers said:

  • Owners called this bike high quality.
  • Customers said this bike looks great.
  • Owners called this bike cute.
  • Price varies depending on the color you choose.
  • One reviewer said this was great for a 5 to 9-year-old to ride.


Price: (3rd) 91/100
Quality (review scores out of five): (6th) 4/5 82/100
Design Options/Sizes: (4th) 95/100
Overall Score: 82.75/100

Amazon offers this bike in several colors. Choose one to pique your child’s interest in riding!

9) Huffy Kids Bike Go Girl & Ignyte

ignyte e1575411657234

This Huffy bike comes in two models: quick connect and regular assembly. The quick-connect version has fewer assembly steps. It’s designed for kids aged 5-9.

The bike can come in four colors, comes with a kickstand, and has pegs that can facilitate some simple tricks. It’s a single-speed bike that splits the difference between BMX and a standard, run of the mill bike. This bike comes with durable steel construction and a limited lifetime warranty.

What reviewers said:

  • One reviewer said this bike was easy to assemble.
  • Reviewers said this was great for a small 8-year-old.
  • An owner praised this bike’s value.
  • Multiple owners called this bike sturdy.
  • Customers praised the mud guard and kick stand on this bike.
  • Many reviewers said this was easy to assemble.


Price: (7th) 79/100
Quality (review scores out of five): (8th) 3.9/5 76/100
Design Options/Sizes: (7th) 79/100
Overall Score: 79/100

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10) Diamondback Bicycles Tess Youth Girls 20

Diamondback Bicycles Tess 20

The Tess is perfect for the “gear-shifting” beginner. It has a 6-speed drive that makes shifting gears easy. It’ll also help small kids climb steeper hills.

The bike has linear-pull brakes that have adjustable reach levers. This keeps kids safe and in control. A strong 40mm travel fork will absorb shock as a larger bike would. It’s intended for riders 44”-54” and 4-9 years old.

What reviewers said:

  • Users said this bike was easy to assemble.
  • Customers gushed about their daughters loving this bike.
  • Reviewers said this bike was versatile and sturdy.
  • Reviewers said this bike gave their kids a confidence boost.
  • Owners called this bike attractive.


Price: (5th) 85/100
Quality (review scores out of five): (5th) 4.2/5 85/100
Design Options/Sizes: (10th) 70/100
Overall Score: 78.25/100

What are you waiting for? Get moving today with this awesome Diamondback bicycle! Amazon is waiting to send it to you… just say when!

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