Baby gifts

Whether you’re shopping for a baby shower or first birthday gift or setting up your own baby registry, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of baby gifts available.

With so many cute and practical baby items out there, and with options for every lifestyle and budget, it can be tough to know where to start. We’ve compiled this ranking of the Best Baby Gifts to help you narrow down your choices, by bringing together the best of the best.

What makes a good baby gift?

William Morris once said, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” When it comes to the nursery, that’s true as well-attractive baby gifts and useful baby gifts are always appreciated.

Of course, the best baby gifts of all are those that are both useful and beautiful. Fortunately, many baby toy and gear companies today are creating thoughtfully designed items that really make life easier for parents and actually look good while doing it. We’ve looked for the baby gifts that bring together practical value and attractive design.

Will it last?

Of course, quality counts as well. No one wants to give- or receive- a baby gift that will break or wear out quickly. You’ll want to give a baby gift that’s well-crafted using high-end, and perhaps even all-natural, materials. We’ve ranked each baby gift on the quality of its materials and how sturdily it was built.

Does it fit my budget?

Finally, baby gifts should be easy to order and shouldn’t break the bank. Especially if you’re a busy new parent, you don’t have time to shop around in stores, and you likely don’t have the budget for overpriced “luxury” baby gear. With that in mind, we’ve also scored our Best Baby Gifts by cost and availability, with higher marks awarded to items that can ship right away for free.

With a wide range of useful and beautiful items that are also convenient and economical to order, you’re sure to find just the right present in our Best Baby Gifts guide.

Check out our “Things to Consider” Section Below

1. Bimi Boo Wooden Stacking Rings Toy

Baby gifts stacking rings

Stacking blocks are one of the oldest forms of baby gift, and they’ve stuck around through the ages for a good reason. This classic baby toy fosters development and keeps babies entertained.

The littlest babies will love clutching and mouthing the smooth, brightly-colored rings, while older babies and toddlers can place the rings on the rod, stacking them randomly, in size order, or making patterns. This activity challenges their motor and visual skills, as well as their sense of balance.

We love how this tasteful stacking ring set is so clean-looking: bright but not garish. Each ring is painted in a cool, vivid shade of blue, yellow, or green. There are five rings in increasing sizes and one spherical, natural wood-colored topper. The top has a cheery and tasteful smiling puppy face.

The Bimi Boo Wooden Stacking Rings set features a rounded base, which makes the toy set rock back and forth slightly as babies play with it. The entire toy is seven inches tall, just right for little hands to manipulate.

This beautifully designed toy is ecologically made from natural wood and is colored with non-toxic paint and finishes. There are no batteries, plastic parts or even joints on this toy, meaning it’s virtually indestructible and can be passed down to siblings or even the next generation.

Heirloom quality wooden toys can cost an arm and a leg, but this baby gift won’t force you to choose between premium design and value. The Bimi Boo Wooden Stacking Rings Puppy Roly-Poly Toy is eligible for free shipping.

With real play value, top quality materials, beautiful design, and low cost, the Bimi Boo Wooden Stacking Rings Puppy Roly-Poly Toy is a sure winner in our ranking of Best Baby Gifts.


  • Free and fast shipping
  • Solid wooden construction means no parts can break off, making this toy safe and durable
  • Very entertaining as well as challenging, this gift promotes development and is fun for babies through toddlers
  • Tasteful design has cheery colors but not garish colors and details
  • Heirloom quality construction and eco-friendly, nontoxic materials


  • Cost: 96/100
  • Usefulness: 95/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Attractiveness: 95/100
  • Quality of Materials/Construction: 100/100

Overall score: 97.2/100

The Bimi Boo Wooden Stacking Rings Toy makes a fantastic baby gift… Great for a girl or boy!

2. HABA Magica Wooden Baby Rattle, Clutching Toy & Teether

Baby gifts HABA Magica Wooden Baby Rattle, Clutching Toy & Teether

HABA is a long-standing German company with a serious commitment to sustainability, premium quality, and thoughtful design. Many of their toys feature rainbow colors and natural materials such as fabric and wood, with an understated, distinctly European design sensibility.

The HABA Magica Wooden Baby Rattle, Clutching Toy & Teether is a classic example of the values that have made HABA such a popular brand for baby gifts. It’s also a highly affordable, premium baby gift.

This clutching toy is meant for little babies to grasp, pull, chew, shake, twist, and generally explore with their hands and mouths. The eight rainbow-colored spheres are threaded together with sturdy elastic, so they can be moved around into different configurations.

The tightly looped threading on this toy means the elastic cannot become twisted around the baby’s neck, making this baby gift completely safe. Babies will find that the smooth shapes feel good in their hands and mouths, and the toy makes a satisfying rattling sound when shaken.

The quality of materials in this toy cannot be overstated. The spheres are made from wood which is grown sustainable in managed forests in Germany. The shapes are each painted in multiple layers of water-based, solvent-free lacquer. That makes them not only absolutely safe but also resistant to scratches and discoloration.

This heirloom-quality baby gift is so durable and beautiful, that it will last until the baby outgrows it, and can be passed on to others. It’s a small baby gift, at 4″ x 2.75″, and will easily fit the hands of small babies and toddlers.

What we love

  • Extremely eco-friendly, crafted from wood grown through sustainable forestry in Germany
  • Extremely safe, painted with water-based, solvent-free lacquers
  • Multiple coats of nontoxic paint means this toy will keep its bright colors over time
  • Vibrant but minimalist design makes this an extremely attractive baby gift
  • Solid construction and wood materials means this baby gift will not become damaged over time
  • Also eligible for free shipping through Amazon Prime.


  • Cost: 88/100
  • Usefulness: 95/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Attractiveness: 100/100
  • Quality of Materials/Construction: 100/100

Overall score: 96.6/100

Visually appealing to all little ones, the HABA Magica Wooden Baby Rattle, Clutching Toy & Teether is a perfect holiday or birthday gift!

3. Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic Rattle and Teether Grasping Activity Toy

Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic Rattle and Teether Grasping Activity Toy

Like HABA, Manhattan is a toy company known for making premium, award-winning baby gifts, including activity mats, rattles, teethers, and baby toys. Their Skwish toy has become a nursery icon, with an easily recognizable geometric structure and strong baby appeal.

This classic baby gift brings together ingenious design and developmental functions in a safe and entertaining baby toy.

The Skwish consists of a set of beads and rods held together with interior elastic, arranged in a shape somewhere between a tiny jungle gym and a giant molecule. The beads can slide along the toy’s smooth wooden dowels when shaken, and produce a soft rattling sound that will entertain the baby without annoying parents.

Babies as young as under a month can grasp and shake the toy, while older babies can experiment with squeezing and pulling on it to produce different sounds and bead movements. In so doing, they develop their motor skills and learn about cause and effect.

No matter how the toy is stretched or twisted, it always springs back to its original shape. Manhattan uses premium materials in the construction of the Skwish baby toy, including natural wood and elastic. The rubberwood material is resistant to splintering and chipping, and the entire surface has a water-based, non-toxic finish.

This baby gift is offered in several styles to match any nursery decor: a deeply-colored primary-hued “classic” style, a multi-toned wood “natural” style, a vibrantly colored “color burst” style, and a dark wood and black-and-white elastic “artful” style.

what we love

  • Classic and award-winning baby gift with longstanding appeal and outstanding reputation
  • Available in a classic, artful, color burst, and natural styles, to match any nursery decor
  • Comes in an attractive 6″ by 6″ box for easy baby gift wrapping
  • Entertaining and good for baby’s visual and motor development
  • The attractive design makes this baby gift look like a piece of household decor
  • Natural and durable materials throughout


  • Cost: 90/100
  • Usefulness: 95/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Attractiveness: 95/100
  • Quality of Materials/Construction: 100/100

Overall score: 96/100

This Skwish is very sleek and modern… perfect for the new baby in your life!

4. Comfy Cubs Portable Baby Changing Pad Station, Grey

Baby gifts Comfy Cubs Portable Baby Changing Pad Station

Is it possible for a diaper changing pad to be chic? Believe it or not, the Comfy Cubs Portable Baby Changing Pad Station really is a good-looking baby accessory that boasts a number of practical and problem-solving features.

Newborn babies go through an average of 10 diapers changes per day, and changing them on the go can be a pain without the right equipment. A well-designed and attractive diaper pad like his one makes a baby gift that any parent will appreciate receiving and use frequently.

The Comfy Cubs Portable Baby Changing Pad Station is made from sturdy fabric with a grey and white Imperial Trellis pattern outside and on the pockets, and a cute dotted pattern on the inner flip side, where the baby can be laid down for diaper changes.

When opened, the changing station provides a soft, clean surface for diaper changes, changing clothing, or even a portable nap surface. The inside of the cushioned pad is lined with a waterproof and non-toxic polyester and polyethylene foam for easy clean-up.

There’s plenty of room to maneuver; the pad measures 22 inches long and 21.5 inches wide. The pad easily folds up and snaps closed into the size and shape of a small purse.

The Comfy Cubs Changing Station has both a wrist strap and top handle (which can expand into a shoulder strap) for maximum portability. There are two small pockets for storing baby essentials and one large pocket for holding baby wipes and a spare diaper or two.

This incredibly practical baby gift is very reasonably priced and is even eligible for free shipping on Amazon Prime.

what we love

  • Attractive design on an extremely functional baby essential makes this a very practical baby gift
  • Lightweight and multiple handles makes this changing station extremely portable and convenient
  • Multiple pockets for stashing baby items like diaper cream, baggies etc.
  • Waterproof surface cleans up easily and has plenty of space for baby to lie down
  • Can double as a surface for naps on-the-go


  • Cost: 84/100
  • Usefulness: 100/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Attractiveness: 90/100
  • Quality of Materials/Construction: 100/100

Overall score: 94.8/100

Every Mom (and Dad) needs a great on-the-go, quick out-the-door, and let’s get-it-done diaper changing station… and this one is IT! Never leave home without a clean diaper changing pad… it is a MUST-HAVE!

5. Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Baby Play Mat and Activity Gym

Baby giftsSkip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Baby Play Mat

We all know that babies today aren’t spending enough time on their tummies. That’s thanks in part to new guidelines about having babies sleep on their backs for safety, and also due to the prevalence of keeping little ones in car seats, bassinets, loungers, bouncers, and swings.

Pediatricians say babies should spend time each day on a flat surface facing downwards (with supervision) to get the “tummy time” they need to develop motor skills. Lying flat on their backs outside of a carrier is important as well, as it helps them practice rolling over.

Activity gyms are a popular way to get babies this dedicated developmental time, and the Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Baby Play Mat and Activity Gym is our very favorite in this baby gift category.

The Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Baby Play Mat and Activity Gym is useful, attractive, and very high in quality. This baby gift comes with two crisscrossed arches over a soft mat, with a number of clever and engaging baby toys hanging down.

There’s a musical sheep, a light-up star, a bird rattle, a cloud squeaker, and a baby-safe sunshine mirror. Multiple textures and levels of padding on the mat encourage horizontal exploration, while the dangling toys invite babies to reach up and play with the toys in different ways.

The hanging toys can be switched around so that the activity center never becomes boring, and can even be detached and taken along on car rides or stroller trips. A separate pillow made from milky fabric and shaped like a fluffy cloud is also included. The pillow can be moved around to support baby’s neck in various positions, or under the chest for tummy time.

The materials are PVC and phthalate-free, making this baby gift incredibly safe. The pillow and mat are also machine washable, for ease of care. It’s a big-ticket baby gift, but an excellent value for such a useful and high quality item.

what we love

  • This is a large baby gift that will make a splash, measuring 36 x 36 x 19 inches. Babies will have lots of room to roll around and explore
  • Best for babies ages 0-12 months. Babies who are older will probably not find this play mat entertains and will need a baby gift that’s not so stationary
  • Light weight of only 2 pounds and ability to fold flat makes this portable and easy to store away under a bed or in a closet when not in use
  • Unisex style means this can be given as a baby gift at a shower even if the new child’s gender isn’t known
  • Charming design that’s minimalistic but still cheery and engaging for babies
  • Super-soft surface with additional movable cushion
  • Hanging toys can be detached and used separately or re-arranged to keep this baby gift fresh and interesting
  • Promotes exploration and development through textures, sounds, visual stimulation and movement. Great resource for tummy time


  • Cost: 70/100
  • Usefulness: 100/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Attractiveness: 95/100
  • Quality of Materials/Construction: 100/100

Overall score: 93/100

Perhaps a little pricier… but, well worth it, this Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Play Mat makes a great gift for someone you know… or your own precious bundle of joy!

6. Jellycat Soft Cloth Baby Books, Jungly Tails

Baby gifts soft cloth book

It’s never too early to introduce babies to books, and pediatricians even recommend reading to newborns. Traditional books with paper pages can be problematic since little babies like to grasp and tear the pages. Board books are better suited to babies but still have stiff pages and become scuffed and bent over time.

Cloth books are soft and resistant to tearing, and often include flaps and tags for babies to manipulate, making them part book and part toy. The Jellycat Soft Cloth Baby Books are an ideal series to start with.

JellyCat is a popular UK-based company that specializes in brightly colored and artful-looking baby toys. The Tails cloth book series is extremely popular and has quite a few titles to choose from, such as Farm Tails, Jungly Tails, Fluffy Tails, Pony Tails, Dino Tails, Fishy Tails, Puppy Tails, Silly Tails, Unicorn Tails, and even Garden Tails.

The books feature different animals, with fabric tails hanging off their bodies for babies to grab, pull, and twist. Different materials and textures include fake fur, scaly fabric, and soft terrycloth. Each page has crinkly material and padding sewn inside, so the pages make stimulating noises when turned, grasped, or folded.

The bright, high-contrast colors and heavy lines in the illustrations make them easy for babies to see, even small ones whose ability to perceive soft colors and low contrast is limited. The books measure 8 inches tall and are very lightweight, weighing just 2.5 ounces. They can easily be taken along on trips, and even have a handy velcro strap for attaching to strollers or car seats.

The fine craftsmanship and high-quality nontoxic fabrics make this baby gift a great value.

What we love

  • Engaging and activity-rich way to introduce babies to books
  • Adorable and bright pictures with different textures and activities on each page
  • Introduces kids to animals and their sounds, body parts, etc.
  • Highly portable, with a light weight of 2.5 ounces, and a flat shape, this can easily be stashed in a purse or diaper bag for trips


  • Cost: 86/100
  • Usefulness: 95/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Attractiveness: 95/100
  • Quality of Materials/Construction: 100/100

Overall score: 95.2/100

Just look at those cute little jungle tails! Instill the value of books at an early age with these baby-friendly cloth books!

7. CaaOcho 100% Pure Natural Rubber Teething Toy

Baby gifts CaaOcho 100% Pure Natural Rubber Teething Toy

When new teeth are coming in, babies are frequently miserable, which, of course, makes their parents miserable as well. There are many styles of teething toys available that address this problem by giving babies something to chew and suck on that can massage their gums and relieve the itching, pain, and soreness they feel as new teeth come in.

Some are highly textured, some are smooth, some are squishy, some are hard, and many are even meant to be frozen to provide a cooling sensation. Which a baby will prefer is largely a matter of trial and error, but the CaaOcho 100% Pure Natural Rubber Teething Toy is an excellent starting point and makes a wonderful baby gift.

If a toy is meant to be put into a baby’s mouth and vigorously chewed, you definitely want to be sure that it’s completely nontoxic.

The CaaOcho 100% Pure Natural Rubber Teething Toy is an all-natural baby gift, and has been certified as non-toxic: PVC, BPA, Phthalate, and Nitrosamine free. The teether is made from Natural Rubber Latex, the white sap taken straight from Rubber Trees (hevea brasiliensis). It’s also an eco-friendly baby gift, as this rubber latex is a renewable resource.

CaaOcho makes three rubber teething toys: a lamb, a white goat, and tan goat. While most baby tethers are unattractive and garish, all three CaaOcho teethers have a charming, classical design and sweet baby animal shapes. All have textured fur, which adds to their visual appeal and also gives babies additional gum stimulation.

There’s a small squeaky mechanism inside each, so babies get to hear interesting sounds as they squeeze and chew their toys. The teether weighs a mere 2.4 ounces and is 4.5 x 2.5 x 5 inches, small enough to transport easily.

With cute animal features and a fun squeaker, the CaaOcho 100% Pure Natural Rubber Teethers really are both a teething solution and a true baby toy.

Parents will appreciate this useful and beautiful baby gift. The cost is justified by the premium, all-natural materials. This baby gift is also eligible for free and fast Amazon Prime shipping.

what we love

  • The gender-neutral baby gift makes this a good choice for a baby shower gift when the child’s gender isn’t known
  • Problem-solving baby gift; this squeaky toy is also a teether, and can effectively massage a baby’s sore gums as new teeth are coming through
  • Charming and classical design, with three animal shapes to choose from
  • Reduces fussiness and crying by decreasing the itching and pain associated with teething
  • All-natural product, especially important for toys that are meant to be put into the mouth


  • Cost: 82/100
  • Usefulness: 95/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Attractiveness: 95/100
  • Quality of Materials/Construction: 100/100

Overall score: 94.4/100

The CaaOcho 100% Pure Natural Rubber Teething Toy is environmentally friendly and safe for your little one… Don’t let them go through teething all alone… This precious toy is a great gift for baby girls or boys!

8. HaloVa Diaper Bag Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack

Baby gifts Diaper Bag Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack

A baby gift for moms and dads? If that seems counterintuitive, consider the HaloVa Diaper Bag Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack as a baby gift.

A carrier of some kind is absolutely essential transporting the huge array of baby items that are needed to keep little ones clean, healthy, and happy, from diapers and bottles to books and bibs. Every time a baby is moved from home to daycare, playground, restaurant, or just a stroller ride, all that baby gear needs to come along.

This well-designed backpack from HaloVa is a problem-solving baby gift that parents will truly appreciate receiving and will use on a daily basis.

The HaloVa Diaper Bag Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack is made from high quality and durable oxford fabric which is water-resistant and easily wipes clean. The bag can also be gently washed in the washing machine and air-dried in case of a more serious mess.

The clever design starts with a large top compartment with wire-reinforced edges, which stays open on its own when unzipped and opened, freeing up parents’ hands as they pack or remove items. A back zipper allows users to take out an item from the bottom of the back without disturbing the items on top.

There is a thermal insulated pocket with three bottle-sized pouches that can keep bottles of milk or other liquid warm or cold. There’s even a wet clothing compartment where parents can stash soggy bibs, clothing, and blankets if necessary.

Large main compartment, separate storage pockets include insulated pockets & wet clothes pocket, you can put milk bottle, water bottle, clothes, diaper, towel, etc in different separate pockets. A side pocket has a clever slit to dispense tissues and wipes.

The HaloVa Diaper Bag is also very versatile. There are both top and adjustable side handles on this bag, so it can serve as a backpack or as a handbag. Its unisex design means it will look great on parents of any gender, and no less than 17 color options make it easy to match any baby’s style.

The price tag is very reasonable for an item that’s so well-constructed, and shipping is free and fast with Amazon Prime. With its functionality and innovative design, this baby gift has become a favorite among shoppers.

what we love

  • An extremely practical baby gift that parents will use every day
  • The unisex design means it can be used by all parents and babies regardless of gender
  • Available in 11 colors, ranging from neutral to bright and pastel colors, this can be matched to any nursery color scheme
  • Ingenious design makes it easy to put in and remove baby items as needed without suffering around the contents
  • Numerous pockets and zippered pouches keep everything well organized
  • Versatile baby gift, which can be used as a backpack with the straps or as a handbag with the top handles
  • Can be stocked with baby essentials like bibs, pacifiers, wipes, diapers, bottles, diaper cream, etc. before wrapping for a truly deluxe baby gift
  • Huge storage capacity and lightweight of 1.45 pounds


  • Cost: 76/100
  • Usefulness: 100/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Attractiveness: 90/100
  • Quality of Materials/Construction: 100/100

Overall score: 93.2/100

If you are looking for a baby gift that every new parent will rave about for months to come… THIS IS IT! The organizational features are phenomenal and you can choose a color that fit’s the baby’s nursery, home decor, or the parents’ favorite color!

9. Melissa & Doug Wooden Latches Board

Baby gifts Melissa & Doug Wooden Latches Board

Babies are busy all the time. Every minute they’re not eating or sleeping, they’re exploring their world by chewing, pulling, shaking, and twisting any object they can get their hands on. All too often, that includes fiddling with the latches and hinges on their household cabinets and drawers, creating a real headache for parents.

The ingenious Melissa & Doug Wooden Latches Board is a brilliant alternative. This innovative and baby gift was designed with babies’ love of latches in mind and is a clever twist on traditional flap boards and puzzles.

The toy consists of a smoothly sanded wooden board with an unfinished back and a colorful front depicting a house with multiple doors that can really be opened and closed by little fingers.

The set features a total of eight hinged wooden flaps, with six different closures. Behind each flap is a different animal surprise, each representing a different number and color. Babies can learn about cause and effect, and start to get familiar with animals, colors, and numbers.

Melissa and Doug have been called “the gold standard in early childhood play” by NBC News and is among the most popular toy brands for their economical yet premium-quality educational toys. This wooden latch board from a beloved brand makes an excellent baby gift for older babies or young toddlers, one which will keep them entertained and build their fine motor skills.

Kids as old as 2-3 can benefit from it as well, independently solving the more difficult latches like the hook-and-bar configuration. Parents will love receiving this baby gift, both for its entertainment value and for the way to keeps their inquisitive babies away from their cabinet and drawer latches.

what we love

  • Entertaining and educational, introducing babies to animals, colors, and numbers
  • Can continue to be used in more sophisticated ways as babies develop into toddlers
  • Fun alternative to opening household latches
  • Safe and premium materials, with natural wood, metal, and bright, nontoxic paint


  • Cost: 78/100
  • Usefulness: 95/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Attractiveness: 95/100
  • Quality of Materials/Construction: 100/100

Overall score: 93.6/100

Keep little hands busy with the Melissa & Doug Wooden Latches Board… and it’s a learning activity too. Give a gift they can grow into!

10. Dodo Babies Gift Bag Set: Baby Bandana Drool Bibs + 2 Pacifier Clips + Pacifier Case

Baby gifts Drool Bibs + 2 Pacifier Clips + Pacifier Case

Instead of choosing a single gift, or assembling a gift basket from separate items, you can seek out a ready-to-give baby gift set. The Dodo Babies Gift Bag Set stands out from the other pre-assembled baby gift bags for its high quality and practical value.

This set doesn’t just look good- it has items that parents will actually need and use daily, all packed into a cute drawstring gift bag. One of the best kinds of baby gifts is an upscale version of a baby staple.

In this case, drool bibs, pacifier clips, and a pacifier case are upgraded and refined with premium materials and modern designs. The drool bibs are the popular bandana-style that looks like a short scarf, and four different patterns are included in each gift set.

The fronts are made from 100% cotton, while the back is fuzzy, made from polyester microfleece. Each bib fits snugly (but safely) around the baby’s neck, and snap-on securely with two metal snaps, which can be adjusted for comfort.

The pacifier case is round and zips closed to keep pacifiers clean and organized, and also has a convenient wrist strap for carrying hands-free. Two pacifier clips are also included, which have sturdy and tight metal clips on one side for attaching to a baby’s shirt, and a loop on the other end for attaching to a pacifier.

One of the best things about this sweet matching set is its presentation. The entire baby gift set comes backed into a cute fabric drawstring gift bag, which has soft rope-like handles and a decorative flower with a button in its center.

This useful and attractive set is also an excellent value. Shipping is free as well through Amazon Prime.

what we love

  • Traditional boy, girl, and unisex color sets available
  • Cute presentation in a cloth drawstring gift bag means no wrapping is required
  • Practical baby items like drool bibs look good and are also useful in the daily care of babies
  • Eligible for free shipping


  • Cost: 94/100
  • Usefulness: 100/100
  • Availability: 100/100
  • Attractiveness: 90/100
  • Quality of Materials/Construction: 85/100

Overall score: 93.8/100

This sweet little baby girl’s set comes with everything a parent needs for on-the-go!

Things to Consider

Should a baby gift have educational value?

Babies are naturally inquisitive. Studies show they tend to respond first to touch. That’s why it is so important to provide a baby with not only the human touch, but to dress their newborn bodies in soft fabrics that do not apply pressure or pain. They also, by about three months of age, start developing their hearing, and then they begin to develop their sense of sight.

Naturally, the more you stimulate the child’s senses, the better they will develop. Through toys, such as rattles that make noise, bright shapes that play music, or teething rings that ease the pain of those teeth emerging through the gum are all great ways to help the baby… even though they have no idea the toy is instrumental to their cognitive development.  

As a baby develops, educational toys that teach animal sounds, shapes, and colors are most effective. When you choose a “baby” gift, it does not necessarily have to be a baby rattle. Choose one that will be good for a later age, such as those needed at three, six, or nine months old. Parents will appreciate your forethought… they probably have a large collection of baby rattles already!

What qualities should I look for in a baby gift? 

Everyone wants to give the perfect gift, right? When you are considering a gift that is appropriate for a baby, either a newborn or one-year-old, there are a few things to remember, such as: 

  • Is the gift age-appropriate? It’s very important to research the toy’s description to be sure it is recommended for the age you are buying for.
  • Is the toy safe? It is best to adhere to the age recommendations primarily due to this reason. Not only is the toy designed for the child’s mentally, it must be a safe toy. Small pieces pose as choking hazards, especially up until the age of three or four.
  • Does the toy have educational value? Children need to have their minds stimulated… and the best way to do that is to give them a toy that has a purpose; one that teaches them a skill.
  • Is it made with quality parts and other safe materials? The first thing a baby or young child does is put things in their mouth. Be sure the toy you choose is considered non-toxic. Durability is also important. 

Remember that simple toys are most often the best! 

I need to buy a baby shower gift. Should it be a toy for the baby… or a present that can be used for the baby?

There are many reasons one might consider buying a baby gift, such as for a baby shower, birthday, special holiday, or to commemorate a special event. The occasion may dictate what you think is appropriate to buy. 

However, in relation to a gift for a baby shower, anything goes. Although most guests will certainly want to buy something that the baby can use, it’s also nice to include a little something special for the mother-to-be, such as a spa certificate or some “babysitting services coupons” to cash in later! In addition, if you’d like to add a special rattle or small toy for the baby, that’s great too.

If you are celebrating a child’s birthday or a special holiday, of course, a toy made for the child’s appropriate age is a must. For special occasions, there are many engravable trinkets you can buy to mark a memorable day; however, remember little ones may not understand it is fragile; it’s always good to add in a small toy, too! 

What price range should I look for in a baby gift?

Baby gifts come in all price ranges; however, depending on the age of the child, small rattles can be purchased for a few dollars. If you would like to wow the child… and the parent… much more expensive educational toys are readily available. Typically, the older the child, the more expensive the toys! 

In general, most people will spend $25-$50 on a baby shower gift, depending on how close you are to the new parents. In addition, toy gifts on our list range from $10-$80, manageable for most everyone’s budget.

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